Hands-on crafts, like these construction paper crafts, are a great way for kids of all ages to enhance their fine motor skills while creating fun art projects that they can display anywhere. Today we have so many fun construction paper craft ideas for your little ones.

Construction paper crafts Feature image - Collage of 9 Construction paper crafts - including a yellow paper pinwheel, bright green paper frog, and paper snail with a colorful shell.
Let’s make some fun construction paper crafts!

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These Easy Paper Crafts are so Engaging!

Construction paper is one of those materials that you just have to have available at home or in the classroom at all times. There are endless easy crafts you can do with some colored construction paper and other supplies like toilet paper rolls, paper plates, googly eyes, scrapbook paper, pipe cleaners, and tissue paper.

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The best thing is that you can find a lot of these supplies in most craft stores, and your kid can create beautiful crafts on a rainy day (or a regular day too)! Some of these craft projects are perfect for toddlers while others are more suitable for kindergarteners or elementary-aged children. But one thing is for sure: they are the best activities for your creative kid!

Simple Easy Paper Crafts for Kids Supplies

One of the reasons kids paper crafts are so popular is that they require very few craft supplies and are very inexpensive. Most of our favorite paper crafts can be made with just these supplies you likely already have on hand:

  • Paper – regular paper, construction paper, scrapbook paper, paper plates, coffee filters, tissue paper
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Glue – school glue, glue stick or glue dots
  • Tape
  • Crayons, markers or paint
  • Decorative details: googly eyes, stickers, yarn or ribbon
  • Attachments: popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners

Construction Paper Crafts FAQ

What can I make out of Construction Paper?

As you can see, the possibilities of things you can make with construction paper is limitless. Start with whatever color construction paper you have on hand and choose a craft that fits your mood. Before you know it, you will be making all sorts of fun crafts out of construction paper!

What can I make with paper for kids?

Just getting started with kids paper crafts? Start with a simple paper chain, paper weaving craft or simple paper quilled craft! It will inspire you to make more.

How do you make a construction paper spider?

We love the paper spider idea from Twitchetts which will have your cute little homemade spiders bouncing off the page!

Holiday Crafts with Construction Paper

Day of the Dead

1. DIY Marigold (Cempazuchitl) Using Tissue Paper

Make this Mexican paper marigold craft to decorate your house for Day of the Dead – it’s perfect for kids of all ages.

Construction-paper-crafts-KAB-DIY-Marigold-Cempazuchitl-For-Day-Of-The-Dead-Using Tissue-Paper
Make these paper tissue flowers in different colors!


2. Mini Pumpkin Printable Paper Craft

Want simple construction paper crafts? This mini pumpkin paper craft is one of the most fun and interactive activities children can do with some construction paper, a pair of scissors, and glue.

Kids can draw funny faces on these pumpkin crafts.

3. How to Make Paper Plate Witches

To make these easy crafts that result in cute paper plate witches, you just need construction paper, paper plates, and glue. And a little one willing to participate, of course!

Paper plate witches are not spooky at all!

4. How to make a fun paper witch craftivity that kids will love

Using simples you probably already own at home, plus different colors of construction paper, your preschooler will be able to create this nice paper witch craft. From Twitchetts.

This paper witch is too cute not to make.

5. How to make fun construction paper bats that fly!

Using black construction paper, googly eyes, and toilet paper rolls, kids will make the best flying bat crafts. From Twitchetts.

Not-so-spooky Halloween craft.

6. Halloween Paper Garland Cutouts

If you have some colored construction paper, a pair of scissors, and some tape, you’re ready to make some bats, spiders, pumpkins, ghosts, and black cats! From One Little Project.

Best Halloween decoration ever.

Fourth of July

7. Patriotic Paper Windsock

Make these patriotic paper windsock crafts to decorate your home for the 4th of July. Kids can also make many in any color they wish and see the streamers ride the wind.

These windsock crafts are so much fun to make.

Mother’s Day

8. Mother’s Day Construction Paper Flower Bouquet

We love DIY flower bouquets – and this one is especially good for Mother’s Day! Anyone would love getting these sweet handmade flowers.

This craft is so simple yet sweet at the same time.

9. 3D Paper Tulip Card

Looking for a simple yet cute Mother’s Day Card Idea? This 3D paper tulip card from Easy Peasy Fun might be what you need.

I think we all love handmade cards, right?


10. Construction Paper Easter Bunny Craft

A lovely paper Easter bunny craft perfect for kids of all ages! This simple craft requires minimal supplies and is perfect for home, school, or daycare.

It’s time to recycle your toilet paper rolls!


11. Easy Construction Paper & Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

We have a paper turkey craft that teaches kids about gratitude with basic shapes, making it ideal for toddlers and kindergarteners.

Isn’t this turkey the cutest?

12. How to make an easy 3D construction paper turkey craft

This construction paper turkey craft makes a fantastic Thanksgiving decoration and it helps with children’s fine motor skills. Yay! From Twitchetts.

Beautiful turkey craft!

Earth Day

13. Handprint Earth Craft For Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with this cute and simple handprint Earth craft for kids. All you need is colored construction paper, scissors, a glue stick, a large pom pom, glue dots, and the Earth craft template. From Simple Everyday Mom.

Best craft to celebrate Earth Day!

14. Make an Earth Day Craft

We love celebrating Earth Day, and this craft is perfect for preschoolers and older kids to celebrate it together. From The Simple Parent.

Making this Earth day craft is a good way to learn about our planet.


15. 3D Construction Paper Reindeer

Let’s make a 3D reindeer craft using construction paper (watch the live reindeer cam) – you can make all 8 of Santa’s reindeer. Don’t forget about Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer! From Easy Peasy and Fun.

An easy paper craft suitable for all ages.

16. Make a ‘snowy’ salt crystal tree

Let’s combine a fun science project with construction paper to make this snowy salt crystal tree from Go Science Kids!

The perfect activity for kids of all ages.

St. Patricks’ Day

17. How to make 3D rainbow colored paper shamrocks

We have a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft! Grab some colored construction paper and let’s make this fun rainbow paper Shamrock from Twitchetts.

Make your own lucky shamrock!

Valentines Day

18. Easy Cupcake Topper

This Valentine’s Day DIY cupcake topper craft is extremely simple to set up and the result is so cute! From Paper and Stitch.

construction paper crafts for Valentines Day - top cupcakes with paper hearts made from construction paper shown here with chocolate muffins
Aren’t these cupcake topper hearts so cute?

19. How to make a Heart Crown for Valentine’s Day

This heart crown is very easy to make and requires very simple supplies that you probably already have. Great for school parties, too. From Happy Mothering.

Because every kid deserves a crown!

20. How to make a Heart Tree Paper Craft

Looking for a festive and colorful decoration the kids can help you make for Valentine’s Day? Let’s learn how to make a heart tree paper craft! From I Heart Crafty Things.

These heart tree paper crafts would look great on any table.

Construction Paper Crafts That Are 3D

21. Giant Paper Pinwheels

These giant paper pinwheels are one of the best summer craft ideas for kids. Use different colors for better contrast!

A quick and easy activity for the summer.

22. Build a Strong Paper Bridge

Looking for a fun STEM activity for kids? Let’s build a strong paper bridge with common household items!

A STEM activity perfect for kids of all ages.

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23. Rainbow Craft: How to Make Paper Strip Rainbows

This rainbow craft is super fun and it’s really simple to make! From One Little Project.

Construction-paper-crafts-onelittleproject-Rainbow Craft-How-to-Make-Paper-Strip-Rainbows
We love making this rainbow craft on a rainy day.

24. Rainbow Unicorn Mane

This rainbow unicorn mane from Ryan & Marsha is simple enough for preschoolers and entertaining for older kids at the same time. It’s so pretty!

Isn’t this craft so beautiful?

25. Easy Paper Quilling Emoji Cards

Kids love emojis, so we know these paper quilling emoji cards will be a big hit. They are perfect for Valentine’s Day. From Red Ted Art.

This is a great paper quilling craft for beginners.

26. 3D Paper Cactus Craft

Make this paper cactus from Made With Happy for a fabulous homemade gift – it includes a free printable template. Yay!

You can make as many as you want for your own cacti garden.

27. How to Make an Easy Pop Up Rainbow Card

This accordion paper folding technique is so easy to learn yet so cute, and makes a great pop-up rainbow card. From Red Ted Art.

Kids will enjoy making this rainbow craft.

28. Ice Cream Cone Craft for Kids

If your kids love crafting and pretend play, this ice cream cone craft is a must-do! Enjoy with some real ice cream too, why not? {giggles}. From Somewhat Simple.

Kids will have a blast making these pretend ice cream cones.

29. STEM Activity Make Your Own Paper Roller Coaster

Here at Kids Activities Blog, we are big fans of paper crafts that also invite our kids to explore how the world works. This paper roller coaster from Teaching Ideas is perfect for that!

Construction-paper-crafts-teachingideas-STEM Activity-Make-Your-Own-Paper-Roller-Coaster
A fun and easy STEM paper craft!

30. LEGO Inspired Gift Bags and Gift Boxes

These LEGO boxes and gift bags are perfect for LEGO-themed birthday parties. This craft is more suitable for older kids and adults as the instructions can be a bit complex for little ones. From 30 Minutes Crafts.

Construction paper craft ideas: make lego bricks out of paper seen here in colors yellow and red
Great for storing all those LEGO pieces too!

31. Quick and Easy Recycled Candle Holders

Here’s another craft that is both beautiful and useful and only takes 15 minutes to make. So pretty! From Creative Green Living.

This craft is so quick, easy, and pretty!

32. Cardboard Unicorn Ring Holder

Kids will have so much fun making a colorful unicorn to keep their pretty rings, or even play pretend with it. From Handmade Charlotte.

Unicorns are real! At least, unicorn crafts are…

33. Medieval Crown

Kids are the queens and kings of our house – so it’s about time they got their own crown! This wearable crown craft is made out of strips of construction paper. From First Palette.

Kids will have so much fun making their own crown!

34. 3D Construction Paper Unicorn Craft Printable Template

Bring magic to your little one’s day with this construction paper unicorn from Easy Peasy and Fun. A template is included to make this craft easier for younger ones.

It’s time to use our magical glitter!

35. Giant 3D Paper Snowflakes with the Cricut

If you have a Cricut, then you’ll love making giant 3D paper snowflakes – they’re fun, whimsical, and so unique. From Hey, Let’s Make Stuff.

Construction-paper-crafts-heyletsmakestuff-Giant 3D-Paper-Snowflakes-with-the-Cricut
Take your Christmas parties to the next level!

36. DIY Paper Box Strawberry

To make this paper box strawberry you only need red and green construction paper and a little thread. You can use it for small gifts or as summer decorations. From Red Ted Art.

These strawberry paper boxes are simply gorgeous.

37. Rainbow Fan Garland

This rainbow fan garland only requires 3 things and is so much fun to put together. We love using it for party decorations. From Ice Cream Off Paper Plates.

This rainbow fan garland is so easy to make.


38. China for Kids: Make a Lantern {Paper Craft}

This paper lantern craft is a great way to introduce kids to other cultures, and it’s also so much fun to make.

Construction-paper-crafts-KAB-China for Kids- Make-a-Lantern-Paper-Craft
Let’s make a cute craft with construction paper and paints!

39. How to Make Chinese Paper Lantern

In 4 easy steps, you can make these gorgeous Chinese paper lanterns to decorate your entire house. From Handmade Charlotte.

You’ll love making a bunch of these beautiful lanterns.

40. Paper Lanterns

These paper lanterns are ideal for the 4th of July or any other holiday. Get creative with the decoration! From Design Dazzle.

We recommend using different patterns for these paper lanterns.

Flower Paper Crafts for Kids

41. Simple 3D Paper Flowers

These 3d Paper Flowers from How Wee Learn is a great craft for spring… or any day your little one feels like making some flower crafts.

We love making a cute craft like this one.

42. How to make a beautiful spring tree craft

This tree craft is perfect for kids who are learning about the change of seasons, besides, paper quills are great for improving fine motor skills. From Projects with Kids.

Let’s make a beautiful paper tree!

43. Popsicle Stick DIY

This popsicle stick DIY from Made With Happy doubles as a flower book and the best part is that it only requires basic supplies.

Can you tell we love flower paper crafts?

44. DIY Rainbow Paper Flower Wreath

Another fun rainbow craft – this time it’s a rainbow paper flower wreath you can do with some colored construction paper and a pizza box lid. It’s a very fun paper craft! From Gathered In The Kitchen.

This rainbow wreath will brighten up any home.

45. DIY Cardboard Construction Paper Flower Pots

This adorable kids’ craft doubles as the perfect Mother’s Day gift! It’s easy enough for toddlers but older kids will enjoy making it too. From Glitter, INC.

Aren’t these flower pots cute?

46. Curled Paper Spring Flowers Kids Craft

We have another curled paper craft! This time kids will make spring flowers – there’s nothing better than creating our own beautiful gardens on paper. From A Few Shortcuts.

A fun way to welcome spring!

47. Easy hanging paper flower – party or spring window decoration

Follow the step-by-step video tutorial to learn how to make these beautiful paper flowers. We love that it’s suitable for kids of all ages. From Mindyhu.

48. Rainbow Paper Dahlia Flowers

If you want a fun Easter paper craft, we invite you to make these paper Dahlia flowers as they are easy to make and look fantastic on any wall. From Craftaholics Anonymous.

This is a perfect activity for preschoolers.

49. How to make snowflake shaped flowers from paper

This easy craft combines snowflakes and flowers made from construction paper. We love that this craft is great for building cutting skills. From Twitchetts.

You can make this craft in many different colors.

50. Hawaiian Plumeria Paper Flower Craft

We can’t ever have enough paper flower crafts. This one from Hawaii Travel With Kids is especially great for little kids as it’s very simple to set up and only requires basic items you most likely already own.

We can’t believe how pretty these flowers are.

51. Create a Colorful Teacher’s Gift

Teachers will love receiving this handmade paper flower pot with cute messages in the petals – from Handmade Charlotte.

Handmade presents are the best.

52. How To Make Paper Plate Flowers

Add some colorful art to your home with these handmade paper plate flowers. Make them in different colors and sizes. From Handmade Charlotte.

Get creative with these construction paper plate flowers!

53. DIY Swirly Paper Flowers

This swirly paper flower craft is easier than it looks like, and it doubles as pretty home decor too. Score! From Instructables.

Make your own paper flower bouquet and give it to a friend!

54. Paper Loops Sunflower Craft With Seeds

Add some real sunflower seeds to this paper loops sunflower craft for the ultimate fall craft. Just follow the step by step instructions from Easy Peasy and Fun.

Pretty construction paper sunflower craft!

55. Paper Roses Unicorn Wreath

Make the most magical card or home decor with this amazing paper roses unicorn wreath craft. From Easy Peasy and Fun.

Another beautiful unicorn craft made from construction paper.

56. DIY Flower Paper Rings

These flower paper rings are very easy to make but most importantly, they are amazingly pretty! From Easy Peasy and Fun.

You can make them in all colors!

Animal Crafts with Construction Paper


57. DIY Paper Dinosaur Hat

If your preschooler loves dressing up and playing pretend, and loves dinosaurs as much as we do, then you must make this DIY paper dinosaur hat today! From Paper And Glue.

“Rawr” means I Love You in dinosaur!


58. Easy Paper Twirl Snake Craft

Get some colored construction paper and googly eyes to make this super easy paper twirl snake craft from Our Kid Things.

Construction-paper-crafts-ourkidthings-Easy-Pape- Twirl-Snake-Craft
Decorating these paper snakes is heaps of fun.

59. Paper snake craft

Make your own paper chain snake craft and learn about the wildlife with this art project from The Craft Train.

These paper snakes aren’t scary at all – in fact, they are super adorable.


60. Swirling Twirling Ladybugs

What kid doesn’t love ladybugs? Children, especially younger kids, will love making these paper craft ladybugs and then see them twist and turn. From Crafts By Amanda.

You can also hang them from the ceiling as decoration.

61. Construction Paper Ladybug on a Leaf

This construction paper ladybug from Easy Peasy and Fun is a great spring craft project for kids of all ages, including preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Let’s learn about ladybugs as we make this construction paper art project.


62. Quilled Paper Snail Craft

Make these adorable little quilled snails with your kiddos in many different colors! From Crafty Morning.

Snails have never looked cuter.


63. Easy paper quilling turtle that your kids can make from construction paper

Got a little one that loves turtles? Let’s make quilled paper turtles – you can use any colors you like! From Twitchetts.

What a nice turtle!

64. Paper Loops Turtle Craft

These paper loops turtle crafts are pretty cool and unique. Kids can make many in different colors and decorate them with glitter, buttons, etc. From Easy Peasy and Fun.

This paper turtle craft is suitable for kids of all ages.


65. Butterfly Template

We love celebrating spring with crafts – such as this beautiful butterfly craft from I Heart Crafty Things.

Perfect butterfly craft for kids!

66. Easy Flapping Paper Butterfly Preschool Craft

Preschoolers will have a fun time creating these paper butterflies and then flying them around outside. From Pink Stripey Socks.

Get super creative with the decorations!


67. How to Make a Paper Bobble Head Black Cat

Get some black construction paper – little kids will love this hands-on craft that results in a funny bobble head cat. Perfect for Halloween! From Fireflies and Mudpies.

Just follow the instructions for this easy paper craft.

68. Woven Paper Kitty Craft

If your kiddo loves cats, this craft is purrrfect for them! Make these easy (and cute!) paper cats in sweaters – suitable elementary school-aged kids for kindergarteners too. From Pink Stripey Socks.

Cats in sweaters – how cute!


69. Construction Paper Frog Craft

Since are doing so many animal paper crafts, why not make this funky construction paper frog craft sitting on a water lily leaf? From Easy Peasy and Fun.

Construction-paper-crafts-easypeasyandfun-Construction-Paper-Frog Craft-Sitting-on-A-Water-Lily-Leaf
This frog craft is easy and fun to make.

70. Frog Headband Craft

We already shared how to make a paper frog, but now we are sharing how to make an easy frog headband craft – from Simple Everyday Mom.

This craft is just super cute.


71. Torn Paper Sea Horse Project

This torn paper seahorse project from Rainy Day Mum is a great fine motor activity for older kids, such as elementary-aged kids.

We love colorful paper crafts.


72. Construction Paper Chick Craft

Here’s another Easter fun project for even the young kids, older kids, and adults! From Easy Peasy and Fun.

This is the cutest paper chick ever.

73. Colorful and Fun Twirling Parrot Craft

We already have a fun pirate craft, now it’s time for a parrot craft to complete the set. You can also hang them around your house! From I Heart Crafty Things.

What a cute and fun paper parrot craft.


74. How to Make Whale Crafts Out of Paper

Looking for a super cute ocean art activity? Hawaii Travel With Kids shared a fun way to make whale crafts out of paper!

Making these whales is almost as fun as whale watching!


75. Cute Ocean Paper Craft

Let’s dive into the ocean with this hands-on ocean paper craft! This is perfect for little kids and older kids as well. From Messy Little Monster.

You can also download the template if needed.

76. Paper Mosaic

Kids will learn how to make paper mosaics to decorate crafts and give as gifts! This is a simple and easy project for kids of all ages. From Aunt Annie.

Mosaic art is so much fun!

77. Paper Rosette Fish Craft

Try a new craft technique by making this paper rosette fish craft. It’s heaps of fun for kids of all ages and the result is adorable. From Easy Peasy and Fun.

construction paper crafts - fish made from accordion folded construction paper in blue with red fins held by hand
Enjoy making this paper fish craft!

78. Fish Paper Craft for Kids

Here’s another fish paper craft for your kids! Kids can make a lot of them and create their own pretend aquarium. From Buggy and Buddy.

Decorate your home with these cute fish paper crafts.


79. How to make fun bouncing construction paper spiders

These are not regular construction paper spiders… they can also bounce! How fun! From Twitchetts.

Their googly eyes make them even funnier.

Easy Construction Paper Crafts with Hearts

80. How to make a fun 3D heart mobile out of paper

Another rainbow construction papercraft! This is a fun kid rainbow art project that is great for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and kids of all ages. From Twitchetts.

Kids will love making this heart mobile craft!

81. Rainbow Heart Chain

We love this rainbow heart chain art project! Suitable for older kids that love fun crafts & rainbows. From Art with Mrs. Nguyen.

Use this craft as a color lesson too, why not?

82. Heart Tiger Craft For Kids

This beautiful heart tiger craft is also a perfect craft for Valentine’s Day. From Crafty Morning. P.S. Remove the stripes and you’ve got a heart cat craft.

Children will love making this construction paper tiger.

83. Tissue Paper Stained Glass

Why not try this customizable and easy stained-glass art project? You can create pink hearts or any other shapes and colors that you want. From PBS Kids.

construction paper crafts - window cling hearts made from construction paper
A fun craft for young artists that enjoy being creative.

84. Paper Heart Wreath

Making this paper heart wreath is fun and inspiring, something we want to achieve with all of our crafts. They also look great on any door. From The Hybrid Chick.

Isn’t this paper heart wreath absolutely beautiful?

Puppet Construction Paper Crafts

85. Paper Bag Pirate Puppets

This fantastic paper bag pirate puppet craft is very easy to make – just download and print out the template and follow the instructions. Even kindergarteners can do it! From The Inspiration Edit.

Arrgh! All kids love pirates, right?

86. Simple Shadow Puppets

Make these simple shadow puppets and watch your kids have fun creating stories with them. From 30 Minute Crafts.

Kids will love this craft!

87. Pikachu Paper Bag Puppet Craft

Pika Pika! This time we have a super fun Pikachu paper bag puppet that also helps enhance children’s fine motor skills, creativity, and more. From Simple Everyday Mom.

Construction-paper-crafts-simpleeverydaymom-Pikachu-Paper-Bag-Puppet-Craft-FREE Template
Isn’t this Pikachu cute?

More Simple Easy Paper Crafts for Kids

88. Paper Craft: Make a Banjo {Learn About Instruments}

Fun and learning go hand in hand. Help your kiddo learn about instruments by making a banjo paper craft.

89. Paper Ice Cream Cones

Kids of all ages will love making and decorating these super cute paper ice cream cones from Fun Family Crafts – they’re almost as good as real ice cream!

Kids can make many different colors… and flavors!

90. Framed “Kindness Cloud” Craft for World Kindness Day

These cloud art crafts make for a thoughtful gift for World Kindness Day, and they are so much fun to make. From Happy Hooligans.

Construction-paper-crafts-happyhooligans-Framed-Kindness-Cloud-Craft-for-World-Kindness Day
What an inspiring craft!

91. Construction Paper Gingerbread Man Mosaic

The Pinterested Parent shared a fun way to make a paper gingerbread man with mosaic patterns. You can use scrapbook paper to make this craft – and young kids can help as well.

Enjoy creating a paper gingerbread man!

92. Make a Paper Kite

We are fans of fun, easy crafts! This Mary Poppins-themed paper kite is so much fun to decorate for kids of all ages. From Desert Chica.

Use lots of stickers, glitter, and markers to decorate your paper kite.

93. Make Recycled Cardboard Tube Monsters

These not-so-spooky cardboard tube monsters are great because 1. it’s a fun recycled craft and 2. it allows kids to explore their imagination. From Creative Living.

Let’s make a family of monsters!

94. Cute Paper Rainbow Kid Craft

Here’s another cute paper rainbow craft, perfect for hands-on-scissor practice – it can also be used as home decor. From Easy Peasy and Fun.

Have fun making this construction paper rainbow craft.

95. Cereal Box Monsters

We have another not-so-spooky monster craft! This one uses empty cereal boxes and colorful construction paper. From Kix Cereal.

Why not make a bunch of these cereal box monsters?

96. Construction Vehicles Art Projects For Kids

These construction vehicles art projects are a fun way to learn about the different kinds of vehicles in a fun, crafty way. From Crafty Play Learn.

Simply download the templates and decorate them.

97. Fruit Slice Corner Bookmarks

These sweet DIY bookmarks are perfect for summer reading. From Frugal Mom Eh!

This craft also doubles as an origami craft.

Handprint Paper Crafts

98. Handprint Butterfly Craft For Kids

Looking for a fun summer craft? Or are your kids just really into insects? Then make this handprint butterfly craft for kids from Simple Everyday Mom.

Can you tell we really love googly eyes?

99. Superhero Craft

This easy superhero craft will be a big hit in any house with a superhero fan. They are done with your child’s handprints so they double as birthday cards or Valentine’s Day cards too. From The Best Ideas For Kids.

A craft perfect for little and older kids.

100. DIY Bookmarks for Kids

We love crafts that are also useful, just like these bookmarks for kids from Craftsy Hacks. Cute bookmarks are a good way to make them more excited about reading.

We love how easy this craft is for kids.

101. Handprint Sun Paper Plate Craft For Kids

Children will have a blast making this handprint sun paper plate craft from Family Focus Blog. Enjoy having a little sunshine inside the house!

How cool is this sun craft?

102. Easy Rooster Craft

If your little one is learning about farm animals, then this easy rooster craft is a must-do! From Simple Everyday Mom.

This handprint craft is ideal for kids of all ages.

103. Handprint Butterfly Kids Craft

Handprint crafts are great for little ones in preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten. Plus you probably already have all the supplies you need. Enjoy making this paper butterfly from The Keele Deal.

This activity can be done in minutes and it’s very adorable.

104. Construction Paper Owl Craft

Let’s get crafty and make this super cute construction paper owl craft from Easy Peasy and Fun. This is a craft easy enough for kindergarten or even preschool if your preschooler has experience with handling scissors.

We love construction paper animal crafts.

Paper Chain Crafts

105. Paper Chain Jewelry Quiet Bin

We love quiet bins! For this one, you can use tiny strips of paper and some tape to make paper chain necklaces, bracelets, and rings. From How Wee Learn.

Quiet bins are both fun… and quiet!

106. Paper Chain Caterpillar

This is a fun and simple paper chain caterpillar craft for all ages, which also helps kids practice making patterns. From DLTK Kids.

You’ll love how simple this craft is to set up.

More Engaging Crafts from Kids Activities Blog

What was your favorite construction paper craft?

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