Free Printable Princess Paper Dolls for Royal Fun

Today we have the cutest free printable princess paper dolls for kids of all ages to make their own puppet show. Use the printable princess paper doll template to make cardboard princess puppets. This is fun for kids of all ages!

Princess paper dolls for a puppet show.  Image shows 4 princess puppets in a puppet show at the top then 3 princess paper doll templates pdf printed files and then 5 finished princess puppets at the bottom - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s act out our own fairy tale with our princess puppets!

Princess Paper Dolls Puppet Theater

This princess craft turns into a princess activity with the creation of your own princess paper doll puppets and a homemade puppet theater. This could be a fun activity to do at home on a rainy day or in the classroom as art and drama.

We used the printable princess paper doll template and then used that to cut the doll from cardboard.  Then we added clothes and accessories – a princess needs accessories!

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Supplies Needed to make our paper dolls puppets

Download & Print Princess Paper Doll Template pdf Files Here

steps 1-3 for making princess paper dolls puppets - text: trace and cut, glue and decorate, make a princess - Kids Activities Blog
Here are the simple steps for making your own princess puppets.

Directions for Making Princess Paper Dolls

Step 1 – Create the Princess Paper Doll

We cut the pattern out of the cardboard and spray paint them, but you could also just glue the princess paper doll template onto the cardboard and use the paper as the coloring for the background.

finished and accessorized princess paper dolls
Our princesses are so pretty!

Step 2 – Accessorize Your Princess Puppet

We then glued the pipe-cleaner arms, hair, eyes, and the stick to the dolls.   Then we decorated and embellished our princesses.  

Step 3 – Make a Puppet Theater for the Show

Turn a table on it’s side, cover it with a shawl and you have the perfect stage for your paper dolls to be the princesses they were made them to be.

Princess paper dolls - 4 princess puppets shown behind the curtain of a puppet theater homemade
Does our story include true love?

Our Experience Making Princess Paper Dolls for Puppet Show

We have three girls. A rainy summer day is perfect for creating and pretending.   There are few things that my girls love more than pretend play.   They get a bin of fancy dresses, silly hats, ostentatious scarves, grab a couple pairs of my high heels and it is their dream day of fun!    

Princess Pretend Play

Recently, we discovered the movie Kiara.  We compared princess Kiara to other princesses we know, Rapunzel, Cinderella, our Barbie Mermaids, etc., and decided today to create our own princesses from paper dolls (made from cardboard) for our own “show”.   

Princess Plot for Your Play

We discussed the various plots in movies we had watched in the past and with our princess dolls we tried to imagine a different princess in the same situation.   How would Kiara have responded when she saw the lanterns rise into the sky?   What would Cinderella have done if she had to rescue her father with her flying pal?   Would Ariel have had a different ending if she were super chatty and able to talk freely?

Princess Qualities & Character

What qualities do you want your princess to have?

We enjoyed discussing together whether we wanted our princess to be brave, or silly, or cute/clueless, or in charge.  

As a parent this was a difficult discussion as there are seemingly competing ideals that we would like to encourage in our girls.  

Example: courage

We want our girls to be courageous in the face of adversity, but we also want them to respond with caution and think about the wisdom or consequences of an action before “jumping to the rescue”.

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How did your princess paper doll puppet show turn out?Save