These easy to make cute Halloween desserts are scary cute bats and mummies that start with a store-bought snack cake. These no-bake Halloween treats are quick and easy treats that look like you spent all day in the kitchen. These Halloween no bake treats are great for Halloween parties, a special spooky treat or a surprise in your child’s lunch box.

Easy cute Halloween desserts - pictured is a mummy oreo pop no-bake dessert from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make these cute no bake Halloween desserts!

Cute Halloween Desserts that are Easy to Make

These quick and easy Halloween dessert ideas are fun to make with kids of all ages.

They are no bake Halloween treats because they start with store bought snack cakes that you can usually get in the store for one dollar.  Grab your moon pies or whatever snack cake you choose and unwrap them and make these Halloween desserts for kids!

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How to Make No Bake Halloween Treats

These no bake Halloween treats are going to be a big hit at any Halloween party. These Halloween treats are easy to make and budget friendly!

Ingredients & Supplies Needed TO Make No Bake halloween Treats

*Since your snack cakes are already covered in chocolate this will only take you 5 minutes.  If you don’t want to use snack cakes you can also cover a sandwich cookie in chocolate.

no bake mummy treat for kids for Halloween steps showing snack cakes, melted chocolate in a bag, skewers and mummy eyes
Let’s make a cute no-bake mummy treat for Halloween!

Make a No-Bake Mummy Halloween Dessert

Step 1

Grab your white chocolate snack cake even if it’s swirled on top with dark chocolate that is fine because you will be able to cover it with this step.  

Step 2

In a baggie place your candy melts and microwave them just enough for them to melt (follow the directions on the packaging).  Be careful taking it out of the microwave because it will be hot.

Step 3

Tie the end of the bag of melted chocolate, you have created your own icing piping bag.  Snip off a very small tip off the end and begin swirling it over the top of your white chocolate snack cake.  Cover it with the chocolate and then add the mini chocolate morsels at the top for the eyes.

Step 4

Stick your skewer or popsicle stick through it, just enough to give it some stability.

finished mummy and bat treats for halloween on skewers
What cute mummy & bat treats!

Make a No-Bake Bat Halloween Dessert

Step 1

Do the same as above in step #2 for melting the dark chocolate. Place 2 dots for the eyes on the Chocolate snack cake and place your mini chocolate morsels on it to make the eyes.

Step 2

For the bat wings. You will need to “draw” bat wings on wax paper with your chocolate and let it dry. Once it’s dry peel it off and “glue” it on the back of your bat with chocolate.

Step 3

Stick your skewer through it and your done!

No Bake Halloween Treat Variations

You don’t have to use just snack cakes for these. You could use rice krispie treats, nutter butters, cookies like Oreos (any flavor like original, peanut butter, chocolate). These spooky desserts are so easy to make and the best part is, kids can help decorate these spooky Halloween treats.

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How did your no-bake Halloween treats turn out? Which did your kids like better… the Halloween bat treat or the Halloween mummy dessert?

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