Today we have two origami heart cards you can fold. We have an origami heart tutorial for two different paper hearts:

  • Valentine heart origami card that you can download, print, fold and send to a friend.
  • Origami heart so simple to fold that starts with just a square piece of paper so you can make a bunch of them to give!
Origami folded heart on a string - Kids Activities Blog with folding instructions
This folded heart is so easy you can make 100s!


Let’s start with the printable template folding heart card. This paper hearts card starts out as a heart, but with the origami folds it looks more like a Valentine envelope to the recipient until they unfold the card!


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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this fun Valentine Heart Origami Card! A big thanks to Tommy John who provided this card to us for sharing.

Valentine Heart Origami Card - what the free printable looks like with instructions
Follow the instructions to create this easy folding heart card!


Start by downloading the Easy Printable Folding Heart Card:

Before you print it, set your printer settings to print both front and back so you only use one piece of paper with:

  • Front side: Easy Printable Folding Heart title – front, the heart with white background and red polka dots and the instructions
  • Back side: Easy Printable Folding Heart title – back, the heart with red background with white X’s and O’s

You can use any type of origami paper you want or a sheet of paper. They can be decorated or plain, they’ll work with these special folding techniques.

This envelope can be used just as that… an envelope for a love note, money origami heart container, or for Valentine’s day cards. It can almost double as simple paper craft gift boxes.

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How to Make a Paper Heart

Then grab your scissors and follow the origami heart instructions:

  1. Cut out the heart.
  2. Write your Valentine’s Day message in the center of the heart (front side).
  3. Fold lines 1 and 2 toward the middle.
  4. Make the pouch by folding line 3 down.
  5. Fold down line 4 to close the envelope and seal with a sticker.
  6. Give to someone special.
Valentine Heart Origami Card printable - what the back of the folding heart card looks like
Be sure to print the origami heart pattern on both sides of your paper!


As part of your Valentine’s Day, making a valentine heart origami card is a cute and easy way to express love for each family member (including pets!).

I am pretty sure my dog, Panda really wants a folding card {giggle}.

Getting creative and spending quality time together makes Valentine’s Day a special experience! This is such a cute origami heart and can made into cute Valentine’s day cards. First, gather your favorite art supplies, then change into comfy pajamas, and get crafting!

Want to try a different type of origami heart craft?

Valentine Heart Origami Card without printable template - hands shown folding hearts
Let’s try another origami heart design


You may have folded these origami hearts as a kid or been given one as a friend. These are easy ways to make a good gift and lovely heart that is easy for big kids to make.

Follow the steps to fold them yourself.

Start with a square piece of paper.  It can be any size paper as long as it is square.  6×6 inches work great.

Steps to folding an origami heart from square piece of paper - Kids Activities Blog
Follow these steps to fold an origami heart from square paper piece.



  1. Fold the square diagonally from one corner to the other & then repeat on the other diagonal.
  2. Fold down the tip of the top corner to the middle.
  3. Fold the tip of the bottom corner to the upper fold.
  4. Now take the right side and fold up from the middle along the midline.
  5. Repeat on the left side.
  6. Turn paper over.
  7. Fold the outer corner tips back onto the back on both sides.
  8. Fold down the pointy tips on the top back to the paper edge on both right and left tip.
  9. Turn over and you are done!

Here is a quick video to show you those steps…

Video: How to make an origami heart

Hey! That was easier than it looks!

Oooo…one more idea!  Add a piece of twine to your origami heart…

Origami folded heart on a string - Kids Activities Blog
These folded hearts are so fun to share with those you love!


What is origami?

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. Origami involves taking a single sheet of paper, usually square in shape, and folding it into intricate shapes and sculptures without cutting or gluing.

Is origami Chinese or Japanese?

Origami is a traditional Japanese art form. Origami originated in Japan and has been practiced there since the 17th century. Over time, origami has spread to other countries and cultures and taken on different forms, but its origins remain firmly rooted in Japanese culture. The term ‘origami’ itself is derived from two Japanese words: “oru”, which means “to fold”, and “kami”, which means “paper”.

What is the simplest origami to make?

Try our printable origami heart for one of the easiest origami hearts you can make!

Is origami easy to learn?

Like anything important, origami takes a little practice to master…which is a good thing! Try our easy origami (45 Best Easy Origami For Kids) projects for more practice.

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Which origami heart is your favorite?

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  1. I love this! I’ve never really made origami before this, but I tried the origami heart with our kids… success! We all made it & it turned out adorable. The directions were easy to follow. Thanks!

  2. I think my students would love to make origami hearts for valentine’s day! This would be a fun activity to do with them.

  3. I’m thinking the origami heart card needs to be filled with smaller origami hearts! These are so easy, and cute!

  4. I am not the most crafty person but my kids love them. I can actually make this origami heart!!! I’m so excited to show them!