20+ Easy Ornament Crafts for Kids to Make this Holiday Season

Kid made ornaments are one of the best Christmas crafts for kids because they are fun to make and then can be hung every year on the Christmas tree as a keepsake.  Kids of all ages, even the younger ones like toddlers, preschoolers and older can get involved.  Our family has a tradition of making a new one every year.

ornament crafts for kids - 16 ornaments kids can make and hang on the Christmas tree shown
Let’s make some ornaments together…

Easy Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids

Our preschooler kids love activities and I was thrilled to have discovered so many great ornament ideas that our kids can create this year. 

Homemade clear ornament painted by kids hanging on an outdoor Christmas tree - Kids Activities Blog
This easy homemade ornament works for even the littlest crafters!

1. Clear Ornaments Painted by Kids

Check out how we painted our clear homemade Christmas ornaments! Even the youngest kids can get involved in this easy swirl Christmas craft. Your kids will enjoy making swirled painted ornaments ones to hang on the Christmas tree.

Homemade stained glass Christmas tree ornament made by kids out of tissue paper hanging on the tree from Creative Family fun
Let’s make a stained glass ornament!

2. Tissue Paper Stained Glass Ornament Craft

Stained Glass Windows – for your tree!   These are easy to create and make the perfect Christmas craft for kids of all ages. Younger kids don’t need a lot of skills to tear the tissue paper. Older kids can make more detailed and intricate stained glass patterns for their own ornaments.

paper plate angel craft for a Christmas tree topper made by kids from Nurture Store
Let’s make a paper plate angel for the top of our Christmas tree!

3. Paper Plate Angel Tree Topper Craft for Kids

Paper Plate re-purposed and formed into an angel – it’s a Christmas Tree Topper! This genius use of a paper plate, some glue and glitter makes the best personalized Christmas tree angel.

pine cone and pom pom Christmas tree craft for toddlers is from Rainy Day Mum
Toddlers can craft these pine cone & pom pom trees!

4. Merry Pom Pom Christmas Tree Craft

Pine Cone Pom-Pom Trees.   These trees are super cute and colorful and are great for younger crafters like toddlers, pre-K and preschoolers. The simplicity of this easy Christmas ornament craft makes it a hit and they are so pretty!

homemade gingerbread ornaments to make and hang on the Christmas tree - this one is a gingerbread Christmas tree from Housing a Forrest
Let’s make homemade gingerbread ornaments!

5. Homemade Gingerbread Ornaments

Oh So Yummy Ginger-bread Ornaments.   These smell *so* good and you can make any shape for the Christmas tree.

Straw and pipe cleaner Christmas ornaments from  Craft to Art
Let’s make ornaments with pipe cleaners and straws!

6. Pipe Cleaner & Straw Star Ornaments Kids Can Make

Glittery Star Ornament.   These DIY decorations look great with the twinkle lights on your tree and are a great fine motor skills builder.

jingle bell wreath ornaments kids can make or wear as a bracelet from Craft to Art
Let’s make these cute ornaments that double as holiday bracelets!

7. Handmade Jingle Bell Ornaments

Jingle Bell Ornament.   Let glad tidings ring… or at least know if your child is playing with the tree with this bell decoration. These make really cute bracelets kids can wear during the holiday season.

ornaments kids can make - fabric Christmas trees no-sew fun for Kids from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make these simple no-sew fabric Christmas trees!

8. No-Sew Fabric Christmas Tree Ornaments

These super cute and easy cloth ornaments are actually a fun no-sew Christmas tree craft for kids. You could hang them on the Christmas tree or string them into a holiday banner.

clear plastic Christmas ball filled with sprinkles from Little Gray Fox blog
Let’s make a sprinkle ornament!

9. Let’s Make a Sprinkle Ornament!

We have all seen the ornaments filled with paint, how about using clear paint and candy sprinkles for a festive Christmas decoration.

Baby Jesus sleeping in the Manger ornament from Jess B Cuz
Let’s make a manger craft for the Christmas tree.

10. Baby in a Manger Ornament Craft

Jesus is the reason for the season, make a manger ornament using cotton stuffing and a walnut shell – cute!

handprint ornament craft for kids - Christmas tree ornament salt dough craft - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make an ornament out of our handprint!

11. Christmas Tree Handprint Craft Ornament

Make this handprint ornament for your Christmas tree that is…a Christmas tree! What a sweet handprint ornament craft for kids to make year after year.

make tinfoil Christmas tree ornaments with sparkly jewels and bright tissue paper colors from Happy Hooligans
I love these sparkly homemade ornament crafts!

12. DIY Sparkly Jewel Christmas Tree Ornament

Reflective Art is great to hang on the tree in the midst of twinkle lights – love this Tin-Foil Craft ornament!

popsicle stick ornament crafts for Christmas - kid made simple ornaments made from popsicle sticks and craft sticks - Kids Activities Blog
So many popsicle sticks…so many ornament ideas!

13. Christmas Ornaments Made from Popsicle Sticks

These Christmas crafts are ornament with popsicle sticks ideas and are the best crafts for kids of any age.

Q tip snowflake ornament craft for kids - easy ornament to make out of cotton swabs, string and glue - Kids Activities Blog
You just need a few supplies for this ornament craft.

14. Q Tip Snowflake Ornaments that are Easy to Make

If you have ever wondered how to make a snowflake from q tips, we have the answer and they make the most adorable Christmas tree ornaments or holiday decorations hung from the ceiling.

homemade ornament craft for kids - salt dough scented clay ornament hanging on christmas tree
This ornament craft smells as cute as it looks.

15. Make a Scented Clay Christmas Ornament

Making DIY clay ornaments is easy and fun with these simple instructions that are great for kids of all ages

tin foil ornament crafts for kids that make really cute Christmas tree ornamnets - tree, candy cane, present and santa hat shown
You can craft a Christmas tree out of tin foil.

16. Tin Foil Christmas Ornament Crafts

We love these tin foil Christmas decorations because they are so easy to make and can be used as ornaments or easy homemade gifts kids can make. We made ornaments in the shape of Christmas trees, candy canes, presents and Santa’s hat.

ornament craft from red ted art - mushroom corks with pipe cleaner elves on top
Let’s make a whimsical ornament for the Christmas tree…

17. Cork & Pipe Cleaner Ornament Crafts

Corked pipecleaner elves – these little men sit on dainty mushrooms and are so whimsical and fun. Check out the other ways to make something special for your Christmas tree.

easy leaf ornament craft made from salt dough  Kids Activities Blog

18. Special Salt Dough Ornament Crafts

Childhood 101 has the cutest ornament craft for kids - Christmas trees made out of buttons and pipe cleaners - shown finished here hanging
Button Christmas tree ornament crafts!

19. Button Christmas Tree Crafts to Hang on the Tree

Mini-Christmas Tree ornaments made out of buttons, pipe cleaners and bells – cute!

Twig and tree branch and twine stars from Happy Hooligans
Let’s make a star ornament.

20. Twiggy Star Craft for Christmas

Twine covered twigs become natural stars to decorate your Christmas Tree.

Homemade christmas tree ornament from At home with Ali
What a colorful tree craft for kids!

21. Colorful Christmas Tree Ornament Craft

Create your own Christmas tree ornament – use anything that sparkles in your craft cabinet and create a collage ornament.

More than 20 ornaments to make with kids featured on Kids Activities Blog - 4 different homemade ornament crafts for kids shown
Let’s make Christmas ornaments!


There are so many amazing homemade ornaments you can make with your kids this Christmas. If you need even more inspiration try these:

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