We have the scoop on the best princess costumes inspired by Disney and beyond. The good news is that no matter your size, you will likely be able to dress up as a princess this Halloween because princess costumes are just the best! The best part about Halloween is that no one is going to look at you weirdly for dressing like a princess. Halloween is my kinda holiday!

princess costumes for girls- Princess Halloween costumes for kids. Purple sparkles in the background of little girls wearing a Merida costume, a Pocahontas costume, a Tiana costume, a Belle costume, and a Mulan costume.
Let’s dress up like a princess!

Princess Halloween Costumes for Kids

There are so many adorable dresses out there now, so your kids can be like their favorite princess or become their own!

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Classic Disney Princesses Costumes We Love

These Disney princesses have been around for years, and are still just as impactful to kids today as they were for us and now you have the cutest Disney princess costumes for play and trick or treating!

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princess costumes for girls- Cinderella Princess Costume from Amazon - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s dress up like Cinderella for Halloween!

1. Cinderella Costume

Cinderella is a princess that has been a favorite of many kids for years, and is definitely a classic! Her blue ballgown is a stunning choice for a Halloween costume. Every little girl knows Cinderella and her magical ball gown and now you can look just like her! You may not be dancing with Prince Charming, but that’s okay you’re magical just the way you are!

princess costumes for girls- Little Mermaid Costume from Amazon- Kids Activities blog
Dress up just like Princess Ariel, the Little Mermaid, with this Mermaid costume.

2. Ariel Mermaid Costume

Since she’s a mermaid, Ariel is very popular among girls. This costume will have kids very excited! I love this Ariel costume! She is the favorite Disney character of my daughter and now she can look just like her! And the tail allows you to move around easily.

princess costumes for girls- Belle Ballgown costume from Amazon- Kids Activities blog
Dress up just like Princess Belle with this beautiful Ballgown Costume.

3. Belle Ballgown Costume

In Beauty and the Beast, Belle has a few outfit changes, but her beautiful yellow ballgown is a fan favorite. Dress your kids up this Halloween with her fancy gown! What a great way to look like one of your favorite Disney princesses. Belle is smart, talented, and brave! These girls Disney costumes look elegant just like in the movie!

princess costumes for girls- Princess Snow White Costume from Amazon- Kids Activities Blog
Put on your costume gown and crown to dress up just like Princess Snow White!

4. Snow White Costume

As one of the very first Disney princesses, Snow White it more than classic. With this costume, girls can imagine they’re the fairest in the land. Your little princess can look just like Snow White! Snow White is beloved by people of all ages so it’s a great option for Halloween. I actually dressed up like Snow White when I was a little girl, however, my costume was not this fancy or look like the one in the Disney Movies.

princess costumes for girls- Princess Aurora Sleeping Beauty Costume From Amazon- Kids Activities Blog
Love Sleeping Beauty? Then you need this costume to dress up just like Princess Aurora!

5. Aurora Costume

In Sleeping Beauty, Aurora’s dress may change from blue to pink many times, but she is most often seen in the pink dress. No sleeping here when you can twirl in this costume! It may not be the blue dress, but it’s still so pretty! Sleeping Beauty had my favorite Disney villain, I think she is best out of all the Disney villains.

princess costumes for girls- Princess Jasmine costume from Amazon- Kids Activities Blog
Dress up with this costume to look just like Princess Jasmine this Halloween.

6. Jasmine Costume

In Aladdin, Jasmine has a very beautiful, blue outfit that is perfect for any princess. With this costume, all your kiddo will need is a pet tiger!

princess costumes for girls- Princess Mulan costume from Amazon- Kids Activities Blog
Be a warrior and princess with this Halloween costume, just like Mulan!

7. Mulan Dress Costume

Half warrior and half princess, Mulan is such a fun character to dress up as! When she’s not fighting for honor, she has a beautiful gown!

princess costumes for girls- Princess Pocahontas costume from Amazon- Kids Activities Blog
Embrace nature and celebrate Princess Pocahontas with this cute Halloween costume.

8. Pocahontas Costume

With this adorable Pocahontas costume, your kid can become one with nature. Girls adore her because she is one of the many strong princesses that Disney has.

princess costumes for girls- Princess Tiana costume from Amazon- Kids Activities Blog
Make your dreams come true by dressing up like Princess Tiana this Halloween!

9. Tiana Costume

Princess Tiana in The Princess and the Frog was a hit among many girls. Her hard-working attitude is certainly one to be like!

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New Disney Princess Costumes We Adore

With the surge of new princesses in Disney comes the very popular Frozen, as well as many others, bringing in a whole new set of characters.

princess costumes for girls- Princess Anna Frozen Costume from Amazon- kids activities blog
Love Frozen? Then dress up like Princess Anna with this beautiful costume.

10. Princess Anna Costume

Out of the two sisters in the Frozen series, Anna is the most carefree. Girls will love dressing up as this fun princess. This dress looks just like Anna’s from the movie Disney Frozen!

princess costumes for girls- Princess Elsa Frozen Costume- Kids Activities Blog
Embrace the snow with this beautiful costume that let’s you look just like Queen Elsa!

11. Queen Elsa Costume

While Elsa may be a queen, she is still one of kids’ favorite characters to dress up as. Elsa has two stunning dresses, a sparkly blue one in the first movie, and a gorgeous white one in the second. This Elsa dress looks magical and icy!

princess costumes for girls- Tanged Princess Rapunzel costume from Amazon Kids Activities Blog
Chase your dreams and dress up like Princess Rapunzel this Halloween.

12. Rapunzel Costume

In Tangled, Rapunzel is a wild princess, one who chases her dreams. Even if your kiddo doesn’t have miles of hair, they’ll love dressing up as her! Out of all the gorgeous dresses in this list, this is one of my daughter’s favorite. She loves pink, purple, and gold and Rapunzel!

princess costumes for girls- Brave Princess Merida Costume from Amazon Kids Activities Blog
Be brave and dress up like Princess Merida with this beautiful costume!

13. Merida Costume

Bravery is what the Scottish princess, Merida, is known for. Another strong princess that girls will love to dress up as!

princess costumes for girls- Princess Moana costume from Amazon- Kids Activities blog
Princess Moana is so brave and a great role model and now you can dress up just like her with this costume.

14. Moana Costume

Princess Moana is one of the newest Disney princesses. She has become a quick favorite among kids and is another strong role model.

Other Princess Costumes You Don’t Want to Miss

princess costumes for girls- Unicorn princess costume from- Amazon- Kids Activities blog
Love unicorns? Love Princesses? Why not dress up like both with this Unicorn Princess costume?

15. Unicorn Princess Costume

This adorable unicorn princess dress is the perfect way for girls to make their own princess story! Let the imagination run wild!

princess costumes for girls- Princess Leia costume from Amazon Star Wars - Kids Activities Blog
This Princess Leia costume is out of this world!

16. Princess Leia Costume

While Princess Leia may technically be a Disney princess now, but her Star Wars movies are their own kind of magical. Many girls love Leia because she is just out-of-this-world!

princess costumes for girls- Medieval princess costume from Amazon- Kids Activities Blog
Be a traditional princess with this Medieval princess costume.

17. Medieval Princess Costume

If your kiddo wants to create their own princess, this medieval princess costume is the perfect way to do that! Take them back to a time with knights and kingdoms galore!

More Ways To Use These Princess Costumes

These princess costumes are great for Halloween. But you can use these princess costumes for other festive and everyday uses.

Use the best Disney princess costumes for a fairy princess birthday party! And of course you can use these costumes for trick or treating on Halloween night or a Halloween party. Or you can use them as Renaissance princess costume.

More Halloween Costumes from Kids Activities Blog

Making homemade costumes for kids is super neat, but these Halloween ideas for your kid’s costume might just be even cooler. If you’ve seen the Target wheelchair costumes, you know there are so many cute costumes you can buy.

While your kids may be obsessed with Frozen Halloween costumes, you have to show them all these adorable princess dresses!

Which Halloween princess costume was your favorite?

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