This paper plate dog crafts are perfect for children of all ages. Especially smaller kids like preschoolers and kindergarteners. Young children like toddlers can probably do this, but may need some assistance from an adult. This simple craft is great for all dog lovers and is so much fun to do.

Paper Plate Crafts: Cute Doggy- Dog Crafts made with paper plate, brown paints, and googly eyes on yellow background- kids activities blog
This is one of the cutest dog crafts ever! And it’s great for little kids.

Paper Plate Crafts: Puppy Dog

Kids love to make paper plate crafts because there are just so many possibilities! Today we are going to turn one into a cute puppy dog.

While my dog is tan and brown, you can pick whatever color you like. You can make your own dog, a different dog, or maybe some big dogs like a particular big red dog we all love. Make all the puppy dogs you want! If you prefer not to paint, use crayons to color your paper plates instead.

The best part the supplies you need for this paper plate dog craft is minimal. So grab your glue stick and other craft supplies to start these dog crafts.

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Paper Plate Crafts: Cute Doggy
This dog craft is budget-friendly and easy to make.

Want to see how to make this easy craft? Then check out this paper plate dog craft video! It’s a great way to see the steps in case anything is unclear. It’s such a fun craft.

Video: Paper Plate Dog Craft

Supplies Needed To Make This Super Cute Paper Plate Dog Craft



How To Make This Easy Activity: Paper Plate Dog Craft

Steps 3-6-Dog Craft- Paper plate craft painted tan and brown and red and cut into pieces- kids activities blog
Paint your paper plate and get ready to cut it into a number of pieces so you can put your dog craft together.

Step 1

Cut the paper plate in half.

Step 2

Use the pattern to cut the shape of the dog’s body from one half of the plate.

Step 3

Paint the body tan.

Step 4

Paint the piece you cut from the body tan. Also, paint each end of that piece, one end red, the other end brown (to be used for the tongue and ear).

Step 5

Paint the center of the second half of the plate tan.

Step 6

When dry, use the patterns to cut the pieces (brown = ear, red = tongue, tan = tail & head).

Step 7- Paper Plate Crafts: Cute Doggy- Dog craft assembly- Attach the head, tongue, ears, and dab paint on for the nose- kids activities blog
Now attach the head, tongue, ears, and dab some paint on the head for the dog’s nose!

Step 7

Attach the ear to the head (roll a piece of tape sticky side out) and tape the tongue to the back of the head.

Step 8-Paper Plate Crafts: Cute Doggy- Add the googly eye and eyebrow to your dog craft- kids activities blog
Don’t forget to add the googly eye and eyebrow!

Step 8

Use the handle end of a paintbrush dipped in black paint to add the nose. Alternatively, you could use a black marker or a black pom pom.

Step 9 and 10-Paper Plate Crafts: Cute Doggy- Add lines to make the paws and brown paint to the body and the tail to put together your dog craft-kids activities blog
Now, add lines for your paws and spots to the body and tail.

Step 9

Use a black marker to draw on the paws.

Step 10

Use brown paint to add spots on the dog’s back and tail.

Step 11-Paper Plate Crafts: Cute Doggy- Let your dog craft dry and you're done- kids activities blog
Let it dry!

Step 11

Let everything dry completely.

Make A Cute Paper Plate Puppy Dog!

Paper Plate Crafts: Cute Doggy

Grab your glue sticks, paint, and paper plates to make this super adorable paper plate dog craft!


  • Paper Plate
  • Tan Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Brown Paint
  • Red Paint
  • Wiggly Eyes
  • Tape
  • White Glue
  • Glue stick
  • Black Marker


  • Scissors


  1. Cut the paper plate in half.
  2. Then cut the shape of the dogs body from one half of the plate.
  3. Paint the dog's body tan.
  4. Paint the piece you cute from the body tan as well. Then paint each end piece. On end red, and the other end brown.
  5. Paint the center of the second half of the plate tan.
  6. Then when it is dried cut out the tong, ear, tail, and head.
  7. Attack the ear on the head and the tongue behind the head. You can use tape for this.
  8. Use the paintbrush to paint the nose. The nose should be black. You can also use a black marker.
  9. Use a black marker to make the paws.
  10. Use brown paint to add spots to your dog.
  11. Let everything dry.

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How did your paper plate doggy craft turn out? Do you think it is one of the dog crafts?

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  1. Yes, very disappointing! Where is the dog “pattern” to which the directions refer???!!

    1. Hi, Elizabeth! There isn’t a pattern, there is a video in the post that shows you step-by-step which shapes to cut out. I hope that helps! 🙂

  2. Where I can find the dog pattern? I would like to give my kinder students to do the interesting craft. Thanks!

    *On the 2nd step: Use the “pattern” to cut the shape of the dog’s body from one half of the plate.