How To Make Rubber Band Bracelets – 10 Favorite Rainbow Loom Patterns

Are Rainbow Looms the rage at your house?   They are at ours and the colorful rubber bands are everywhere!   I don’t know what our kiddos like more, wearing the bracelets, creating them or gifting them to their pals.  We adore DIY jewelry  and friendship bracelets. We have our favorite fun bracelet crafts for kids of all ages and adults to make.

how to make rubber band bracelets - diy bracelets - Kids Activities Blog - 8 rubber band bracelets shown in various colors and patterns with fantastic designs
These rubber band bracelets are fun to make…and the coolest thing ever!

What is a rubber band bracelet called?

Rubber band bracelets are known by several names including loom bracelets, band bracelets, rubber band bracelets and rainbow loom bracelets.

Rainbow Loom Patterns

When you use your rainbow loom, there are an unlimited number of rainbow loom patterns you can make on the plastic pegboard. Choose a loom pattern and get to work. You do not need a special loom for different patterns.

How to Make Rubber Band Bracelets

Can rubber band bracelets be made without a hook?

Traditionally a plastic hook like a crochet hook is used to create the rainbow loom patterns. With some of the simpler patterns, a loom hook is not necessary (or if you have small coordinated fingers!). If you do not have a loom or hook, check out the option of making rubber band bracelets with 2 pencils instead of a rainbow loom.

Rubber Band Bracelets Kids Can Make

All of these bracelets require a rainbow loom and a collection of loom bands.   <— This article contains affiliate links in case you didn’t get one for Christmas!

Crafting rubber band friendship bracelets from elastic bands with different patterns is a fun craft for kids by yourself or with your best friend or sibling. With a bit of practice you will be making pretty bracelets in no time.

Here are our favorite ten Rainbow Loom rubber band bracelets tutorials to make with your kids…

Easy Rainbow Loom Bracelets Kids Can Make

1.   Fishtail Band Bracelet Pattern

rainbow loom bracelets tutorial - double fishtail rubber band bracelet instructions and finished bracelet
Let’s make a rubber band bracelet in a double fishtail design

After the single chain bracelet, the fishtail is the easiest bracelet for your kids to start out with.  The pattern is easy enough for our newly 5 year old to create on her own.

Craft Supplies Needed:


Here is a video tutorial so you can create your own fishtail band bracelets.

2.   Double Fishtail Band Bracelet (aka 4 prong “Dragon Scales”)

Once your kids have a good grip on the pattern “routine” of the regular fishtail bracelet, they will have fun adding some variations – like this colorful double fishtail.

It is super easy for kids to make and after making the double fishtail a couple of times, you can graduate to the wider “scales” versions also featured on the video.

Supplies Needed:


The tutorial video is for “dragon scales” – we call the thinner version a double fishtail as it looks like two fishtails side-by-side.

3. Rainbow Ladder  Band Bracelet How To

rainbow band bracelet tutorial for kids craft

This colorful bracelet is looks awesome, and as many of the bands are double stacked, it is the perfect bracelet activity for an older sibling to create with a younger child.   The younger kids can follow the pattern created and add the second row of bands.

Supplies Needed:


This easy step by step loom tutorial video will have you creating a rainbow ladder design with ease!

4.   Minecraft Creeper Band Bracelet

Minecraft inspired rainbow loom bracelet

Using the same tutorial as the Rainbow ladder, replace all the colored bands with bright green ones.   You will need 54 green bands and 14 black bands.

Create your green and black ladder.   Turn the bracelet facing in so the black “creeper” line is visible.

Your minecraft fan will love it!

easy rainbow loom bracelets

5. Super Stripe  Band Bracelet

This bracelet is pretty advanced.   It seems that most of my kids favorites are the thicker bracelets.


This is another one where older kids can probably do the hooking, and preschoolers can put the bands onto the loom.   The video tutorial from Justin Toys is very easy to follow.

6.   The Zippy Chain Band Bracelet

rainbow band bracelet tutorial for kids craft

This bracelet was the most frustrating one so far, as it took a couple of tries to get the bands hooked in the correct order, but the finished product looks great!

Supplies needed:


Here is the steps to make this rubber band bracelet via video.

7. Colorful Starburst Band Bracelet

rainbow band bracelet tutorial for kids craft - starburst pattern for rainbow loom - shown on the loom and the finished product
Let’s make a starburst pattern rubber band bracelet!

These are so bright and cheery!   They are more complicated, probably better suited for an elementary or middle school child to make on their own, but our preschoolers enjoy filling the loom for me to hook the bracelet together.

Supplies Needed:

  • 6 Different Colors, with 6 bands in each – you will need a total of 36 colorful bands
  • 39 Black Bands
  • 1 hook
  • 1 loom


Here is the video tutorial on how to make a Starburst pattern rubber band bracelet. You will want to make the black edging first and then create each starburst.   Be sure to put a “cap” of black at the center of each burst of color.

8.   Taffy Twists Band Bracelet

This is a good “first” complicated bracelet.  

My older preschooler was able to do this one by herself after a trial run.

Supplies Needed:

  • 36 bands of “like colors” (ex: 12 white, 12 pink, 12 red)
  • 27 Border bands (ex: Black or White)
  • 1 hook
  • 1 loom


The tutorial is created by Rainbow loom and is very detailed.  

9. Sun Spots (aka X-Twister) Band Bracelet

rainbow loom bracelet kids craft

This bracelet looks completely different when you change the colors. We call it our Sunny Spot, but other tutorials have called it “X-Twister” and “Liberty”.

Supplies needed:

  • 27 border bands – we chose orange.
  • 20 Like-color bands – we chose red.
  • 12 Bright Bands – we used Yellow.
  • 13 Cap Bands – we used Pink.
  • 1 hook
  • 1 loom


Check out the video tutorial.  

rainbow band bracelet tutorial for kids craft

10. Feather Rubber Band Bracelet Design

This one is a little more complicated and can take some time, but older kids really will enjoy the challenge and the feathery outcome.

Supplies Needed:

  • 47 black rubber bands
  • 8 band colors each: red, orange, yellow, green and blue
  • 4 purple and pink rubber bands
  • 1 hook
  • 1 loom


Check out this easy to follow step by step instruction guide video from Rainbow Loom Room.

FAvorite Rainbow Loom Kit & Accessories

Rainbow looms make great gifts because they inspire great ideas and kid-lead creativity. It is a perfect birthday gift, fun holiday gift or the most amazing thing to have hidden away for a rainy day.

Share your Rubber Band Bracelet!

If your kids make band bracelets, take a photo and put them up on our facebook wall.   We would love to see them!

Advanced Loom Bracelet Ideas

Which rubber band bracelet pattern are you going to make for the first time? If you have made them before, which rubber band bracelet design is your favorite?


    1. Thanks so much for sharing!!! I am coming over to see it :).

    2. you will love them u need a 3 loom

  1. Oh man! My 5.5 yr old daughter just got one of these for xmas. She’s not quite old enough to figure it out on her own, so it’s been a tag teaming (mostly mom) project. I love how thrilled she is when we are done with her bracelets and look forward to her strengthening her skills. Pinning this for future reference! Thanks 🙂

    1. good how do you make the loombands with out the board because we went to rhonnes and could not find enyboard at all

  2. were can i get the bands and tools to make them

    1. target, hoby loby, walmart almost all stors looms are from 10$ to 30$ rubber band 1$ to 5$ some will be cheeper than others.

      1. Hancock Fabrics carries these as well for $8. 🙂

    2. At a Michael’s or some times at Craft stores Wal-Mart and Amazon are the #1 places I know

    3. you can get the real one at a.c more for about 20.00 and packs of band for 1.50

    4. I got mine from Target

    5. craft stores have them

    6. Hi Kristen,
      We sell a lot of both the tool, looms and rubber bands. all “staple” colors including black, white, light and dark blue, purple, green, orange, red, pink and yellow; glitter and glow in the dark, tye dyed bands and many more to come. here is the link to the home page:

  3. Kirsten, my daughter got one for xmas from Walgreens, you get the board, tool and bands

  4. Kirsten.. Walmart michaels.. Ollie’s

  5. My grandkids learned on their fingers. A couple different patterns. Also got the kits 4 christmas purchased from Walmart. @$12.88..

  6. I am looking forward to doing these bracelets

  7. I just helped my son a star burst rainbow loom bracet and he loves it

  8. they are$ 9..99 at Rite Aid and cheaper if you have the discount. got my daughter for 7.99. they come with the loom, hook and bands. Kroger too has them for $9.99

  9. Wow cool my girls use their fingers and I have tried it that way it hurts. This looks so much better.

  10. We found the loom at Five Below. And if you’re unfamiliar with their prices…. Everything is $5 or less. The loom is very sturdy and it provides a good amount of bands to begin “training”.

  11. Great ideas! My daughter finally got one for Christmas and has been looking for some ideas on bracelet patterns. Thanks!

  12. Stephanie says:

    My daughter got several sets for Xmas one I purchased at toys r us it was a mega pack for 19.99 they also had many others to choose from. She got very frustrated with enclosed directions but since I have found your page it’s become very simple thank you for posting and sharing!! They need to come out with the book rainbow loom for dummies lol thanks again this has been most helpful!!

  13. has a 2605 piece set that includes the loom 4 hooks and 2500 bands for $12 got my little girl one last night

  14. My daughter and I got one each for Christmas and we can’t stop making all the different bracelets. Going to have to get more of the black, white, and blue colors.

  15. I love it did 3 in one day so easy and fun to make

  16. My son Luke made one called the HEXAFISH witch took him around 9 hours, but you should try it

  17. My daughter and I just made the minecraft one. It took her two rounds and then I stepped in before we accomplished it. First time is always hardest huh? 🙂 However it was fun and we can’t wait to do more. Love all of these here. I do have to say though that the minecraft bracelet didn’t end up with two black lines like the picture above but looks exactly like the Rainbow ladder except with green and black. Not sure what happened…thanks for these ideas! I shared on fb.

  18. You can make a loom by nailing nails into a piece of wood in the correct pattern. Two nails work for the simple designs.

  19. You can also use a plastic fork and break out the two middle tines. This works great making the single one and the fishtail ones.

  20. My grandchildren love them also u can use 2 pencil keeps then busy enjoy!

  21. Ollie’s has the looms for four dollars is the best price that I have found the bands are fifty cents.

  22. Where is the Ollie’s location ,please let me know, in Scarborough?

  23. Does anyone know how to do a starburst

  24. Karli if you click on the name of each bracelet in the post above it will take you to a YouTube video

  25. Love these! Made 15 in one day!

  26. JoAnn Fabrics also has them – $16.99. But if you use the 50% off coupon (available on smartphones if you download the JoAnn app or from Coupon Sherpa) you can get it for about $8.50 + tax. They have the bands as well.

    1. Thank you for sharing where to get a coupon 🙂

  27. OK, the rainbow loom is probably the BEST thing ive come across! Its amazing, the only problem is the bands are pretty expensive and I cant find any bands, they are all sold out usually and then my friend have loads of them and I have none 🙁 I wish they weren’t popular, people only think of them selves. I enjoy looming more that anything though,it makes me happy 🙂 its so fun! Love the website! Thx 😀

    1. starleena says:

      i only 10 and i make 15-30 pretty much a day most of the time that and i only got it at chirstmas so ya i luv luv luv it!!!!

  28. MOMOF4HEATHENS says:

    The best retail store deal I’ve found on the bands has been at JoAnn’s….a large bag for $1.99, but shopping on Ebay has proven to have better deals and a MUCH better color selection including two-toned bands, glow-in-the-darks, metallic, jelly and entire sets. My daughter has been making these for over a month now and I finally sat down with her tonight and made my first ones and I have to admit….I like it!

  29. Karen conklin says:

    Rainbow loom is awesome. My daughter love’s making the bracelets! Twitted this for the bands beyond fishtail.rainbow loom is located at Michaels craft store.

  30. Kids in my classroom at school use pencils instead of their fingers. Easier than buying the loom

  31. Thank you so much for teaching us how to make the Rainbow Starburst! You made it so easy to follow. I originally linked to your video from a Facebook share and then friends asked where we learned how to make the bracelet so we re-shared your link. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  32. Wow I’m 16 and I can’t even figure it out

  33. Thank you for this post! My son and his friends are gaga over making these bracelets…lol he got in trouble at school trying to sell them! I found you through Get Schooled Saturday linky party!

  34. My boys aren’t interested in these bracelets but my 7 yr old daughter is. She’s collected several from her friends but hasn’t yet asked to get the supplies to make them herself. I am OK with this! Makes me think of the friendship pins *I* made as a kid. Thanks for sharing via Family Fun Friday!

  35. I LOVE making these But I need a loom a cheap loom would be nice any ideas where to get one

  36. My daughters are totally into Rainbow Loom! Thanks so much for linking up at Sharing Time!

  37. I’ve been hearing about them all the time when I sub. I only have a 2 year old boy, so we don’t have one ourselves. You’re right about the kids liking to give them away. I’ve seen kids taking orders for what types their friends want! Thanks for linking up at Rock-A-Bye Parents Parenting Pointers linky party.

  38. So cool! I’ve heard these are super popular with kids. Thanks for linking to the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party. Hope to see you next week.

    1. Thanks Cynthia –

      We couldn’t believe how popular they are either! What fun!

  39. best thing that ever happened to me ilove the loom bands

  40. Such fun styles. Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays! x

    1. Thank YOU Danielle! We love Silver Pennies Sundays!

  41. I can’t wait until my daughter is a little older and can make these because I loved doing stuff like this as a child:) Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board!

  42. check out local flea markets for bands we found a lot of diff colors and they were. only 1$ a bag

  43. Thank-you for the tutorials very easy to follow and now will show how to do them to my grand daughter!

  44. I love these braclets my other sister Andy brother love teaching each other how to make some of them to each other. Me and my sister have like a million bands and my brother only has a few. Thanks for posting these though I really want to make the double fishtail but I can’t figure it out

  45. I love these bracelets!!!

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  54. I love loom braclets love it. I have fun loom and yesterday my grandma got me another loom called crazy loom

    1. do you like it. I have one, but I HATE it. all of my rubber bands keep falling of. I had to get 3 more. my rainbow loom broke, I Hate my crazy loom, I have one loom that is working pretty good. it is called the Twist-n-Loop

    1. have you tried looking on the Joann’s website

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  56. Me and my granddaughter love making them we have made so many so easy so gun 🙂

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  58. Mackenzie says:

    I got mine from a store for $6 but lost hook from diy loom bands kit now can’t make anymore cool braclets

  59. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage?
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  63. What happens if you don’t have a loom band thingy?

  64. I am from Australia and the kids here are crazy for looms! I went to 4 places before i found somewhere that had them,one place told me i could go on a waiting list LOL they are great fun

  65. Chryl Omstead says:

    I noticed a lot of comments here were about “where to buy the looms and bands. I Just wanted to let you know that you can get the looms and bands separately or as a kit for very cheap on E bay! That is where I get mine and the bands are in pkgs of 600 not 300 as most craft stores are. I save at least half by buying them on E bay. Oh, and the shipping is free!! Hope this helps! 😀

  66. Nice idea but i dont have a loom

  67. Thank you so much for how to do the rubber band bracelets.

    1. Kristen Yard says:

      You are so welcome! Enjoy!

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