Who knew foil crafts could be so cool? I would have never guessed you could make so many amazing arts and crafts with aluminum foil. These tin foil crafts are great for kids of all ages: toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten kids and older kids too. You can do these crafts at home or they would also be great for in the classroom!

aluminum foil crafts
Wow, these foil crafts are so great! There are so many different ways to make art out of aluminum foil.

Aluminum Foil Crafts For Kids

We can all easily get so caught up with Pinterest and all the beautiful crafts on there that we forget about the myriad of possibilities when using simple everyday materials.

Items such as aluminum foil, toothpicks, wine corks, cardboard boxes and anything else from the kitchen, recycling bin and even daddy’s toolbox are great for crafts!

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I made a cardboard toy camera recently using the lid of a laundry detergent bottle as the lens and it turned out so cool – crafts and activities made with everyday household materials are the best fun. Read on down and click through to be inspired by these 30 ‘best of’ ideas for aluminum foil crafts and art activities.

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Aluminum Foil Crafts Challenge

1. Aluminum Foil Robots Craft

Turn cardboard boxes into shiny cool robots with everyday materials from around the house. These silly faced robots make me smile! see the recycling magic on Doodle and Stitch.

2. Aluminum Foil & Tissue Paper Bracelets Craft

Such a striking color popping girlie craft made with just toilet paper rolls, aluminum foil and tissue paper. You just have to see how easy they are to make right here on KAB

3. Sculpt With Foil Craft

I love lessons where there are endless ways to create and make – roll the foil into balls, squish it or leave it smooth and layer it. The options to sculpt with foil are limitless with classic-play (link unavailable)

4. DIY Foil Jetpack Craft

Make a jetpack!!! prepare to take off with this awesome recycled craft using tin foil, right here on KAB

5. Tin Foil Alien Spaceship Craft

Tin foil is also a grey material for quickly wiping up some cool props for story time – click through to see fun and cute alien spaceships by KidsStuffWorld for Buzzmills. I adore this craft activity.

6. Tin Foil Viking Shield Craft

And how about making a Viking Shield from cardboard and aluminum foil? You only need a few craft supplies. I love great crafts like this that also promote pretend play.

7. Cute Foil Bead Bracelet Craft

Grab some foil sheets for this tin foil art project. Sculpt the foil to create shiny foil-bead bracelets!! (below, lower left) how cool via tinyrottenpeanuts

8. Gorgeous Foil Pendant Craft

Here’s a craft project for older children – gorgeous foil pendants, so simple your kids will be making a pile of them for all their friends xx see how to make on makeandtakes. Love all these amazing ways to use aluminum foil sheets or copper foil in each tin foil art project.

9. Aluminum Foil Crown Craft

Aluminum Foil Crown
You can use a piece of foil to make so many different tin foil crafts. Want more fun ideas? Try making a tin foil crown! Make sure to use the shiny side on the outside.

Aluminum Foil Crowns cardboard wrapped in foil and decorated with permanent markers. The perfect rainy day or sick day craft to keep everyone amused via ikatbag

10. Video: Fancy Aluminum Foil Crown Craft

11. Cute Foil Tree Sculpture Craft

Make some Foil Tree Sculptures! this lesson in simple sculpting with leave your kids wanting to make more and more and more. See the joy of sculpting on Classic-Play (link unavailable)

12. Embossed Foil Ornament Craft

How cool are these embossed foil ornaments, perfect for holidays or anytime of year. Make in less than 5 minutes with BabbleDabbleDo

aluminium foil crafts

13. Adorable Tin Foil Robot Craft With A Heart

Any little robot fans in your house will ADORE these robots. They will need them! They will want them! They will need to start making them now! (above centre) See the joy on Curly Birds

14. Twisted Shapes Foil Sculpture Craft

Encourage your kids to twist it, mold it and shape it into anything they want. You may be  surprised  at how sculpt-able it is! see what one group of kids joyfully created on housingaforest

15. Aluminum Foil Rain Stick Craft

Make pretty rain sticks with Happy Hooligans (above, lower left) – it’s all in the decorating xx

16. Aluminum Foil Cardboard Rocket Craft

Use foil to create reflective windows on cardboard rockets and watch the kids zoom around the room in a matter of minutes. See how to make on mykidcraft

17. Simple Cereal Box Tin Foil Robot Craft

Cereal Box Robots – dive into the recycling stash to come up with all the materials you need to make quirky cereal box robots with the kids, right here on KAB.

18. Not-So-Noisy Foil Noise Makers

Let’s all make Not-So-Noisy Noise Makers from kitchen paper tubes and foil. Time to shake shake shake with Classic-Play

19. Tin Foil Guessing Game

Guess the object covered in tin foil!!! what a super simple and fun idea for little ones. The simple ideas are always the best. See the fun for yourself on laughingkidslearn

20. DIY Tin Light Table Craft

Plastic storage box + aluminum foil = DIY Light Table!! how clever via danyabanya

21. Foil Frozen Inspired Landscape Craft

Use foil to create a Frozen inspired landscape for imaginative play via b-inspiredmama

22. Foil Figures Craft

I just adore this children’s sculpture activity – exploring gestures through foil figures and drawing their shadows. How cool!! see the inspiration on doodles-and-noodles

Tin Foil Art  

aluminium foil art

23. Foil Zentangle Art Activity

I spotted the above right cool zentangle art activity for kids by LetsLassoTheMoon last year and it got me to look at aluminum foil in a fresh new way. Such a unique and creative no-cost way to keep the kids entertained.

24. Simple and Fun Foil Collage Craft

Foil collage is the perfect quick and easy art activity for kids, and their tired parents! (above, center lower) See the colorful fun on picklebums

25. Foil Fish Craft

Foil presents children with an super fun material to paint on – check out this gorgeous foil fish craft created for an ocean themed activity for pre-schoolers on NurtureStore (above, lower left)

26. Lovely Foil Stained Glass Craft

This stained glass art activity using aluminum foil and cellophane activity is so so pretty (above, lower right). This has catapulted straight to the top of my to do list at home. Thanks for the inspiration pinkstripeysocks

27. Mixed Up Foil Chameleon Craft

And the crafting fun continues with artsycraftsymom with some really fun and colorful mixed up foil chameleons (above, top left)

28. Beautiful and Fun Tin Foil Arts and Crafts

More beautiful tin foil art results on pagingfunmums

29. Painting On Foil Activity

Painting on Foil – shiny and shimmery aluminum foil is great fun to paint on instead of paper – kids can see a very hazy reflection of themselves as they paint!!! see the fun on picklebums

30. Mexican Foil Art Project

And check out this gorgeous Mexican metal art project!

31. Aluminum Foil Artwork

And finally! even more examples of how aluminum foil is such a great material to use in artwork. Check out this simple and engaging technique on kidworldcitizen

More Great Foil Crafts From Kids Activities Blog

To find more  crafts with things you’ve got laying around your house check out our book: 101 Kids Activities That Are The Bestest, Funnest Ever!

Which foil crafts are you gonna try out?

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