Practice your math skills with this spooky addition color by number Halloween printable!

October is almost here, and we are going to celebrate Halloween the best way we know how to: with free, fun, hands-on printables!

Preschoolers and elementary students will enjoy learning addition with this halloween color by number printables.

halloween coloring sheets
Once kids add the numbers together, they can use their crayons or colored pencils to color it in!

Whether you are looking for engaging learning activities to teach at home, or just need new cool drawings to color for your little ones, you are in the right place.

Not-So-Spooky Halloween Printables

A great way to learn addition for preschoolers is by combining it with other activities, like coloring! Your kids are sure to learn faster when crayons enter the picture.

Get into the holiday spirit! Halloween makes everything more fun. Browse around our holiday childrens activities page and you will find games, coloring sheets, crafts, and free printables for every season and holiday.

Elementary school kids are creative, capable, and so much fun! They love trying out new activities, crafts and experiments. That’s why we compiled this list with 1001 fun activities for elementary students!

We have activities for every personality types, skill levels, and more. So if you are looking for inexpensive ideas with supplies you already have on hand, that’s the place to go to.

halloween coloring sheets
Color by number printables are one of the easiest and funnest ways to help kids practice their math skills.

Free Halloween-themed addition worksheets

Our Halloween color by number pages are the perfect activity for young students who want to practice addition.

Color by number worksheets are a fun way to add! Practice this basic math lesson with our engaging Halloween coloring sheets. Addition worksheets are a fun and great way to boost your child’s early math skills. Learning has never been this much fun before!

Let your kid color these Halloween color by number pages: all they have to do is add the numbers to find the result, and then color the pages according to the code!

These Halloween color by number activities include 2 coloring pages:

  • one page featuring an adorable bat and a pumpkin wearing a witch’s hat
  • one page featuring a witch’s cauldron, magic potions, spiders, and even a flying boom!

Download here: 

addition color by number
Don’t wait any longer! Our Halloween printables are free and can be printed in minutes!

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