Our ghost poop recipe is easy and can be completed in minutes. Pair it with the free printable ghost poop tag and it makes a fun Halloween treat to give. Kids of all ages will think this is funny and want to get in on all the Halloween fun. This ghost poop activity is great for a Halloween party goodie bag, giving to trick-or-treaters or as a fun teacher’s gift for Halloween.

Ghost Poop Recipe and Free Printable from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make and give ghost poop!

Let’s Make Ghost Poop for Halloween

I don’t even know where to start with this awesomely silly idea to make ghost poop with our ghost poop recipe and give it as a gift with the free ghost poop label printable!

Have you heard of reindeer poop, bunny poop…?

What is Ghost Poop?

Ghost poop is popcorn coated with white chocolate. This simple idea tastes delicious and is fun to give out on Halloween due to the ridiculous name.

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Ingredients & Supplies Needed

Directions to Make Ghost Poop

Us making homemade ghost poop with popcorn and white chocolate for the printable treat bags
Let’s make ghost poop for Halloween!

Step 1

Spread your popcorn on wax paper and pour the melted chocolate over the popcorn evenly.

Step 2

Let it cool and place into the baggies.

ghost poop

Step 3

Print ghost poop labels.

Download & Print Free Halloween Ghost Poop Label Pdf Files Here

Step 4

Cut out your Halloween ghost poop label printables, fold in half and staple to the top of the baggie.

Variations Of This Ghost Poop Recipe

If you don’t like white chocolate you can use milk or dark chocolate, but it won’t look like “ghost poop” anymore. You can even add other white things like mini marshmallows. Or you can use those freeze dried small marshmallows.

Also, you can use white chocolate melts or you can use white chocolate chips, but if you go the chocolate chip route I would get a good brand like Ghirardelli. It melts better I think.

More Ways To Use This Ghost Poop Treat

Obviously you can eat this ghost poop as is. Give them in Halloween treat bags as a party favor, or a large bowl, or put them in little treat bags and watch not-so-scary movies with your kids.

But you can also use it in other ways. Sprinkle your ghost poop on top of chocolate mousse, put it on top of Halloween candy bark, or whatever fun ideas you may have!

Our Experience Making Ghost Poop

My 5 year old’s response after we were done making them, “Can we not eat the ghost poop until we have company? I want to show my friends that I can eat ghost poop.” This recipe was definitely up my boy’s alley.

If you’re looking for more Halloween fun then you’ve come to the right place! While ghost poop is delicious, we have other treat bag printables you may like.

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Did you make ghost poop with your kids? What did they think of the Halloween treat?

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