25+ Colorful Kids Craft Ideas

Check out these incredible 25+ Colorful Kids Craft Ideas we’ve put together for you!

We’ve found tons of kids craft ideas that are full of color and creativity to inspire you and your family. This colorful rainbow of craft ideas will keep kids busy on winter days, and decorate your wall with bursts of color.

colorful kids crafts

Colorful Crafts For Kids That EVeryone Will love

Looking for some fun and easy crafts? We have them! This is a great way to make crafts and explore rainbows and colors. Kids of all ages will have so much fun.

There is a simple craft for everyone! The best part is, many of these will be great for fine motor skills practice!

Older Kids and younger children will love each fun project. So grab some toilet paper rolls, pom poms, tissue paper, paper plate, and other simple craft supplies you need for each fun craft.

colorful kids crafts

Fun and Colorful Crafts For Kids

1. Colorful Toilet Paper Train Craft

Make a colorful Toilet Paper Train and kids will have hours of playtime fun. I love these simple ideas. Little kids will love this! What great fun! via Kids Activities Blog

2. Rainbow Sensory Balloons Activity

Fill balloons up with a variety of “textures.” She used flour, rice, cotton balls, etc. The kids enjoyed the sensory balloons as they played in paint. via Things to Share and Remember

3. Fun Rainbow Craft

We can’t get enough of this super awesome colorful rainbow craft! via Crafty Morning

4. Colorful Toilet Paper Roll Animals Craft

We love toilet paper roll crafts! Check out these Toilet Paper Roll Animals. via Creative Me Inspired You

5. Colorful Salt Art Process Craft

Kids will love creating their own designs with Salt Art Process. via Kids Activities Blog

6. Fireworks Cupcake Liner Craft

Celebrate New Years and the 4th of July with this colorful Fireworks Cupcake Liner craft for kids. via A Little Pinch of Perfect

7. Easy Tie Dye Art Craft

Make Easy Tie Dye Art with baby wipes of all things! via I Can Teach My Child

8. Colorful DIY Puffy Paint Craft

Make your own puffy paint using water, flour and salt – love the brilliant colors and it is such an easy recipe!! via Learning 4 Kids

9. Colorful Pasta Fish Craft

This Pasta Fish Craft is super colorful, and your kid will be so proud to hang it on the fridge. via I Heart Crafty Things

10. Lovely Penguin Art Project

This Penguin Art Project is so colorful and creative! via Deep Space Sparkle

11. Bright and Cheerful Popsicle Stick Baby Chicks

These Popsicle Stick Baby Chicks are so bright and cheerful. via Make and Takes

12. Mess Free Squishing Painting Activity

Not quite “mess-free” painting, but close to it – I love this “squishing” painting method. Squirt some paint on the paper, fold and “squish.” via Picklebums

Fun and Colorful Rainbow Activities for Kids

colorful kids crafts

13. Fun Nursery Rhyme Activity

Use wine corks for storytelling in this Nursery Rhyme Activity that kids and parents alike will adore! via Kids Activities Blog

14. Window Paint Recipe For Colorful Painting Crafts

Looking for a new surface to paint on? Check out this paint recipe for window paint – great to use with sponges. via Hands On As We Grow

15. Fun Playdough Fine Motor Activity

Here’s a Fine Motor Activity using playdough that’s colorful and fun. via Kids Playbox

16. Colorful Fish Weaving Activity

Learn how to weave with this colorful fish weaving activity. It’s so cool you’ll want to display it afterwards! via Crafty Morning

17. Color Changing Milk Science Experiment

Have you seen our Color Changing Milk Science Experiment yet? via Kids Activities Blog

18. Colorful Glowing Eruptions

Science! Check out these colorful glowing eruptions. via Growing a Jeweled Rose

19. Spring Art For Young Children

Teach kids fine motor skills with this Spring Art for Young Children activity. via One Time Through

20. DIY Paint Using Chalk and Egg

Make your own paint using chalk and egg – the colors are brilliant and almost jewel-like! via Inner Child Fun

colorful kids crafts

21. Colorful Skittles Easy Science Experiment

Here’s an Easy Science Experiment using Skittles! This would be great for big kids and an easy way to get them interested in science. via Fun with Mama

22. Add Dimension To Your Colorful Artwork

You can use salt and plastic cling wrap to add dimension to your painted creations. I love the look of the finished products in these Kids artworks. via Picklebums

23. Colorful Salad Spinner Craft

Use a salad spinner to create a burst of colors. In this painting activity, your kids will love watching the paint “whirl.” via Toddler Approved

24. Painting With Melted Crayons

Who says you need “paint” to paint? We painted with melted crayons. Love this fun art idea. via Kids Activities Blog

25. Colorful Paper Towel Art

Make paper towel art using paint and water. Great results!! via Kids Activities Blog. What a great craft.

26. Painters Tape To Make Colorful Art

This is a simple project for kids learning to color inside lines. Use painters tape to create works of art. via Kids Activities Blog

More Fun Colorful and Rainbow Crafts For Kids From Kids Activites Blog:

We have the best crafts! Each one has vibrant colors and the entire family will love each great activity. Younger kids, older children, doesn’t matter, these easy craft ideas are great for everyone.

How did your colorful crafts turn out? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.

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