Halloween food is fun and spooky! Not every Halloween recipe is what it appears to be.

We have created & curated over 65 Halloween food recipes & ideas that you are going to love. All of these have been featured on our @KidsActivitiesBlog IG channel with a community of over 300K.

Donut turned into a bat for fun Halloween food - recipes and ideas from Kids Activities Blog
Tons of Halloween Food Ideas for your kids this Halloween!

Halloween Food Recipes

Here are some fun Halloween food ideas that will become your favorite. You may find yourself hiding food just like you might…ummm, Halloween candy? <–we will never admit to this!

Jack-o-Lantern Quesadilla

One of our favorite Halloween recipes is so easy, it isn’t even a recipe. It is the cutest kids quesadilla that looks like a jack o lantern.

Halloween Candy

Need Halloween candy? The new Hershey Halloween collection of sweets is super yummy.

Foggy Halloween Drink

Don’t forget the drinks! Halloween drinks are the best for spooky “foggy” drinks that look like a science experiment or a witch’s caldron.

Crescent Mummy Dogs Recipe

You can’t celebrate Halloween without making crescent roll wrapped mummies recipe. And if you think that is cute, you absolutely need to check out our mummy sandwich idea…

mummy sandwich Halloween food - get more recipes and ideas for fun Halloween recipes from Kids Activities blog
Mummy Toast is just one fun Halloween Recipe Idea

Halloween 2020 Denny’s Vegan Offer

On Halloween this year, check out the Denny’s vegan offer of Denny’s free Beyond Burger.

Halloween Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkin recipes for kids – we have a huge assortment of fall pumpkin recipes and treats for kids. They are quick & easy and make you just “feel” like autumn.

No-candy Halloween Alternatives

If you need some pumpkin for your Halloween recipe, check out this no carve pumpkin kit to make that process much easier!

Looking for non-candy alternatives (& non-food alternatives) for trick-or-treaters? These small Halloween toys for kids and other ideas are perfect.

Whoa! These pumpkin teeth are perfect so you don’t have a toothless pumpkin. <–no one wants a toothless pumpkin!

65+ Halloween Food Ideas

Keep scrolling through the images of all our best Halloween recipes and food ideas…

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