23 Awesome Halloween Science Experiments To Do At Home

Ooodles of inspiring Halloween science projects, experiments, ideas and seasonal recipes for play to make the most of Halloween for the kids this year.

Get ready for a lot of  messy fun this Halloween with deliciously ewwwy monster slime, play dough brain surgery, pumpkin goop, melting hands, candy experiments, spooky noise makers, fizzing eyeballs and so much more.

halloween science experiments - 21 Halloween-inspired Kids science experiments & activities
Halloween-inspired science fun for kids!

Halloween-Inspired Science Experiments & Activities for Kids

Science doesn’t have to be dreary and boring, especially when you mix science with Halloween fun! This Halloween season is the perfect time of year to do slimy, messy, Halloween science experiments.

It is a great way to learn, while learning about the scientific method, chemical reactions, air pressure, and more!

These are some of our favorite Halloween science experiments and hope have a spooktacular time doing them.

Fun and Spooky Halloween Science Experiments For Kids

candy corn experiment with a worksheet with blue writing and candy corn in different melted states.
Use traditional candy corn or the candy pumpkins. Either way, it’s one of the more sweet and fun science experiments!

Candy Corn Experiment

Use candy corn and the scientific method to learn about science with this sweet Halloween science experiment. It is so much fun! Via KidsActivitiesBlog

DIY Monster Slime

Make a mixture that splats, sticks, oozes, flops and stretches!! just one of the genius recipes for play by Caroline Gravino of Salsa Pie for PBS Parents

Dripping Pumpkins

Your kids will be mesmerized by all the gorgeous colorful paint drippage! So fun by There’s Just One Mommy.

Flying Tea Bag Ghosts

Kids science doesn’t get much cooler than these  fun flying tea bag ghosts! via Playdough To Plato. What a fun way to learn about convection and air pressure.

Slimy Pumpkin Fun for Toddlers and Little Ones

This looks like the best, drizzly, slimy goodness. Even the moms couldn’t keep their hands out of it! see the magic play group on MeriCherry. This is such a fun experiment, the red slime looks almost like fake blood. 

5 Messy Ways to Play Brain Surgeon

Perfect for Halloween or Mad Scientist parties – I think the play dough surgery is my favourite. via leftbraincraftbrain

Pumpkin Goop / Oobleck

The very best gloopy messy seasonal sensory play, starting with choosing the pumpkin! check out this fun recipe from sunhatsandwellieboots

more fun halloween science experiments for kids of all ages
Not-so-scary science experiments for kids!

Bubbling Slime

Exciting bubbling action that lasts through the day – this no-cook recipe is fun to make and fun to play with ¦. fab idea from epicfunforkids

Melting Halloween Hands

Salt and Ice Experimenting – awesome activity for kids by Happy Houligans. Watch the kids work together until they get the very last Halloween goody out of the ice.

Spooky Eruptions

Kids adore fizzing activities and this one, with a Halloween twist, will delight for sure!! via blogmemom

Jack-o-Lantern Squish Bag for Babies and Toddlers

This takes only about two minutes to put together, and your kids will just  love  to play with them. The photographs are adorable on fantasticfunandlearning

5 Great Science Experiments Using Left-over Candy

halloween science experiments using left-over candy
Halloween science experiments for kids using left-over candy!

Candy Experiments

What to do with ALL that Halloween candy?!? ¦ in the name of science just sacrifice some! with playdrhutch

Creepy Crawlies & Candy Science

Marshmallows and liquorice creations. Great fun from inspirationlaboratories

Science Experiment With Halloween Candy

Candy science! This science experiment with Halloween candy. Learn about acids with candy and baking soda. Via KidsActivitiesBlog

Candy Experiments

Make fun experiments with the candy you can’t or won’t eat because of the colorings in it. Colorful candy is perfect for these candy experiments. via KidsActivitiesBlog

Candy Corn Sensory Slime

Use your left over candy corn for for a fun sensory experience with Craftulate

halloween science experiments featuring pumpkins and other Halloween decorations!

Pumpkin-cano Sensory Science

Just watch your kids faces when they see the fizzing foam come out! love this from littlebinsforlittlehands (photo above)

Make Some Spooky Noises

Makes eerie sounds like a creaking door or creaking steps with a plastic cup! defiantly making with the help of Science Sparks

Static Electricity Dancing Ghosts and Bats

Use the technique in this Kids Activities Blog to create dancing paper ghosts, pumpkins bats for Halloween static fun, Just cut simple pumpkin, bat and ghost shapes from tissue paper and watch the magic

Exploring Pumpkins

Learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin – dig in and squish away with Earlylivingideas.

Ooey, Gooey Halloween Science Experiments

Fizzing Eyeballs!

Oh My!! this is a must do activity for kids this Halloween. what fun!! photo below left by Little  Bins  For  Little Hands for b-inspiredmama

halloween science experiments

Surprise Eruptions

More baking soda and vinegar mixed with googly eyes, plastic spiders – whatever you have at hand!! great Halloween science fun via simplefunforkids

Glow in the Dark Play Dough

Aren’t the effects magical!! see how to make on sunhatsandwellieboots

A Rotten Science Adventure

What happens to the pumpkin when you leave it to rot after Halloween?. Hello, Science Project! right here on KidsActivitiesBlog

MORE SCIENCE FUN From Kids Activities Blog:

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