Forget The Carving, Disney No-Carve Pumpkin Kits Make Halloween Pumpkins Easy!

These Disney pumpkin decorating kits are the perfect combination of easy pumpkin decorating and awesome Disney Halloween decor for your front porch. We love this series of Disney no-carve pumpkin kits that make decorating your pumpkins so much easier. Kids of all ages can help decorate pumpkins for the front porch without worrying about carving off a limb.

Disney Pumpkin decorations - no carve, just push - Jack Skellington, Woody, Cinderella and Mickey Mouse Disney no carve pumpkin sets shown with pumpkins assembled.
Let’s NOT carve a pumpkin this year and use these cute Disney no-carve pumpkin kits!

Pumpkin Decorating for Halloween

I’ll admit, I don’t enjoy gutting the pumpkins but in order to carve them, it’s a must.

That is why I am loving the idea of Disney No-Carve Pumpkin Kits because you can ditch the carving and have the easiest Halloween Ever!

Oh, and your jack-o-lanterns will last a lot longer when they aren’t carved out and exposed to the elements on your front porch.

Disney No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Sets 2022

Last year in 2021, Disney partnered with Target to sell these adorable pumpkin decorating kits. This year it has been a challenge to find them outside of eBay. But we are doing our best! Some of them are showing up at Lowes and we will keep looking this Halloween season to locate where you can find them all…and more!

If we have found it for 2022, I have included a link below. Watch this list, we will continue to add resources.

1. Disney’s Cinderella Pumpkin Kit

Cinderella which ends up looking like she is sitting in her carriage.

–>You can buy these push in pumpkin kit at Lowes:

2. Disney’s Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Kit

Mickey Mouse dressed up as a vampire – cute, right?

–>You can buy these push in pumpkin kit at Lowes:

3. Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Decorating Kit by Disney

And of course, you can’t have Mickey without Minnie Mouse dressed as a witch.

–>You can buy these push in pumpkin kit at Lowes:

4. Toy Story Pumpkin Decorating Kits by Disney

Even Woody joins the bunch and can I just say, I am loving how adorable the yellow colored pumpkin is?

5. Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin Decorating Kits by Disney

But my personal favorite has to be the Jack and Sally No-Carve Kits. They truly make it seem like ‘This Is Halloween’.

–>You can buy these push in pumpkin kit at Lowes:

Disney’s No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Kit Includes

  • Each set comes with about 7 pieces and are easy to use.
  • Simply paint your pumpkin then stick these pieces inside your pumpkin.
  • Then BAM easiest decorated pumpkins ever!

More No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Which of the Disney no-carve pumpkin kits are your favorite?

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