Our two-year-old kids *love* to BE BUSY with all sorts of activities.   We have a two-year-old boy and girl and they are constantly doing and creating. I am sure my toddlers are not alone in the seemingly boundless energy. Below are some of the games that my 2-year-olds love to play.

40 Quick and easy to set up activities for two year olds from Kids Activities Blog - shown are 5 of the included ideas for toddler play - pom poms, muffin activities, balls and bubbles, activity bags and bathtub paint
Let’s play today!

Fun Activities for Two Year Olds

1. Measuring Activity for 2-Year-olds

Help your child learn how to measure using kitchen stuff in this fun activity from Kids Activities Blog.

2. Letter Recognition Activity

Your 2-year-old will enjoy learning about letters when you make letters with playdough along with them!

3. Simple Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment

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Awaken the scientist in your toddler as you both explore chemical reactions with baking soda and vinegar.

4. Fun Music Time with Toddlers

Jam to musical instruments with your 2-year-old in this fun musical activity!

40 activities for 2 year olds

5. Cool Color Game for Your Little One

Play with a muffin tin and toy balls as a color game for toddlers.

6. Colorful Playdough Hair Activity

Get wacky with your 2-year-old as you both decorate faces with playdough hair.

7. Fun Squishy Aquarium Project

Make Squishy bags into an aquarium for your kids to explore.

8. Healthy Snack Necklace

Make a fruit (or veggie) snack necklace for your little ones to make and eat.

9. Wondeful Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

Throw your child’s favorite toy, a birthday party.

10. Bubbles and Balls Bath Play

Play with bubbles and balls in a tub.

11. Awesome Music Tubes for 2-year-olds

Get some PVC pipes, add some seeds – tubes for toddlers!

12. Foam Plate Fun Activity

Stab at a foam plate with this toddler activity from Creative with Kids.

activities for 2 year olds 2

Help your Child Develop With these Fun Toddler Activities

13. Cut-Up Straw Bracelets

Make bracelets from cut-up straws. Great for fine motor development!

14. Pick-Up Items Game for 2-Year-Olds

Dig out the kitchen tongs and have fun picking up items.

15. Super Fun Pompom Game Idea

Play with pompoms! Let your kiddo try blowing them across the floor.

16. Fun Craft Stick Ideas For 2-Year-Olds

Build with craft sticks –  just use Velcro dots to make them reusable.

17. Collage-Making Toddler Project

Make collages together. Here are a few of our favorites:

18. Basketful of Play Items for Toddlers

Create a basket of play items like this one from The Imagination Tree.

19. Plank Walk Balancing Game

Practice balancing with a plank of wood (aka. Balance beam).

20. Yummy Edible Sand

Create an edible “sand” using cheerios and start the afternoon toddler fun!

Easy Toddler Crafts & Ways to Get creative with Play

21. Crafty Beads and Pipe Cleaners Project

Use beads and pipe cleaners to create sculptures like this example from Studio Sprout.

22. Colorful Spray Bottle Paint

Watch your kids have fun and create with “spray bottle” paint.

23. Fun Outdoor Nature Activity

Go on a nature hunt around your neighborhood with your 2-year-old.

24. Lovely Luminary Project

Make a night light for your kids to interact with. This tutorial is for a Halloween luminary but you can easily make it with any shapes and characters your child loves.

25. Edible Jewels for 2-Year-Olds

Play with “edible jewels” and eat pomegranate seeds.

26. Toddler Finger Painting Activity

Finger paint while in the bath. It is a great way to have less-mess art time.

27. Fun Chalkboard Games

Make chalkboard games with your kiddo, outside!

28. Clever Animal Tracks in Playdough

Let your little ones make tracks in playdough with their favorite toy animals.

29. Awesome Pouring Activity with 2-Year-Olds

Practice pouring with your child. Give them a pitcher and some cups.

30. Crafty Slime Recipes for Kiddos

Make different slime recipes with your kids to expose them to many weird and ooey-gooey textures.

activities for 2 year olds1

More Toddler Fun for 2 Year Olds

31. Baby Shark in the Bathtub Game

Your 2-year-old will love playing with Baby Shark crayons in the bathtub.

32. Fine Motor Practice with Scissors

Give your child a pair of funky scissors and let them shred paper.

33. Lovely Floating Bouquet

Let your little ones play with petals in a floating bouquet.

34. Playdough and LEGO Activity

Make lego puzzles in playdough to teach your 2-year-old about shape matching.

35. Crafty Felt Binder Activity

For a quiet-time Kids Activity, have your kids play with a felt activity binder.

36. Floating Bouquet Project for Toddlers

Play with petals in a floating bouquet in this super fun activity!

37. Toddler-Friendly Edible Playdough

Make edible play dough, just in case.

38. Fun Crafts and Activities for Toddlers

Here are 32 *other* fun ideas of things to do with your kids.

39. Colorful Sensory Bags for Little Ones

Create sensory bags with your toddler and watch them get amazed!

40. Clever Invitation Ideas

Create an invitation to playtime – in a bag! Every kid will love to get one.

Toddler Early Learning Fun

Have you tried the ABC Mouse app? Our toddlers learned how to count and learned the alphabet from playing games on it! Check it out and get a 30-day FREE trial here!

fun things to do with 2 year olds - fb image number 2
So many fun things to do…

More Fun Activities For Kids from Kids Activities Blog

What 2-year-old activities are your toddler’s favorite play ideas?

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  1. This post is so great! I have a two-year-old and I’m always looking for activities to do with him. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This post is so great! I have a two-year-old and I’m always looking for activities to do with him. Thanks for sharing!

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