Easy Paper Plate Bat Craft

This Easy Paper Plate Bat Craft is perfect for children working on building fine-motor skills. It’s easy, frugal, and requires minimal craft supplies. This makes it an ideal craft for home, school, or daycare settings.

Easy Paper Plate Bat Craft - An adorable craft, perfect for Halloween!

Easy Paper Plate Bat Craft

We made 3 of these bats, then hung them on my son’s door. He loves his new Halloween decorations…especially since bats are one of his favorite animals!

To make this craft you will need:

  • Black paper plates, small (2/bat)
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Black and white construction paper
  • Brass Paper Fasteners
  • White glue
  • Single hole punch

After gathering supplies, cut 1 paper plate in half to create the bat’s wings.

TIP: If you don’t have black paper plates, invite children to paint white paper plates with black paint.

Easy Paper Plate Bats

Use the single hole punch to punch 2 holes in the paper plate. Next punch 1 hole in each of the bat’s wings. Secure the wings to the bat with the brass paper fasteners.

Easy Paper Plate Bats

Last, use scissors to cut white teeth and black ears for the bat. Secure them to the bat with white school glue, then allow them to dry completely.

Paper Plate Bats

Isn’t it cute? Kids especially enjoy flapping the bat’s wings up and down!

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