Find a pretty seashell…. make a shell necklace! Or make 10 seashell necklaces for all your pretty friends. This seashell necklace craft is remarkably easy and is lovely seashell jewelry that kids will love to wear. Making a necklace with a shell make a sweet keepsake from a treasured vacation or special event.

Seashell Necklace Summer Style - Make your own seashell necklace - finished shell necklace shown in the sand with pink cord, wood beads and a seashell.
Let’s make a shell necklace!

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Easy Shell Necklace Kids Can Make

If you’re planning a day at the beach anytime soon don’t forget to bring home a pocket full of shells for crafting and making pretty beach style jewelry. There’s nothing that says summer more than wearing a pretty seashell necklace around your neck.

NOTE: If you are visiting a beach that doesn’t allow you to pick up shells and take them home, check out the massive selection of seashells available for crafting.

Finding the Right Shell for Your Own Seashell Necklace

If you find shells with holes in them all the better – no need to make the hole, you can get straight to threading. The best part of making a seashell necklace is that each one is unique.

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How to Make a Shell Necklace

Supplies Needed to Make a Necklace from a Seashell

Directions to Make a Shell Necklace

Watch Our Short DIY Seashell Necklace Tutorial Video

Step 1 – Select the Perfect Shell

Select the seashell you want to use as the center of your shell necklace and inspect it for small holes or areas where it is thinner.

Step 2 – How to Drill a Hole in the Seashell

Step 2 - Make your own seashell necklace - seashell with a hole in the bottom with screw next to it
Make a hole in your seashell.

To make a hole in the seashell all you need to do is tap a nail or a screw very gently into the shell with a hammer to make a pilot hole.

Once you’ve broken through you need to make the hole bigger, big enough to  to feed the wax cord, wool or chain you want to wear the seashell on.

So very gently again take a screw or nail between your fingers and wiggle it around in the hole to gently file away and enlarge the opening.

You can also use a drill to make this process faster.

Step 3 – Put Your Necklace Together

Step 3 - Make your own seashell necklace - cord through hole in seashell
Thread a cord or string through your seashell.

Thread the necklace cord or chain through the hole and add beads and embellishments as desired.

Tip: You might like to layer a few shells on together, add some little beads, pom poms or any other decoration that tickles your fancy. Your necklace, your style!

Step 4 – Finish the Necklace Craft

Tie the ends of your necklace cord together for the desired necklace length. You may want to add a necklace clasp or necklace closure piece to your necklace cord.

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Finished Shell Necklace Craft

Finished seashell necklace craft shown on sand
Our seashell necklace is so pretty!

I absolutely love the finished seashell necklace that looks like a seashell locket! We have also used this as a simple slumber party craft that everyone can take home to wear the next day.

Yield: 1

DIY Shell Necklace

How to make a DIY shell necklace craft - Kids Activities Blog FB

Keep your beach memories close to your heart with this easy DIY seashell necklace craft for kids of all ages. Super simple to make and a great tween craft.

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $1


  • Seashell
  • Wax cord, plastic cord, string, wool yarn or chain for necklace
  • (Optional) beads
  • (Optional) necklace clasp or closure


  • Pointed end screw or nail and hammer or a drill


  1. Make a hole in your seashell for the necklace cord to go through. Start by checking for a small hole that you can expand. Gently take a screw or nail and gently tap to make a small hole.
  2. To expand the hole, take a screw or nail and wiggle it around gently. You can also use a drill to create the hole.
  3. String the shell onto your necklace cord and embellish with beads, etc.
  4. Tie the cord or add a necklace closure.

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How did your beach shell necklace turn out?

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