I officially have Halloween breakfast covered for you! Covered in spiderwebs that is!

Dash released a new Spiderweb Mini Waffler Maker and it’s so creepy cool, you know you need it in your life!

The Dash Spiderweb Mini Waffle Maker will make you loads of spiderweb shaped waffles in no time.

Simply pour your favorite Waffle Mix into the waffle maker and in just minutes you’ll have a spiderweb waffle.

You can top with your favorite syrup, fruit or even apply icing to the details of the web and turn it into more of a dessert.

Trust me when I say, my kids love our mini waffle makers. We have so many different designs like the Skull, Bunny, Pumpkin and now we’ll be adding this one for sure!

You can grab the Dash Spiderweb Mini Waffler Maker here at Target for just $9.99.

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