These 20  crafts made from nature will add new meaning to your child’s exploration of the outdoors. Although this round-up focuses on nature crafts, there are a bunch of nature learning activities you could pursue as well. These crafts with nature are perfect for kids of all ages whether you’re doing them at home or in the classroom.

Crafts Made from Nature- log blocks, flower crown, flower fairy, wood chimes, pinecone flowers, and stick magic wands, kids activities blog
There are so many nature crafts to choose from!

Crafts With Nature

Nature is inspiring. Why not take imagination and creativity to the next level as you delight in the world created for you to enjoy?

Go on a nature walk and gather all the natural materials you’ll need for these fun nature crafts. Natural arts not only find creative ways to use the natural world, but like most crafts are also allow your little one to practice their fine motor skills.

From pine cones, to flower petals, real leaves, and even mud pies…young children and even older kids, really the whole family, will love all of these nature activities and fun ideas using natural items. These will quickly become your favorite nature crafts.

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1. Tree Block Nature Craft

What a unique block idea. Using little mini logs gives kids a whole new way to explore building and nature by making these super cool Tree Blocks.

2. Beautiful Flower Crown Nature Craft

Kids will use their imaginations to become a queen, a princess, a king, an explorer or fairy with these amazing Flower Crowns.

3. DIY Flower Fairies Nature Craft

These Flower Fairies are delightful. The kids get to make clothes, hats, shirts, shoes and wands from flowers they find as they explore the outdoors.

4. Homemade Stick Rainbow Wind Chimes Nature Craft

These Stick Rainbow Wind Chimes are beautiful to look at and fun to create. Happy Hooligans had a great idea with this one.

5. Pinecone Rose Nature Craft

I love, love the look of these bright color pinecones turned roses. This Pinecone Roses craft is on my to-do list with my own kids. Simple. Gorgeous.

6. Easy Stick Wizard Wand Nature Craft

These Easy Wizard Wands were named “easy” for a reason. They are easy, but the bright colors and glitter are delightful and will spark imagination.

nature crafts- dollhouse furniture made from nature, nature bracelet, nature bird feeder, nature flower painting- kids activities blog
Not sure what I love more, the flower art or the diy nature doll house furniture.

7. Nature Bracelet Craft

Putting Tape around a child’s wrist backward creates a sticky surface for them to collect all kinds of bark, flowers, grass, leaves and pebbles and make beautiful Nature Bracelets.

8. Pine Cone Peanut Butter Bird Feeder Nature Craft

This Pine Cone Peanut Butter Bird Feeder is a classic nature craft that you probably remember doing as a kid. Make sure to put it someplace where your kids can watch the birds come and partake of the treat.

9. DIY Doll House Furniture Nature Craft

Who says you have to spend oodles of money furnishing a doll house? This natural approach to decorating is inspired and fun. How cute is this Doll House Furniture?

10. Nature Sun Catcher Craft

Nature Sun Catcher captures the outdoors and bring it in but still let the sun shine its light on the beauty.

nature crafts for kids- matchbox rock pets, leaf painting, leaf stamping, pinecone pets- kids activities blog
Look how cute the matchbox pet rocks are! What a cute nature craft to make.

11. Matchbox Stone Pets Nature Craft

These Matchbox Stone Pets spark creativity and imaginative play. They’re adorable.

12. Leaf Print Nature Craft

Leaf Print are gorgeous. Paper, paint and leaves – that’s all you need.

13. Natural Hammered Leaf Printing Craft

This Natural Hammered Leaf Printing is a must try nature activity. Who knew the natural pigment in leaves would create such amazing looking results?

14. Natural Pine Cone Pets Craft

These adorable Pine Cone Pets are easy to make and absolutely lovely.

nature crafts for kids- horse chestnut spiders, rock tic tac toe, foliage wreath, acorn tea set- kids activities blog
There are so many cute crafts to make with nature!

15. Kid Made Nature Wreath Craft

This Kid Made Nature Wreath is made from cardboard and nature, kids of all ages can create a beautiful wreath for your next special occasion. It’s gorgeous.

16. Nature Leaf Glitter Blow Paint Tree Craft

This Leaf Glitter Blow Paint Tree craft is perfect for the fall. It uses dried up leaves that you can crinkle up and use as glitter.

17. Horse Chestnut Spider Nature Craft

What to do with those chestnuts that have fallen from the trees? I bet you will be inspired by these Horse Chestnut Spiders!

18. Super Cute Acorn Tea Set Nature Craft

Fairies have tea parties too. These miniature Acorn Tea Sets are made from acorns are so sweet.

19. DIY Tic Tac Toe Rocks Nature Craft and Activity

Here’s a craft that becomes an activity once created. Kids get to create their own rock pieces for the fun game of DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Rocks.

20. Mud Monster Nature Craft

Take playing in the mud to a whole new level. Your kids are going to love creating their own Mud Monsters. And if they get tired of mud monsters they can make mud pies, or you can be the fun mums and let your young children because the messy little monster!

More Crafts With Nature From Kids Activities Blog

How did your crafts with nature turn out? Comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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