Let’s Make LEGO Friendship Bracelets

Today we are making LEGO bracelets! What better way to celebrate your bestie than with LEGO Friendship Bracelets? Kids of all ages with a little help from an adult can make this simple craft that is fun to make, wear and share.

LEGO Friendship Bracelets - 4 LEGO bracelets shown with yellow, orange, green and red bricks with colorful yarn - Kids Activities Blog logo
Let’s make LEGO bracelets!

DIY LEGO Bracelet

This is one of our favorite LEGO ideas — you can use spare bricks from around your house to make them. These LEGO bracelets are colorful and festive and easy to make if you have an adult around to assist.

While many assume they are the perfect friendship bracelets for boys, girls know that LEGO friendship bracelets work for anyone! This is a simple craft for kids if the holes in the LEGO bricks are prepared ahead of time. If you are hosting a sleepover and need a fun friendship bracelet craft, this might just be the perfect solution.

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How to Make LEGO Friendship Bracelets

Supplies Needed

Directions to Make LEGO Bracelets

Watch this Short Tutorial Video on How to Make a LEGO Friendship Bracelet

Ok! Let’s make our LEGO bracelets! This will be fun.

LEGO Bracelet Drilling Hole step 1 - making a LEGO friendship bracelet
The holes in the ends of the LEGO bricks can be done ahead of time.

Step 1

Use the Dremel to drill a hole in each side of a LEGO brick.

Tip: If you are doing this craft with a group of kids or need it to be a less supervised event, then pre-drill the holes before you start.

LEGO Bracelet Threading step 2- making a LEGO friendship bracelet
Now we can thread through the yarn.

Step 2

String the yarn onto the needle and thread it through the hole, pulling the yarn through.

LEGO Bracelet tying off the yarn step 3 - making a LEGO friendship bracelet
Tie each end of the yarn to the LEGO brick.

Step 3

Tie a knot into the yarn to attach it to the brick.

Repeat with the other side.

LEGO Bracelets finished in step 4 - making a LEGO friendship bracelet
Which color friendship bracelet are you going to give to your bestie?

Step 4

Tie the friendship bracelets onto your child’s wrist for them to wear!

These would be great gifts at a LEGO party. And if you have extra bricks, you could even make some LEGO Hand Sanitizer.

Yield: 1

LEGO Bracelets

Lego Friendship Bracelets

These LEGO bracelets are super easy to make and are the perfect friendship bracelets to make with your bestie or give as a present. Have an adult help drill the holes and then after that this is a simple kids craft perfect for your next sleepover.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Medium
Estimated Cost $0


  • LEGO brick - we used a 2 x 4
  • 3 pieces of yarn about 15 inches in length cut in half


  • Dremel rotary tool or drill
  • yarn needle
  • Scissors


  1. Drill a small hole in both ends of the LEGO brick.
  2. Using the yarn needle thread three of the yarn pieces through the hole in the LEGO on each side.
  3. Tie the yarn in place.
  4. Tie the bracelet onto the child's wrist.

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Did your kids enjoy making these DIY Lego friendship bracelets?