Fun DIY Halloween Sight Word Game for Kids

This simple DIY sight word game has a Halloween theme and can be created for different reading and pre-reading levels. Kids will love the open-ended and creative sight word fun wrapped in a Halloween game. This Halloween sight words game works well at home or in the classroom.

Halloween sight word games - image shows background of spider and pumpkin with the sight words the and cauldron
Let’s play a Halloween sight word game!

?Make a Halloween Sight Word Game

This fun hands-on Halloween sight word game is lots of fun for early readers. Kids will love the element of spooky fun, and they will be learning new words in the process.

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??Supplies Needed

Just collect a few Halloween themed items from around the house. Here are some things we found:

*If you don’t have any Halloween items on hand, you could use pictures of hats, cauldrons and pumpkins instead. Better yet, have your child draw the pictures themselves, and add even more creative fun to the learning!

Sight word games Halloween

?How to Make the Halloween Sight Word Game

Step 1

Cut the orange construction paper into smaller word size pieces that can be easily supported by the toothpick. If you are using a 3×5 card you could cut it into 3 equal pieces.

Step 2

With the black permanent marker, write one word on each piece of orange paper. For the game we are showing here, you will want to create a group of nouns and adjectives that describe the Halloween items you found around the house plus the words:

  • the
  • is

You will want at least one adjective and noun for each item you chose.

Step 3

Glue or tape the words on paper to the toothpick.

Step 4

Spread out the play dough and roll into a long log shape that can easily support the toothpick sight word signs you just made.

Halloween sight word game

?How to Play the Halloween Sight Word Game

Playing the game is very simple!

Choose one of the Halloween themed items and place it in front of you. Now, construct a sentence to describe that object.

For example, “the cauldron is black” or “the wand is gold”.

The nouns were all grouped together on the left of the table, and the adjectives were grouped together on the right side of the table. Separating them in this way makes the distinction between different parts of the sentence clearer for early readers.

  1. Place the log of green play dough in front of the item you are about to describe.
  2. The little sign with “the” was placed in the play dough first, followed by the noun that corresponded to the item that had been selected, followed by “is” and the then an adjective was selected to complete the sentence.

?Game Variation Ideas Based on Child’s Age & Reading Ability

The activity could be reversed so that the adult constructs the sentence first, and then the child needs to read the sentence and select the item that corresponds to the sentence.

Another way to extend the activity would be for the adult to construct an incorrect sentence such as “The pumpkin is gold” and then the child has to find the error, and swap it out for the correct word.

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Did your kids have fun playing the Halloween sight word game? Did you make any modifications or add any new rules for playing?t with this fun educational game? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear!


  1. I love this vocabulary building activity Ness! I’d love for you to share on our After School Linky Party! We’re always trying to find playful ways for children to learn at home to feature.

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