I absolutely love these scary cute Halloween breakfast ideas. Kids of all ages and adults will love waking up to the surprise of a Halloween breakfast. Use these Halloween food ideas all day long…and all year long for a fun surprise!

13 Fun Halloween Breakfast Ideas - 6 Halloween breakfast ideas pictured 3 kinds of Halloween donuts, Halloween pancakes and pumpkin rolls, 13 Super Cute and Fun Halloween Breakfast Ideas by kids activities blog.
Let’s sit down for a Halloween breakfast feast!

fun Halloween Breakfast ideas

Make breakfast a surprise with a special Halloween breakfast or Halloween brunch! These Halloween themed breakfast ideas will start the day off right or use the fun spooky food as a snack or dessert anytime.

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Make it spooky and celebrate Halloween by starting your day with one of these 13 Halloween breakfast ideas. Halloween morning will be so much more magical with these spooky treats and easy Halloween breakfast ideas!

Let’s Make a Halloween Breakfast

1. Monster Breakfast Sandwich Idea

Halloween breakfast ideas for kids - make a monster breakfast sandwich - two monster sandwiches shown on black plate with bright colored table
Monsters for breakfast…?

This yummy egg and cheese breakfast monster sandwich from the Kids Activities Blog is a healthy but fun breakfast idea. An intense breakfast for the family!

2. Mummy Donuts Idea

mummy donuts breakfast for Halloween idea from Love and Marriage - three white donuts shown with mummification on orange background
Mummy donuts, please!

Add candy eyeballs and a little white icing to make Love and Marriage’s Mummy Donuts, for an easy and festive breakfast snack.

3. Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls Idea

pumpkin cinnamon rolls from the pinning mama - three cinnamon rolls that look like pumpkins with orange and green frosting shown on a autumn table
These cinnamon rolls look just like pumpkins!

Pinning Mama’s easy cinnamon roll pumpkins is just that easy! All you have to do is manipulate the formation of the roll a bit, and then add orange coloring to your icing.

4. Slime Monster Donuts Idea

make slime monster donuts like Wonky Wonderful blog - 3 slime monsters shown with green slime and big googly monster eyes
Ewwwww….yum! Slime monsters for breakfast!

Wonky Wonderful’s slime monster Halloween donuts look like slimy monsters. What crazy fun and terrifying at the same time!

5. Monster Pancakes Idea

Monster pancakes from My Name is Snickerdoodle - colored pancakes stacked in purple, green and orange with big monster eyes on top.
Mmmm…monster pancakes!

These monster pancakes from My Name is Snickerdoodle is super easy. Color your pancakes using orange and purple food coloring, and add then candy eyeballs for a spooky treat! You could even use darker color pancake batters to make monster pancakes like red, black, and even blue. The lighter color pancake batter works too like you see in the picture. These are excellent kids Halloween treats for Halloween breakfast.

6. Monster Donuts Idea

glazed donuts decorated with vampire teeth and edible eyes to make monster donuts simply from Eighteen 25
What an easy way to monster up your donuts!

Eighteen 25’s monster donuts are my favorite! Add fake plastic teeth to the donuts, and they will look like cute little monsters.

7. Coffin Pop Tarts Idea

Coffin shaped homemade pop tarts for Halloween breakfast shown on dark background with Halloween candy
Scary delicious homemade pop tarts for Halloween breakfast!

These coffin-shaped homemade pop tarts from My Crazy Good Life are frightfully delicious! A unique Halloween breakfast idea, I must say. You can use homemade pie crust or store bought. But it makes a delicious breakfast that even little kids will love. If you’ve never had homemade pop-tarts, you’re missing out.

8. Candy Corn Donuts Idea

candy corn donuts for Halloween breakfast - 9 donuts decorated with stripes of white orange and yellow frosting for Halloween from Chez Catey Lou
This is the cutest idea for candy corn donuts for breakfast!

Chez Catey Lou’s candy corn donuts are a festive way to brighten your Halloween dessert table. They’re also a perfect party treat for small children since they aren’t scary! This is perfect for the Halloween season and my favorite recipe. There is just something that is so amazing about the candy corn colors. The whole family will love this!

9. Spider Web Pancakes Idea

Easy to make spider web pancakes from Vans foods - one pancake shown with chocolate spider web drawn on top and a blackberry spider
Transform your pancakes into Halloween pancakes!

I love the fruit spider on these spider web pancakes from Vans Foods! Be creative and make one of these absolutely cute breakfast pancakes! I love that the spider is made with fresh fruit. It may not be the most healthy breakfast, but sometimes you need a fun way to start the day and this fun idea is perfect for Halloween breakfast. I also love that this spider web pancake also gives the spider a home.

10. Donuts on a Broomstick Idea

tiny donuts on a witches broom for Halloween breakfast fun from Giggles Galore
What a cute way to eat donuts on Halloween!

Giggles Galore’s broomstick donuts are one of the simplest ideas that kids love! Turn your donuts magical!

11. Creepy Crepes Idea

Jack Skellington crepe idea from Not Nigella for Halloween brunch
Love these Halloween brunch ideas!

Up your crepe game with these creepy crepes from Not Nigella. Use black licorice to make a skeleton face on your crepes or pancakes! I love that you can make it creepier with plastic spiders.

12. Spider Donuts Idea

Spider mini donuts for Halloween brunch - Its Always Autumn
Oh the cuteness!

Surprise your kids with these spider donuts – Pretzel legs and M&M eyes – so fun! I assure you that your kids will ask for more!

13. Mummy Eclairs Recipe

13 Fun Halloween Breakfast Ideas - 4 homemade Halloween breakfast ideas including donuts on a broom stick, spider web pancakes and coffin shaped pop tarts, 13 Super Cute and Fun Halloween Breakfast Ideas by kids activities blog.
Everything looks spookily delicious!

This cute homemade eclairs idea takes a regular breakfast eclair to a new level by adding some mummification from No Biggie.

13. Pumpkin Spice Muffins Idea

Are you looking for a yummy breakfast treat for someone with a gluten allergy or sensitivity? Try Simplistically Living’s gluten-free pumpkin spice muffins! What a great way to use leftover pumpkin puree.

more exciting and spooky Halloween ideas

What is your favorite Halloween breakfast idea? Comment below! 

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  1. These totally cracked up the kids when I surprised them a few mornings in a row leading up to Halloween! Thanks!

  2. I am always looking for new halloween breakfast ideas! I am usually in charge of breakfast for my boys halloween party – I can’t wait to make the pumpkin cinnamon rolls this year!

  3. I’m not sure which of the Halloween breakfast ideas I wanna try. The candy corn donuts and the pumpkin cinnamon rolls are so cute!