Easy to Make Spooky Cute Halloween Pudding Cups

These adorable Halloween Pudding Cups are sure to be a hit at your Halloween party! They are super easy to make and tasty! Kids of all ages will love to help make (and eat) this Halloween treat!

These Halloween graveyard cups are modified Dirt Cups which are one of our favorite party foods. They pair well with our super spooky Halloween Jello Cups and are just plain yummy.

halloween pudding cups - graveyard pudding snacks for kids - pudding cups that look like a spooky cemetery
These pudding cups are cemetery spooky!

Spooky Halloween Dirt Pudding Recipe

Spooky Halloween Pudding Cups make a great dessert or snack for little kids and big kids alike. Even better, wash them down with this fog juice recipe!

Kids love helping make dirt pudding, and who would blame them? Everyone loves fun family Halloween activities! The Oreo looks like a spooky full moon rising against a scary ghost and pumpkins.

Kids love this! I love this!

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halloween pudding cups that look like a graveyard with tomb stone, full moon and pumpkins on dirt
What a scary cute Halloween pudding cup treat!

Ingredients & Supplies Needed

Directions to Make Graveyard Pudding Cups

halloween pudding cups crushing Oreo cookies to make the dirt portion of the recipe
Let’s crush some Oreo cookies into dirt!

Make Graveyard Dirt

  1. Take five Oreos and twist to separate so you have just creme filling and a cookie on one. Set these 5 cookies aside to use for later.
  2. In a gallon size freezer bag using a rolling pin, crush the Oreos medium fine. It’s ok if there are a few medium broken pieces.
  3. Transfer to a bowl and set aside.
halloween pudding cups 4 steps to creating the spooky Halloween pudding cups
Follow these simple steps to make your own spooky pudding cups!

Make the Cemetery Pudding

  1. In a medium bowl, add the milk and then whisk in the pudding mix. Whisk for 2 minutes.
  2. Then, fill five clear cups about 3/4 full with prepared pudding. Add 1/5 of the crushed Oreos on top of pudding in each cup.
halloween pudding cups on a platter at a Halloween party
These Halloween pudding cups look so scary cute at a Halloween party!

Assemble the Spooky Pudding Cups

  • Now you’ll take the five Oreos with creme on them that you said aside in the beginning and place them in each cup towards the back. The Oreos with creme becomes a rising full moon.
  • Then add two candy pumpkins to each cup.
  • Finally, add a peanut butter ghost to each cup.
  • Your Spooky Halloween Pudding Cup is now ready to serve! You can also set them in the fridge to eat later.
halloween pudding cups on a platter ready to be eaten
Yum! I love these simple Halloween treats.

Serve them at your Halloween party alongside our Pumpkin Patch Dessert and Spider Ice Cream! Spooky and DELICIOUS!

halloween pudding cups arranged on a platter from above with candles
What a festive way to celebrate Halloween.

Wasn’t that fun!?!


halloween pudding cups collage of different angles from the cute pudding cups for Halloween holiday
I think these Halloween pudding cups are so cute!

How did your spooky Halloween pudding cups turn out? Did you serve them for a Halloween party?