C Is For Caterpillar. Letter C craft

We are having so much fun with out letter crafts. Make sure to check out what we did with letter A and B.

Let’s make Caterpillar with the letter C. This is one of our favorite letter crafts.

My kids always enjoy working with pom poms. Especially larger ones. They loved picking out the colors for the caterpillar.

It’s a fun and colorful craft that will take minimal preparation.

c craft

Supplies needed for Letter C craft

  • Letter C cut out. Preferably green color
  • Large pom poms. We used 11
  • 2 google eyes
  • 1 black pipe cleaner
  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors

letter C supplies


Cut out the letter C out of green construction paper.

Glue the letter C on white construction paper.

Cut black pipe cleaner in half and shape the tentacles (AKA ”antennas”) from each piece.

Glue the “antennas” on caterpillar’s head (one of the pom poms).

Glue on both googly eyes on the pom pom that you will be using as caterpillar’s head.

Line up all the pom poms to make sure they fit perfectly on the letter C cut out.

Glue all the pom pom on the letter.

Your C for Caterpillar craft is done!  


Watch a short video of how our C for Caterpillar  craft was done.

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