Looking for a Bruno costume for your child this Halloween? Look no further! If your little one loves Encanto as much as my kids do, then this Bruno costume is the perfect Halloween costume! This Bruno costume is simple, light, and perfect!

Boy in Bruno costume green pancho with brown pants and tennis shoes agains white background
This is the greatest Halloween costume for those who like the movie Encanto.

Bruno Halloween Costume For Kids

We don’t talk about Bruno, but can we talk about this Bruno Costume?!

I love Encanto and so do my kids and I am sure it’s safe to say, that Encanto Halloween Costumes are going to be super popular this year. And how could they not be?! Encanto is a beautiful movie full of wonderful lesson, songs, and characters!

4 views of Bruno costume green with designs from, back, folded, bottom on white background
Look at the designs and fringe! I love it.

Who Is Bruno From Encanto?

If you’re not familiar with Bruno, Bruno is the estranged uncle that the family doesn’t speak about. And despite that, he plays one of the biggest part in taking care of his family. He has such a big heart!

Which is why this Halloween costume is so great! Who wouldn’t want to dress up like a beloved character that loves his family and has a big heart?!

Bruno character encanto with green pancho from movie
Bruno from the Disney movie Encanto

Super Cute Bruno Costume

This Bruno Costume comes with a green hooded cloak just like the one Bruno wears in Encanto.

That is why, I am sharing these fun costumes so you can grab them early and avoid them being sold out this Halloween.

You don’t want to miss out on being one of your beloved characters!

Front Bruno costume with designs fringe, green on boy on white background with black shirt and pants and tennis shoes
This costume is great for kids of all ages as it comes in 5 different sizes.

More Information About This Bruno Costume

This costume just slips right over your child’s outfit so they can stay nice and warm for Halloween (it makes it easy to change out of it too). This Bruno costume is made of polyester and is hand wash only unfortunately, but it shouldn’t get too messed up with just trick or treating.

And the great thing is, this costume is very breathable which is great in areas that are still hot around Halloween.

Bruno costume on child with decorated background, black pants, and tennis shoes on white background
Look at the fringe and the decorations on the back of this Halloween costume!

This Bruno Costume comes in sizes XS-L so make sure you check the sizing chart before ordering. Pair this Bruno costume with some black pants and a brown shirt to dress just like Bruno.

Where To Get Your Bruno Costume

Bruno costume folded against a white background
Get your Bruno costume today!

You can grab the Bruno Costume on Amazon for around $24.99 here.

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Are you going to wear this Bruno costume?

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