We love handprint art and Christmas time is the perfect occasion to create a handprint Christmas Tree and handprint wreath.  The entire family can get involved!

You can even transform your handprint Christmas art into cards or holiday decor.

Handprint Christmas tree - light green and dark green handprints make tree with red star on top
Let’s get the whole family involved to make this handprint Christmas tree!

How to Make a Handprint Christmas Tree

Making handprint art is so fun because even the youngest family member can participate in the art-making fun!

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To make a handprint Christmas tree, you will need:

  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Brush
  • {optional} Decorations for tree like stars, glitter & glue, tree trunk

Gather the family together because you also need HANDS!  The easiest way to make the least mess is to brush the paint on the hand before imprinting it on the page.  You can have everyone use the same color of green paint or you can have some lighter green colors depending on the finished product you desire.

Larger families may use just one handprint per person.  Smaller families may use the same hand over and over!

our handprint Christmas tree with green handprints and glitter
This is our handprint Christmas tree! We used glitter for garland.

Our Handprint Christmas Tree

At Christmas time, Rory loves Christmas trees!   Whenever we go into stores and see all the trees; her face lights up brighter than any light or treetop angel.   Although we have a beautiful tree all lit up in our house, we have decided that we needed a few more.

Rather than spend a lot of money buying new ones, we decided to make some handprint versions!

These are so much fun to make and also make adorable cards for grandparents 🙂

Tips for Real Life Handprint Art Creation:

  1. Have your blank white piece of paper out and ready!
  2. Lather your child’s little hands with green paint.
  3. When your child places her hands on the paper, have them put them in the shape of a Christmas tree; one little hand at the top and lots of little and and fingers at the bottom.
  4. Set aside and let them dry!

You now have beautiful Christmas Trees.   We added some glitter and a beautiful star at the top, but you can decorate them any way you want.

Handprint Christmas wreath
Let’s make a handprint Christmas wreath!

How to Make a Handprint Christmas Wreath

The handprint wreath is very similar to the handprint tree!  You will need the same supplies and just a little more control over hand placement.  You will either need to plan this out just a bit in advance or have participants that are better at placement.

I love the two-toned green paint used in the example.  Adding red holly berries and a bow is a simple addition.  A real red bow could work as well.

DIY Handprint Christmas Cards

Both of these ideas could easily become your Christmas cards this year.  Snap a picture and have them created as photo cards if you have a long Christmas list.  Or if your list is shorter, each recipient could receive an original handprint art piece for Christmas:

Homemade Handprint Wreath card and handprint Christmas tree card
Let’s make homemade Christmas handprint cards this year!

More Holiday Handprint Art from Kids Activities Blog

What is your child’s favorite Christmas time craft?    We have lots of great hand print art projects and Christmas crafts.

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