Today we have the cutest haunted house coloring pages just in time for the Halloween season. Download & print the PDF file, grab your spooky crayons and enjoy creating the perfect haunted house picture. Kids of all ages will have fun coloring these spooky haunted house coloring sheets. You can color these haunted house coloring pages at home or in the classroom.

Haunted House Coloring Pages printed pdf files shown on a wood table with coloring supplies - Kids Activities Blog
Download these spooky haunted house coloring pages for kids!

Free Printable Haunted House Coloring Pages for Kids

Let’s celebrate Halloween with these haunted house coloring pages. Haunted houses and haunted castles are known for hosting ghosts and spirits that love spooking their guests with eerie noises, howling wind, and creaking stairs.

Download the 2 pages of haunted house coloring pages with the green button:

These haunted house coloring pages are not only spooky fun, but they make great fine motor skills practice for both little kids and big kids!

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1. Spooky Haunted House Coloring Page

Haunted House Coloring Pages printed pdf line drawing shown of a haunted house with a large moon in the background - Kids Activities Blog
Look at that full moon behind the haunted house!

Our first Halloween coloring page features a big spooky house with crooked windows, a scary door that looks like an open mouth, with a bright full moon glowing in the night sky. This coloring page best fits younger kids with big fat crayons, but that doesn’t mean older kids wouldn’t enjoy coloring it too.

2. Abandoned Haunted House Coloring Page

Old Haunted House Coloring Pages printed pdf line drawing shown of a haunted house falling apart with  with bats flying in the background - Kids Activities Blog
This haunted house coloring sheet is perfect for kids and adults.

Our second haunted house coloring page features a scary abandoned haunted house in the middle of the woods – can you imagine the creaking sounds at night? I bet they sound so spooky! The line art in this coloring page are a new realistic level, so this coloring page is perfect for older kids.

Haunted House Coloring Pages set shown printed out and set on dark table with kids art supplies - Kids Activities Blog
Download this haunted house coloring page for a colorful activity.

Download & Print Free Haunted House Coloring Pages pdf Here

This coloring page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

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Haunted House Coloring Pages Set Includes

Two great spooky haunted house coloring pages that both younger children and older children will both love! These 2 free printable coloring pages are great whether you’re going to color them at home, at a Halloween party, or school.

Developmental Benefits of Coloring Pages

We may think of coloring pages as just fun, but they also have some really cool benefits for both kids and adults:

  • For kids: Fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination develop with the action of coloring or painting coloring pages. It also helps with learning patterns, color recognition, structure of drawing and so much more!
  • For adults: Relaxation, deep breathing and low-set up creativity are enhanced with coloring pages.

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Did you enjoy these haunted house coloring pages?

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