It’s finally almost Halloween! Every year, at least one of my kids are being a bit indecisive about what to dress up as. I have compiled a list of the Top Kids Halloween Costumes, of all time, just for this occasion. These Halloween Costumes are favorites for kids, every single year. Each costume can help a child show off different parts of themselves, and who they want to become. Kids Halloween costumes change only a little, every year, so another great option to find the perfect costume is to Google your child’s favorite movie! A little girl bares her plastic fangs at the camera, as a little vampire. "The Best Kids Halloween Costumes" reads in orange. Below is a picture of kids in their favorite costumes, running to trick or treat.

The Most Popular Kids Halloween Costumes

Elsewhere on this magical site, we have things broken down for you a little bit more! We have the best Halloween costumes for girls and some really fun costumes for boys, as well! If buying costumes isn’t your thing, we have more for you! Check out these DIY halloween costumes for kids or our homemade boys Halloween costumes are sure to be a hit! Usually, I could just cruise a Spirit Halloween and let my kids pick their costumes in person. That really doesn’t seem to be something I’ll be able to fit into my busy schedule, this year. So, I’m buying all of this year’s costumes for my family on Amazon. I’ve included some affiliate links, below, to make your shopping a little bit easier!

The top kids Halloween costumes fit into these basic categories:

  • Superhero Costumes
  • Fairy Tale Costumes
  • Dress up Dream Job
  • Inflatable Costumes
  • Pirate Costumes
  • Classic Halloween Monsters

Superhero Costumes

Time after time, super heroes are a favorite any chance kids have to dress up. Halloween is no different! Year after year, Spiderman is the #1 superhero costume purchased by countless retailers. After him comes Batman and Superman!

Costumes from Fairy Tales

Princesses are always incredibly popular for costumes! We have our favorite costumes inspired by Disney Princess for you to check out! Another great and adorable one is a knight or a dragon!

Dream Job Costumes

Dressing up for their dream job is a favorite for so many kids! It gives them a chance to try on a job, and see how it makes them feel. Creating goals and aspirations is so incredibly key, in the early years. Wearing a costume of an astronaut or a fireman or a doctor gives your child the chance to pretend and dream of their future.

Inflatable Costumes

Inflatable costumes and fake leg costumes are relatively new! They are always wacky and goofy looking. These costumes are great for the family jokester or the class clown. My oldest son has been on a kick of these costumes for the last 3 years!

Pirate Costumes

These are some of the most popular costumes, each and every year! A huge part of me thinks that is because it’s so easy to DIY a pirate costume! Just rip up clothes, add some scarves, maybe even a fake hook and eyepatch, and you’re done! Easy peasy and cheap, too!

Classic Halloween Monsters

These Halloween costumes can vary greatly between spooky and adorable. This is a good opportunity to let your child decide exactly how spooky and scary they want to be. Adding fake blood is an easy first step for making any costume a little creepier. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves – all favorites year after year!

Top Kids Halloween Costumes

Kids costumes are rarely scary, so we have excluded any costumes with gore or other spooky stuff. Dressing up is meant to be fun! Adding the spooky stuff can come, with time. These Halloween costumes are some absolute favorites, no matter what year it is. Though this changes every year, I think this list is pretty great! Have you seen our Top Halloween Costumes for 2020? Go check it out! I hope I can help you and your child find the perfect costume, for this year. Drop a comment below with your kid’s favorite Halloween costumes! Check out this troll hair tutorial! Perfect for putting together a DIY Troll costume.

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