We are celebrating a happy Halloween with free printable Halloween coloring pages for kids of all ages. These Halloween themed coloring page pictures are a fun activity for a Halloween party, classroom party or a treat coloring page pause at home. Did I mention they were free?

Halloween Coloring Pages for Kids

Halloween Coloring Pages - 3 Halloween coloring pages pdf file shown on purple background
Let’s color some Halloween coloring pages!

Grab your crayons, colored pencils and maybe a little orange glitter because today we’re coloring these free Halloween Coloring Pages.  

Our first set of Halloween coloring pages for kids includes coloring pictures of black cats, witches, pumpkins, and even monsters come out to play in these Halloween coloring sheets for Happy Halloween activities.

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1. Free Printable Halloween Coloring Pages Set

Free Printable Halloween Coloring Page Set - Kids activities Blog - 3 pdf files shown of a witch on a broom, black cat and pumpkin jack o lanterns and a Halloween monster
Here is our first set of cute Halloween coloring pages you can print!

The first cute Halloween coloring pages we are featuring is a set of 3 spookalicious free Halloween coloring pages to color:

  • First coloring page is a wicked witch is flying on her broom in front of the moon waiting for your kids to fill her life with colors (they’ll have the most fun with her striped stockings!).
  • The second coloring page is all about Halloween pumpkins. Three jack o’ lanterns and a black cat – color away!
  • Last, but not least, there’s a friendly (yet fierce) Halloween monster waiting to be brought to life!

Download & Print Halloween Coloring Pages pdf File Here

2. Haunted Houses Coloring Pages Set

Haunted House Halloween coloring pages - Kids Activities Blog - shown is a pdf file version of the haunted house coloring pages on a wood surface surrounded by coloring supplies
Let’s color a haunted house!

Grab the next set of printable Halloween coloring pages for kids. <–Click here!

  • witch’s cauldron with potions and a black cat coloring page – I feel like this is from the ultimate haunted houses!
  • scary scarecrow in a graveyard with a jack-o-lantern coloring page
  • big spooky jack o lantern coloring sheet – BOO!
  • creepy cemetery coloring sheet – Boo! Boo!

3. Jack o’lantern Coloring Zentangle Pattern

Halloween jack o lantern zentangle coloring page - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s color a jack-o-lantern!

Download & print this intricate pattern that makes a great Halloween adult coloring page – jack o lantern coloring page zentangle pattern. <–Click here!

These free coloring sheets with a pumpkin theme are perfect for older kids and adults because of the detailed designs.

4. Spooky Skeleton Coloring Pages for Halloween

Skeleton coloring pages for kids - pdf of standing human skeleton surrounded by gray background
Let’s color a skeleton!

These skeleton coloring pages are one of the newest sets of printable coloring pages here at Kids Activities Blog. Use them for Halloween or your anatomy class!

5. Detailed Skull Coloring Page

pdf of Halloween coloring pages - human skull zentangle design

If you liked the skeleton coloring pages for Halloween, you will love this zentangle skull coloring page. If you are looking for sugar skulls, we have some more free coloring pages:

6. Pumpkin Coloring Pages Perfect for Halloween

Pumpkin coloring pages for kids - Halloween coloring pages - pumpkin pdf shown on grey background
Let’s color pumpkin coloring pages!

Here are some great pumpkin coloring pages that are ready for your decorating flair. Make your own pumpkin decoration or jack-o-lantern with colored pencils or paint. Halloween pumpkins are just the best. It makes me so happy when coloring fun collides with Halloween pictures!

7. Free Monster Halloween Coloring Pages to Download & Print

Halloween coloring pages- not-so-scary monster coloring pages on a decorated purple background
These monsters are not-so-scary and the perfect Halloween coloring pages for smaller and younger kids.

These cute monster coloring pages are perfect for this Happy Halloween season.

8. Halloween Paper Shark Coloring Pages To Print

Printable baby shark halloween coloring pages for kids to color showing Baby Shark and the shark family trick or treating in the ocean. From Kids Activities Blog
Let’s color Halloween coloring pages with Baby Shark…doo doo doo BOO!

Download & print these adorable Baby Shark Halloween coloring pages.

9. Printable Halloween Candy Coloring Pages

Halloween coloring pages- Trick or treating coloring pages showing candy overflowing from jack o lantern bucket after a night of candy gathering on Halloween - pdf on wooden backdrop. From Kids Activities Blog
Candy coloring pages just in time to grab your trick or treating bucket!

Super cute trick or treat Halloween candy coloring pages.

10. Spooky Printable Halloween Cat Coloring Pages

Halloween coloring pages- black cat with a bell and a witch's hat with coloring supplies
Color this Halloween cat with a cute bell and a witch’s hat!

Halloween cat coloring pages with coloring tutorial.

11. Free Printable Happy Halloween Coloring Pages For Kids

Happy Halloween Coloring Pages on a white background with coloring supplies
Say Happy Halloween with these cute coloring pages.

Happy Halloween! These Happy Halloween coloring pages are perfect for kids of all ages and are super festive without being too spooky!

12. Printable Vintage Halloween Coloring Page

Vintage Halloween Coloring Pages on wood background with coloring supplies and colorful accessories
These vintage Halloween coloring pages are full of nostalgia.

Looking for some old school Halloween coloring pages? These vintage Halloween coloring pages are for you! They feel very nostalgic.

13. Fun Printable Halloween Doodle Coloring Pages

free halloween doodle coloring page on dark background with coloring supplies and colorful accessories
This Halloween doodle printable coloring page is all ready to be colored!

These doodle Halloween coloring pages are so cute! They have so many things to color like skulls, brooms, jack-o-lanterns, spiders, witch’s hat, candy, and more! Colored pencils and markers would be best for these Halloween doodle coloring pages.

14. Cute Free Printable Trick or Treat Coloring Pages

Trick Or Treat Halloween Coloring Pages- on wood background with coloring supplies

How fun are these cute free printable trick or treat coloring pages? They’re fun, not-so-spooky and great for both younger kids and older kids.

15. Fun Printable Halloween Tracing Coloring Pages

Halloween Tracing Coloring Pages on purple and orange background
Trace these Halloween pictures and then use them as Halloween coloring pages!

Trace the dots on these worksheets and then color each Halloween coloring sheet. You can color a spooky tree, a jack-o-lantern, ghost, and even a cat!

16. Cute Printable Bat Coloring Pages To Download and Print

Halloween bat coloring pages printed pdf shown on wood table - kids Activities blog
You can’t have Halloween without Bats! I wonder if they’re vampire bats?

You can’t have Halloween without bats! That’s why you need these super cute free printable bat coloring pages. They make the most perfect Halloween coloring pages.

17. Spooky Printable Zombie Coloring Pages

Halloween Zombie Coloring Pages on wood background with coloring supplies
These zombie coloring pages are creepy, but great for Halloween coloring pages.

Brraaaaaiiiiiins! What is more Halloween than zombies?! And we have the most perfect zombie coloring pages. These coloring pages may be best for older kids, because they’re kind of creepy. But that’s okay, sometimes you need spooky Halloween coloring pages.

18. Cutest Friendly Ghost Coloring Pages For Kids

Halloween Ghost Coloring Pages on wood background with coloring supplies
These ghost coloring pages are not-so-spooky and perfect for little ones.

We are back to the not-so-scary Halloween coloring pages. These cute little ghosts are just that! They’re fun and sweet looking. You will love these cute ghost coloring pages.

19. Magically Cute Witch Coloring Page To Download and Print

Halloween Witch Coloring Pages on wood background with coloring supplies
I feel like these witch coloring pages need some glitter to make it even more magical!

Grab your broom…erm…I mean coloring supplies and color these magically cute witch coloring pages. These are perfect for Halloween, they’re festive and not-so-scary.

20. Best Mummy Coloring Pages For Halloween

Halloween Mummy Coloring Pages on wood background with coloring supplies
Color your mummy and the mummies treasures like candy!

Mummies are underrated I feel like when it comes to Halloween. But you can download and print these mummy coloring pages and use them as Halloween coloring pages!

21. Free Not-So-Scary Spider Coloring Pages To Print

Halloween Spider Coloring Pages on a wood background with coloring supplies
Looking for another not-so-scary Halloween coloring page? Then these spider coloring pages are just for you!

Spiders are not always scary and these Halloween coloring pages just show that. You will love these adorable spider coloring pages.

22. Free Printable Boo Coloring Pages

Halloween Ghost Boo Coloring pages on a light background with coloring supplies
Boo! These ghostly coloring pages are amazing.

Boo! That’s what ghosts say and that’s what these boo coloring pages say! These are so perfect for Halloween. They have ghosts and the word boo… what great Halloween coloring pages.

23. Spooky Cute Haunted House Coloring Pages For Kids

Haunted House coloring pages on a dark background- Kids Activities blog
Haunted house coloring pages are great and a scream!

Haunted houses scream Halloween. Get it? I’m sorry…I’ll see myself out. But before I go, check out these haunted house coloring pages. These are perfect Halloween coloring pages because they’re spooky and creepy without being TOO creepy.

24. Printable Jack-o-Lantern Coloring Pages

Jack O Lantern Coloring Pages on wood background with coloring supplies
Download and print these jack-o-lantern coloring pages.

Color your own jack-o-lantern coloring pages! If you’re looking for simple, but fun Halloween coloring pages, than these jackolantern coloring pages are perfect for both at home and in the classroom.

25. Harry Potter Dementor Coloring Pages To Download and Print For Kids

Halloween Harry Potter dementor printable. Idea from Kids Activities Blog
Fight dementors with your magical crayons and colored pencils.

Speaking of spooky, you will want to download these Harry Potter dementors coloring pages. They scared me in the books and movies, and so these are the most perfect Halloween coloring pages.

26. Ghostbuster Coloring Pages To Download and Print

Halloween ghost buster coloring pages Sta-puff marshmallow man
Grab your crayons, watercolor paint box and brush or some glue with glitter…coloring pages don’t have to be confined to a coloring book!

Grab these fun Ghostbuster coloring pages! These Ghostbuster coloring pages are perfect for Halloween. What is a more iconic Halloween movie than Ghostbusters? These would make great Halloween coloring pages.

More Free Halloween Printables from Kids Activities Blog

Happy Halloween!Save

What was your favorite free printable Halloween coloring page? What are your kids doing for Halloween fun?

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