Every year we watch for the Top 10 Kids Halloween Costumes and see if our favorites are on the list! This year we hunted down the all time favorites for the year AND some of the all time favorite kids costumes  themes. 

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Let’s look at the top Halloween costumes for kids this year!

Best Kids Halloween Costumes

Take a look at what’s hot this year and let us know what your favorites are! Some costumes are just timeless and well loved no matter what year it is.

These popular costumes are great for kids of all ages especially since they’re not-so-spooky costumes! Which is always a plus, we want kids to enjoy Halloween.

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Top 10 Kids Halloween Costumes

This year’s favorites are all some of our favorite movie characters.

Top Costumes for Kids - is your favorite on the list? Best kids Halloween costumes- be a cinderella princess or a little yeti!
Be a princess, hero, or your favorite character!

1. Disney Frozen

We love the new Snow Queen dress. I love that this particular costume also comes with gloves, a wand, and a crown. These accessories make the costume so much cuter.

2. Star Wars

Who’s your favorite character? Baby Yoda is THE CUTEST! And so is this Baby Yoda costume! But you can’t forget about these costumes: Han Solo, Leia, Rey, Kylo Ren, JediJawa, Storm Trooper, and Mandalorian,

3. Minions

Steve, Dave or…? Those are some of our favorite Minions, but now you can be one too with this super cute Minion costume.

4. Cinderella

This Cinderella dress is beautiful and blue! It also comes with white satin gloves, clip on earrings, a stretchy black necklace! You can wear all the same things Cinderella did in the original movie.

5. Avengers

Captain America is a favorite for sure! But you can’t forget about Ironman, Hulk, Thor, and Black Widow.

6. Paw Patrol

Can’t go wrong with these cute characters. Who is your favorite? Is it Marshall, Chase, or Skye?

7. Inside Out

Of course everyone wants to dress up as Joy. You could also be Anger and Disgust too!

8. Disney Descendants

This series makes GREAT Mother/Daughter Halloween pairs! You can be Mal, Audry, Evie, Uma, and don’t forget about Carlos!

9. Superhero Costumes

There are so many super heroes to choose from, we just can’t choose one. We can’t forget about Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman!

10. Ninja Turtles

Leonardo is your favorite too, right? If not, that’s okay, there are also Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello costumes too!

Bonus Halloween Costumes We Love

We love these other Disney Princess costumes too! Who doesn’t want to dance in a fancy gown, swim like the swim in the sea and fight an evil sea witch, or be fierce and save your mother on horseback?

Don’t forget those super cute  infant turkey costume and Little Pumpkin costume  – Love them!

Best Kids Halloween costumes- a little turkey that is orange, yellow, and red, and brown. and a Little Strongman costume, with a foam weight, and red and white onesie with a "weight" belt.
Look how cute that little turkey is! That costume also looks nice and warm!

Where to shop for your favorite Top Kids Halloween Costumes?

I am a big fan of using Amazon to find Halloween costumes, and really anything else, but Target also has a ton of great costumes.

Target even makes inclusive Halloween costumes as well!

Past Best Kids Halloween Costumes We Miss

  1. Captain America
  2. “Tangled” Rapunzel
  3. Green Lantern
  4. Strawberry Shortcake
  5. Darth Vadar
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean “Jack Sparrow”/”Angelica”
  7. Toy Story “Jesse”
  8. Harry Potter
  9. Monster High Frankie Stein or Lagoona Blue
  10. Sock Monkey
DIY Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

More Amazing Halloween Costumes From Kids Activities Blog:

Whether you are looking for classic characters, silly outfits or something completely unique, Halloween is all about  picking something you love. Costumes can  be so much fun to make or to choose!

Tell us YOUR favorite Kids Halloween Costumes down in the comments below!

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