We have the cutest superhero paper doll set today that you can download and print for free. Kids of all ages can get into the superhero mood with these dress up dolls that have all sorts of superhero clothes and accessories as part of the superhero printables set.

Superhero Dress Up Dolls -  Free superhero printables set shown on blue background - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make superhero dolls today out of paper!

Printable Superhero Paper Dolls for Girls

Ordinary girl at day, superhero at night! It’s all possible with these superhero dress up dolls! Click the button to download and print our superhero dress up paper dolls now:

I bet your kids have even more ideas on which super powers they can pretend play with these paper dolls and printable action figures.

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–>This is the girl version of the printable superhero paper dolls, but we have a boy super hero paper doll set too — you can mix and match them!

1. Base Superhero Dress Up Dolls

Base Superhero Dress Up Dolls- 2 girls with dark hair and light hair to cut out of white paper- kids activities blog
These are the base paper dolls for your superhero dolls!

The first page to our superhero dress up dolls is the base paper dolls. These are the characters you will be dressing up using the other printable pages from this superhero paper doll set.

2. Printable Superhero Dress Up Suits

Printable superhero dress up suits- pink, blue, and green superhero seats- kids activities blog
Dress up your superheroes in superhero suits!

The second page to our superhero dress up dolls is the superhero suits! There is a pink suit, blue suit, and a green suit! Cut out the superhero suits to give your dress up dolls an epic crime fighting outfit and use the tabs to make them stay on!

3. Printable Superhero Dress Up Outfits

Printable superhero dress up outfits- pink, blue, green skirts and long sleeved shirts-kids activities blog
We have another super outfit for your super paper dolls!

The third page to our superhero dress up dolls is another super outfit! We have red, pink, blue, and green shirts with golden cuffs, and skirts with golden belts! Every superhero needs a stylish outfit!

4. Printable Superhero Dress Up Skirts and Shields

Printable superhero dress up skirts and shields in the colors red, green, blue, and pink- kids activities blog
Don’t want a short skirt on your superhero! Try these long skirts and super shields!

The fourth page to our superhero dress up dolls is some super long skirts and some superhero shields. It’s kind of like Captain America! Our superheroes definitely need some extra help when it comes to crime fighting!

5. Printable Superhero Dress Up Boots and Masks

Printable superhero dress up boots and masks- yellow, blue, green, and red, and pink- kids activities blog
You can’t fight crime without super masks and boots!

The fifth page to our superhero dress up dolls are the super masks and boots! You can’t fight crime without boots and you need some super masks to hide your identity! These beautiful masks are so great and you can swap them out to match any outfit.

6. Printable Superhero Dress Up Outfits Coloring Sheets

Printable superhero dress up outfits coloring sheets with suits, boots, skirt, shirt, and mask-kids activities blog
Decorate and color your own superhero dress up outfits!

The last page to our superhero dress up dolls is the dress up coloring page! Color and decorate your out superhero dress up outfits! Use your markers, crayons, colored pencils, water colors, and glitter to make these outfits extra super!

Download & Print the Superhero Dress up paper doll Printable pdf File Here

This Superhero dress up paper doll printable is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

SUPPLIES RECOMMENDED FOR These Superhero Dress Up Paper Dolls

Girl Superhero Dress Up Dolls Printable Set Includes

  • one page with two girl paper dolls
  • one page 3 heroic jumpsuits for superhero paper doll dress up
  • 1 with heroic skirts and tops for superhero
  • 1  page with boots and face masks (every superhero needs one!).
  • 1 page with capes and shields – superhero template printable
  • 1 page mixed disguises and suits to color so kids can make hundreds of outfits for paper doll dress up

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Which superhero paper doll is your favorite?Save

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