Make a Gross Brains & Eyes Halloween Sensory Bin

This Halloween touch and feel game works well for a party or as a sensory bin activity in the home or classroom. With a few simple supplies, you can create a Halloween themed sensory experience that can be described as spooky! While sensory bins are traditionally used with younger kids, this is one sensory activity that kids of all ages will appreciate.

Halloween Sensory Bin
Halloween spaghetti sensory bin is so…icky!

Halloween Sensory Bin

It’s time for some spooky play with a  Halloween Sensory Bin! Reach in and touch what will feel like slimy brains and eye balls. My kids loved how creepy it was.

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Here at Kids Activities Blog we love sensory bins! They are such fun for exploring textures, sights, smells and sometimes even tastes that help kids learn about the world around them and the proper responses to those stimuli. Today this sensory bin is a little different in that we are patterning it after a common haunted house trick…touching brains and eyeballs!


Kids will get a kick out of all the fun. I can’t wait to hear about your experience with this spooky spaghetti based sensory bin for Halloween.

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Supplies Needed

Directions to Things that Feel like Brain & Eyeballs

Check out our quick tutorial video on how to make this Halloween sensory bin…

Make a Halloween Sensory Bin for Kids

Step 1

Add the water beads to a bowl of water, according to package directions. Let them sit so that they will expand and grow. These beads are so fun because they are super-slimy!

But remember — they can be a choking hazard, so make sure to supervise your children during this fun sensory play, especially if you have little ones that like to explore with their mouths!

Step 2

Prepare the spaghetti noodles, then die the pasta using the food coloring.

Halloween Sensory Bin

Step 3

Add the noodles and the water beads to your tub, and let your kids explore!

Variation for Halloween Sensory Bin Play

If your kid will let you, you could even put a blindfold on them and let them feel the sensory bin with just their sense of touch.

I bet it will especially feel like brains and eyeballs then!

Halloween Sensory Bin

This would also be a really fun project for a Halloween party. Just add it to the other Halloween games for kids that you’ll be playing.

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Did your kids love this fun and silly sensory experience? Did it feel like brains and eyeballs when they reached in? What other sensory bins do you like for the Halloween season?