This incredibly simple DIY Halloween craft for kids turns into a Halloween puzzle. These easy Halloween kids crafts turn into Halloween games and are perfect for the classroom, at home or to make or give as a goody bag at a Halloween party or for trick-or-treaters.

simple halloween games with paint chips - four paint chip puzzles shown with a halloween theme on a black background- puzzle Halloween for kids- kids activities blog
Let’s make these cute Halloween puzzles for kids!

DIY Halloween Puzzles for Kids

These Halloween puzzle games are so adorable that kids of all ages will want to make one with simple supplies and a Halloween colored paint sample or paint chip from your local paint store.

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Make a Halloween Puzzle Game from Paint Color Samples

Did your school ever throw a Halloween carnival packed with simple Halloween games for kids? This simple Halloween DIY game is the perfect idea to add to a craft table or as a prize.

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Supplies Needed To Make THis Easy Puzzle Halloween For Kids

Directions to Make Halloween Paint Chip Puzzles

Steps to put together puzzle halloween for kids-Make halloween puzzles with paint chips- kids activities blog
Paint chip puzzles are fun!

Step 1

Draw Halloween inspired faces on the paint color samples with a sharpie marker. Grab some inspiration from our easy Halloween drawings printable tutorial or start with some pencil lines and then move to the permanent marker when you have more confidence in the drawing!

We drew:

  • Jack-o-lantern on orange paint sample
  • Frankenstein monster on a green paint chip
  • Ghost on a white paint color sample

Step 2

Cut the puzzles in different ways.  

I chose to cut the pumpkins into fourths – one pumpkin was cut with  vertical and horizontal lines and the other pumpkin was cut diagonally.  Then, I cut Frankenstein in half with a zig-zag line and the ghost into thirds with a wavy line.

I love sneaking in a little extra math!  🙂

Putting together puzzle halloween for kids. Simple Halloween games. Make your own paint chip puzzles! These would be great in goodie bags.
Let’s put together our DIY Halloween puzzles.

Your kids can enjoy them at home or you can add them to some Halloween goodie bags for friends this year!  How cute would that be?!

Our Experience with this Halloween Craft Turned Puzzle

My elementary school threw one every year and I was always amazed with how creative the Halloween games were.  My favorite games were the ghost lollipop hunt and the ghoulish cake walk!  While my kids aren’t in elementary school yet, my daughter and I had made some diy puzzles that she loved, so I decided to make a quick, Halloween version!

Although these Halloween games were for my daughter, there was a bonus:  my 18 month old loves visiting the hardware store!

Visiting the Hardware Store Paint Sample Area

The high ceilings, the tools, the huge amount of space…he just loves it all!  So, it’s easy for us to pick up a few paint chips while we go on our favorite “field trip” for the week.  Even though my  four-year-old  doesn’t love to visit the hardware store as much as her brother, she loves putting together these quick and easy paint chip puzzles.  We take them to restaurants  or use them as a  quiet time play activity!

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How did your Halloween puzzles turn out? Did your kids have fun making paint chip puzzles and then putting them together?

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