Let’s Have Some Halloween Fun with the Toilet Paper Mummy Game

If you are looking for some Halloween games for kids for your Halloween party at home or in the classroom, the toilet paper mummy game is perfect for kids of all ages. It is easy to set up with minimal expense and the kids always love the competition!

making a mummy man with tp- little boy wrapped in toilet paper
Let’s play a Halloween mummy game!

Halloween Mummy Game (aka toilet paper mummy game)

If you’re looking for a great Halloween game to play with your kids look no further as this Mummy game is perfect. This idea for some Halloween fun as a family with the Mummy Game is a fun way to use up some excess toilet paper some of you may have.

This is such a cute and fun game that only requires stuff that you already have at home, it is perfect!

super fun preschool activity - make mummies with toilet paper wrapped around your friends
This looks like a blast! Let’s be honest, we’ve all wanted to unwrap entire rolls of toilet paper.

Rules To Play The Mummy Game at a Halloween Party

Back when I was a kid, we used to have Halloween parties and the Mummy Game was always a hit. The rules are simple:

  1. Break the participants into teams of 2-4 players each.
  2. Each team is given one roll of toilet paper.
  3. Put 2 minutes on the clock (you can make this longer for younger kids).
  4. When the timer starts, each team uses the toilet paper roll and wraps the toilet paper around a willing participant, turning them into a mummy as comprehensively as they can covering the entire body.
  5. When the timer goes off, the “judge” determines which team covered their “mummy” the most comprehensively or if you want to have the teams all vote, that works great too.

Variation for Bridal Shower Game

I’ve seen this particular activity be played at bridal showers too, though the goal is to make a toilet paper wedding dress instead. And the winner isn’t the one who covered the body the most, but the most beautifully.

Oh, and you need more than 2 minutes!

wrap your child in toilet paper so they can be a mummy
The cutest mummies ever!

Making a Mummy at Home

If you do not have an upcoming Halloween party for this Halloween game, you can still do this as a Halloween activity at home:

  • When I told my son we were going to play with a roll of toilet paper, he looked at me as if I was handing him the forbidden fruit!  I told him to stand still with his arms out and then, I slowly and methodically wrapped his arms, torso, and head with the toilet paper (we never made it to the legs).
  • It was hard for him to stand still due to all the giggling.  Because of the fragility of the toilet paper, it would often break, but we would just tuck it back in and continue wrapping.
  • The baby didn’t really appreciate our attempt to make her into a mummy “ she would rather tear the toilet paper to shreds instead.
  • Make sure your mummies have an opportunity to see themselves in the mirror before they break out of their bandages!

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Did you play the mummy game with toilet paper? How did it turn out? Do you have some rule suggestions or modifications for the mummy toilet paper roll game?


  1. ohhhh so much fun!!! that’s on our to do list! Thanks for sharing xx

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