Halloween is here, and you know what it means: Free Halloween coloring pages! Today we are coloring a spooky Jack-o-lantern zentangle. Zentangle patterns coloring pages are a relaxing way of making art that both children and adults can enjoy together.

pumpkin coloring sheet
Zentangles are a fun way for kids of all ages to develop creativity, focus, motor skills and color recognition.

Halloween Coloring Sheets

Zentangles are unique by nature, but getting to that place where you can create your own project takes time and practice.

That’s why kids color pages packs are super handy, as they allow kids to become familiarized with the art of drawing zentangles by coloring easy coloring pages first.

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We love Halloween because it’s that time of the year where you can dress up as your favorite character and eat as much candy as you want… and no one can say anything about it! Besides, there are so many Halloween holiday activities for kids to pick from!

halloween colorin sheets
Zentangle coloring pages are a great way to create your own art by coloring unique doodle patterns. This printable will help you get there!

Pumpkin Coloring Pages

We have so many cool drawings to color for this spooky season: a witch, goblin, ghost, black cat, bat, skull, ghouls, scarecrow, and more. But today we are coloring a pumpkin zentangle!

Jack-o-lanterns are an important part of Halloween, so naturally, we had to make a pumpkin coloring sheet!

Zentangles are a great activity for kids because they improve motor skills, stimulate creativity, teach color awareness, improve focus and hand to eye coordination, and most importantly, improve confidence and self-esteem!

Download here: 

halloween coloring pages
This pumpkin coloring page is completely free and can be printed at home in minutes.

How to Color Zentangles

Coloring zentangles is easy, relaxing and fun. Making beautiful art through colorful doodle designs can be extended by using those finished patterns for cards, wall art, photo backgrounds or part of your daily journal.

While some people may choose to color zentangles in black and white, we here at Kids Activities Blog are all about color!

Put together your favorite color scheme and sigh the cares of the world away while coloring. Print and color Zentangle coloring pages for a calming creative experience.

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