Making homemade Halloween costumes for kids is easier than you might think. We’ve found some of the most creative DIY costumes for kids and wanted to share them with you. If you’re looking for Halloween costumes for boys, baby costumes, or DIY costumes for girls, you’ve come to the right place! Oh, and these DIY Halloween costumes are WAY cuter than those store bought ones!

DIY Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

Easy At-Home Halloween Costumes for kids

With these DIY Halloween costumes your kids can be anything! Some of our favorite costume ideas you can make are: a bubble bath, a strong man, a donut, Marshall, the ideas go on and on!

Keep reading for all the Halloween costume fun no matter your child’s age: baby, toddler, preschool, Kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, older kids and even adults…

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DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Actually make

1. Ash Ketchum Costume

DIY Ash Ketchum costume from Pokemon modeled by child in backyard.  Text: no-sew pokemon costume - Kids Activities Blog
Make a quick & easy no sew Pokemon costume.

Be a Pokemon master in this easy no-sew Ash Ketchum costume! The iconic hat and vest really pull this costume together. via Kids Activities Blog

2. Paw Patrol Costume Craft

Text: no sew paw patrol Marshall costume - child wearing paw patrol costume - Kids Activities blog
Let’s dress up in this DIY Paw Patrol costume this Halloween!

PAW Patrol is on a roll with this no-sew Marshall costume. Be a hero by putting out fires! I love how simple this costume is with yellow duct tape and adorable Dalmatian ears! via Kids Activities Blog

3. Snail Dress Up

DIY snail costume from Oh Happy Day - collage of snail costume details with child - snail shell made from paper bags rolled up and worn like a backpack
I want to dress up like this snail every day.

This homemade Halloween snail costume is so creative and fun. I would have never thought about being a snail or how simple it could be using rolled up paper. via Oh Happy Day

4. Unicorn Costume You Can DIY

DIY Unicorn Costume from Craftaholics Anonymous - child wearing white sweatsuit with colorful mane and tail and unicorn horn
Let’s dress up like a unicorn.

How CUTE is this homemade unicorn costume?! The rainbow hair and gold covered horn is my favorite part. via Craftaholics Anonymous

5. Dress Up Like a Pharaoh Mummy 

Egyptian mummy costumes homemade - from Alpha Mom - 2 kids wearing mummy masks and guaze
Walk like an Egyptian…

Don’t just make a mummy — make a pharaoh mummy costume! I love how witty this costume is and it comes with free printables to make costume making easier. Ph, and you use pants as a headpiece! via Alpha Mom

6. DIY Strongman Costume

homemade strong man costume from Oh Happy Day - child with athletic costume and 50 lb barbells for Halloween
Oh the cuteness of this tiny strongman.

I can’t get over how cute this DIY strongman costume is! It is the best! All you need is some balloons, a wrapping paper tube, shorts, a tank top, and a felt mustache and you’re ready to go! via Oh Happy Day

7. Cotton Candy Costume? DIY Genius!

Homemade cotton candy costume modeled by child from Costume Works
This cotton candy costume is the cutest!

Turn pillow fluff and a pink shirt into a homemade cotton candy costume. This homemade Halloween costume for kids is sweet as can be! via Costume Works

8. Be a Disco Ball 

DIY disco ball costume for Halloween or NYE!  Girl wearing glittery disco ball from Oh Happy Day
This homemade costume is pure sparkly genius.

This homemade disco ball costume just might be the most creative costume I’ve ever seen. I would have to walk behind and play disco music! via Oh Happy Day

101 Halloween Costume Ideas that include supreme pizza, a garden gnome, toy soldier, strong man, ET, and a skeleton.
These costumes are absolutely adorable. That ET one is so spot on!

9. Hipster Outfit You Can DIY

If you need an easy, last-minute costume, make a homemade hipster outfit for your kids! It’s super easy and you can pick up the clothes at any clothing store or you may already have them. via Oh Happy Day

10. Doughnut Costume for Kids

Turn an inner tube into a homemade doughnut costume. It’s super cute with its frosting and sprinkles! via Studio DIY

11. Mother of Dragons and Baby Dragons Matching Costumes

This Mother of Dragons and baby dragons costumes are so creative! It is a family costume where the mother is dressed in a Mother of dragons outfit and the littler ones are the dragons in their onesies! It is such a great homemade family costume. via Baby Bird’s Farm

12. Piñata Dress Up Idea You Can DIY

Use felt and a pair of pajamas to make an adorable piñata costume for kids. This is festive and colorful and super easy to make by cutting felt! via Costume Works

13. Frozen Characters Dress Up Ideas

Make your own Frozen characters costumes with this easy tutorial. This costume can’t get any easier! You make shirts based on the character’s outfit! via Alpha Mom

14. Garden Gnome Costume

A garden gnome is the perfect costume for a toddler or baby! This is my favorite. I love the handmade felt beard! via Adventure in a Box

15. Bubble Bath Costume

Splish splash I love this bubble bath costume and it is super easy to make. All you need is a lot of light colored balloons! via Giggles Galore

16. Be a Rain Cloud

Dress up your little one as a rainbow and you can be a rain cloud! This costume is perfect for those, like myself, who don’t particularly like sunny days. via Baby Bird’s Farm

101 homemade costumes that include a pink frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles, a pineapple, pink cotton candy, bubbles, poison ivy, a unicorn with rainbow yarn hair, and a shiny disco ball.
I love the poison ivy costume. Who doesn’t enjoy a good pun?

17. DIY Harry Potter Family Costumes

How adorable is this Harry Potter family costume, with a grown-up Hagrid?! I love family costumes. Halloween is so much more fun when the entire family is involved. via Costume Works

18. Dress Up as a Chicken

A chicken costume is easy and cute. It just takes a lot of white feathers! But you can find those at any crafting store. via Martha Stewart

19. Homemade Little Artist Dress Up

A little artist costume is perfect for creative kids of all ages. It is so darling with the little paint brush and paint palette! via Lines Across(link unavailable)

20. DIY Mermaid Costume

This DIY Mermaid costume is simply beautiful. I love the scales and all their green and blue colors. This one will take a little sewing! via Me Sew Crazy

21. Alice in Wonderland Dress Up DIY

Literary fans will love this Alice costume from Alice in Wonderland. It includes her little blue dress and white apron and iconic headband. I love it. via Melly Sews.

22. Homemade Pineapple Costume

A no-sew pineapple costume is perfection. This is such a clever costume! I would have never thought of a pineapple as a homemade Halloween costume. via Delia Creates

23. Handmade Butterfly Wings

Make homemade butterfly wings for a costume your kids can wear anytime! It is not only easy to make, but so realistic. They literally look like a monarch butterfly’s wings! via Buggy and Buddy

Simple Halloween Costumes for boys

Halloween Costumes for Boys includes a green toy soldier, jack skellington, a boy in a red hoodie with et in his bicycle basket, a black peter's shadow, and a skeleton.
Peter Pan’s shadow is such a cute idea!

24. DIY Toy Army Man Uniforms

A toy army man costume would be perfect for a little boy! Plus it looks exactly like the ones from Toy Story! via Wild Ink Press

25. Dress Up as a Slice of Pizza

What kid wouldn’t want to trick or treat in a slice of pizza costume?! It even has all the vegetables like olives! via U Create Crafts

26. DIY Elliot Costume

This Elliott from ET costume is pure awesomeness. This is such a nostalgic costume. It makes me want to watch the movie again! via Mommy Shorts

27. Make Your Own Skeleton Costume

This adorable skeleton costume is made from duct tape! This costume is fast, simple, easy, and spooky! via And We Play

28. DIY Peter Pan’s Shadow

A Peter Pan’s escaped shadow costume is one of the most creative I’ve seen. This is another homemade costume that is blowing my mind. via Tikkido

29. Homemade Jack Skellington Costume

How about a DIY Jack Skellington costume?! Halloween isn’t complete without something from Nightmare Before Halloween. via Silver Lake Mom(link unavailable)

30. Rebel’s Pilot Uniform Costume You Can Make

Take off to a galaxy far far away with this no-sew Star Wars Rebels pilot costume. It’s very easy to make and is no-sew which is perfect for people who can’t sew or just don’t have a lot of time! via The Nerd’s Wife

31. Dress Up as a Garbage Man

Or how about a garbage man costume that you can make with items from the dollar store?! Another awesome quick costume, plus it gives credit to our everyday unsung heroes! via Beauty Through Imperfection

Homemade Halloween Costumes for girls

Halloween Costumes for Little Girls

32. Crazy Cat Lady Costume

All you need is a bath robe and beanie babies to turn your kid into a crazy cat lady! I’ve actually done this costume before. It’s awesome! via Costume Works

33. Make a Peacock Costume

Orange tights and a blue onesie are easily transformed into a peacock costume for babies. This costume has so many beautiful colors and the feathers can be bought at any crafting store. via Creatively Christy

34. DIY Black Cat Costume

Make a sweet black cat costume for your little toddler. Don’t worry, it’s not bad luck! via Do It Yourself Divas

35. Dress Up as Mary Poppins

Or how about a Mary Poppins costume?! This costume and the next go hand in hand and is perfect for siblings or for friends. via Mommy Shorts

36. Chimney Sweep Costume DIY

And, of course, a chimney sweep costume is fun too! See! Told you the Mary Poppins one and this one go together! Perfection! via Costume Works

37. Make a Raggedy Anne Costume

I am in love with this Raggedy Anne costume for little girls. I love the red yarn hair! I was actually Raggedy Anne when I was little for Halloween MANY years ago. via Pretty Little Life

38. The Hills are Alive with this Fraulein Maria Costume

The hills are alive with the Sound of Music and this Fraulein Maria costume. Kudos if you teach your child some of the songs to really make the costume extra! via Oh Happy Day.

39. Costume Chic Dress Up as Audrey Hepburn

I’m dying over the cuteness of this Audrey Hepburn costume. Everyone knows Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the iconic look Audrey Hepburn had. via The Sits Girls.

40. DIY from the Stone Age: Pebbles Costume

This DIY Pebbles costume is so adorable for little girls. This is another easy no-sew costume! Perfect if you have limited time! via Sincerely Jean

Even more Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

101 Homemade Costume Ideas like the little artist costume with her paint palette and brush, the little mermaid with red hair and a green fin, the family costume of mother of dragons, the brown and yellow snail, the rainbow with rainclouds, and Alice who is much too big for the house.
I still can’t get over how awesome all of these homemade costume ideas are.

44. Homemade Family Halloween Costumes

Homemade Halloween costumes are my favorite! Plus it gets the whole family involved. via Kids Activities Blog

45. Easiest Homemade Halloween Costumes

The easiest homemade Halloween costumes are the best. No one has time to spend hours and hours on costumes! via Kids Activities Blog

46. DIY Costumes For Boys

These homemade Halloween costumes for boys are so much fun! They’ll love them all. via Kids Activities Blog 

47. DIY Halloween Costumes For Babies

Don’t forget the little ones! These DIY Halloween costumes for babies are adorable! Plus many of these are also easy to make. via Kids Activities Blog 

I love homemade Halloween costumes!

I love being crafty, and my kids love to play pretend, so a homemade costume is just an extension of our personalities.

Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes

Homemade Halloween Costumes for boys! There are green grapes, super cute old man from up with pvc walker and rainbow balloons and a lego man, a strong man, and yoda with a green lightsaber.
The force is strong with these costumes!

48. Make a Hungry Caterpillar Costume

Here’s a simple hungry caterpillar mask that kids will love wearing long after Halloween. If your little one if a fan of this beloved children’s book then this costume is perfect! via Kids Activities Blog 

49. DIY Gumball Machine Costume for Kids

Dukes and Duchesses created a cute gumball machine costume for their daughter using items from the dollar store. It uses a clear plastic bowl and small colorful balls. Balloons may also work if you can’t find balls.

50. Homemade Pterodactyl Costume

A DIY Pterodactyl Costume was created by one of my new favorite blogs, Dinosaurs and Octopuses. She has lots of activities! Plus this is made from a plastic fireman helmet and paper plates. How cool!?

51. DIY Octopus Costume

How adorable is this DIY octopus costume. It does require a number of pairs of tights. But it is so worth it! via Giggles Galore.

52. Dress Up like a Minifigure

We were LEGOs this year, but this fella was the LEGO man. What a fun DIY costume idea! Plus many of the items you may already have around or are from the dollar store! via Dukes & Duchesses

53. Chinese Take Out Costume You Can Make

Look how cute this Chinese-take-out costume is! I would have never thought of this. via A Turtles Life For Me.

54. Dress Up as the Old Man from Up

I just can’t get over the cuteness of this toddler as the old man from UP! It is so cute with the pvc walker and balloons! via Brit + Co

55. Homemade Boo Costume

Boo from Monsters, Inc. is such a great costume for a little girl. Who doesn’t love Boo? She is adorable and endearing. via Midget Momma

More DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes
  • Transform a purple shirt into a bunch of grapes costume using some balloons.
  • Tip Junkie featured a fun circus performer costume — complete with a balloon barbell, balloon “muscles” and a fake mustache.
  • Another simple costume is this baby Yoda outfit by It’s Overflowing. She includes instructions so you can make your own “ears” hat.

Video: Homemade Halloween Costume Conversation With Holly and Rachel

Rachel and I had a ton of fun last night on video discussing Homemade Halloween Costumes. We loved sharing our own ideas with you all and hearing your wonderful handmade costume ideas.

Not only were they simple and easy to do, but you guys came up with cost effective Halloween costumes that could be done with things you already had at home. They were great ideas that would work as Halloween costumes for little kids and they would also be great for bigger kids as well.

Have questions about the video? Feel free to ask in the comment section!

More Dress Up from Kids Activities Blog

Homemade Halloween costumes are a fun way to get into the holiday.   What kind of home made costume have you made?   Here are some more great ways to dress up for Halloween and other fun kids activities:

Want more Halloween fun? Come check out our Halloween activity page for more ideas and activities.

Simple Halloween Costumes FAQs

What can I wear to Halloween without a costume?

Here are 10 child-friendly suggestions for things kids can wear to Halloween without a traditional costume:
1. Crazy Pajama Kid: Have your child wear their most colorful or mismatched pajamas. Add some fun slippers, messy hair, and maybe even a teddy bear as a prop.
2. Sporty Kid: Wear a favorite sports uniform or outfit, such as soccer gear, a basketball jersey, or a ballet leotard. Add any accompanying gear like a soccer ball or ballet slippers.
3. Mad Scientist: A white oversized shirt can be a lab coat. Pair with crazy hair, safety goggles, and maybe a toy syringe or a beaker if you have one.
4. Animal Lover: Pair any outfit with animal ears (like cat, dog, or bunny ears). Paint a little nose and whiskers on their face with makeup.
5. Super Kid: Have them wear a plain T-shirt with their initial on it, a cape (can be made from a towel), and some face paint for a mask around the eyes.
6. Little Artist: Let them wear an old oversized shirt as a smock, splatter it with some colorful paint, and carry around a paintbrush.
7. Bookworm: Dress in regular clothes but carry around a bunch of books. You can also make oversized glasses out of cardboard and string.
8. Mismatch Day: Let them wear a completely mismatched outfit with odd shoes, different socks, and clashing clothes. The more mismatched, the better!
9. Gardener: Wear overalls or a sun hat. Carry around a plastic shovel, watering can, or fake flowers.
10. Weather Reporter: Dress normally but carry around an umbrella and maybe a toy microphone. You can pin cotton balls on a blue T-shirt to represent clouds or even stick some paper sun and raindrop cutouts.
Halloween can be a wonderful time to let kids’ imaginations run wild, and even without a full costume, there’s plenty of fun to be had!

What is the easiest Halloween costume to make?

OK, this is one that I did as a kid…a ghost! A simple ghost Halloween costume is the easiest:

Materials Needed:
1 old white bedsheet (large enough to cover the child’s body)

Steps to Make Ghost Halloween Costume:
1. Drape the bedsheet over your child to determine the length and breadth needed. Make sure it’s not too long, so they don’t trip.

2. While the sheet is off your child, cut out two eye holes.

3. Place the sheet back over the child, aligning the eye holes with their eyes.2.

It’s simple, classic, and requires minimal effort. Remember to ensure the sheet isn’t obstructing their vision or movement to keep it safe while trick-or-treating.

What are some funny DIY Halloween costumes?

Materials: Green pajamas or a green outfit, white yarn or pipe cleaners.
Directions: Attach small pieces of white yarn or bend pipe cleaners and attach to the outfit to resemble the thorns of a cactus. Add a cute sign like “Hug Me” for extra giggles.

2. Baby Old Person:
Materials: Baby’s clothing, baby-sized walker (toy or makeshift), gray yarn or a gray wig, glasses.
Directions: Dress your baby in a regular outfit but add a gray wig or yarn to mimic old person’s hair. Oversized glasses can be a fun touch. If you can find or make a tiny walker, it completes the look!

3.Bubble Bath:
Materials: White or light blue clothing, white balloons, rubber duckies, and a shower cap.
Directions: Attach white balloons (bubbles) all over the outfit. Put a shower cap on your child’s head and, if possible, attach a rubber duckie to the cap or have them carry one.

What are some easy cute Halloween costumes?

1. Baby Bee:
Materials: Yellow T-shirt or onesie, black tape or black fabric paint, cardboard, black and yellow paint.
Directions: Create black horizontal stripes on the yellow T-shirt using tape or fabric paint. For the wings, cut out wing shapes from cardboard, paint them black and yellow, and attach them to the back of the T-shirt using strings or elastic bands.

2. Little Lamb:
Materials: White or cream hoodie or sweater, white or cream beanie, cotton balls, fabric glue.
Directions: Glue cotton balls all over the hoodie/sweater and beanie to give the fluffy appearance of a lamb. Add small black felt pieces to the beanie for ears.

3.Rain Cloud:
Materials: Gray T-shirt or dress, cotton balls, blue construction paper or felt, string or yarn.
Directions: Glue cotton balls to the top half of the outfit for the cloud effect. From the blue paper or felt, cut out raindrop shapes and attach them to the bottom of the T-shirt or dress using strings to give the appearance of rain falling.

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