We have gathered the best kids Christmas crafts for preschoolers and toddlers. These easy Christmas crafts are fun to make and use craft supplies that are already in your closet. From making Christmas trees, ornaments, Santa, Rudolph and so many other crafty Christmas ideas, we know kids will love these easy and festive crafts at home or in the classroom.

preschool christmas crafts - collage of 9 of our favorite preschool Christmas craft ideas including snowmen crafts, Christmas tree crafts, Christmas wreath crafts and santa crafts - featured on Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make preschool Christmas crafts together today!

Easy Christmas Crafts For Preschoolers & Toddlers

These easy Christmas crafts are perfect for smaller kids and some of our favorites. The holiday crafts are creative, festive, fun, and some are a little messy.

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These Christmas crafts are the perfect combination of Christmas craft fun!

1. Make Red & Green Christmas Playdough

christmas craft for kindergarteners- Stack of red green and white homemade play dough from The Best Ideas for Kids with holiday sprinkles
Let’s make some red and green playdough for Christmas!

We love this green Christmas playdough. You can make a tree, use cookie cutters, add sequin ornaments, pom poms, stars, glitter, or even change the colors of it and make candy canes. The sky is the limit with this preschool Christmas craft!

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2. Egg Carton Snowman Craft for Christmas

christmas craft for kindergarteners- Egg Carton Christmas snowman craft for preschool from Papelisimo
Let’s make a snowman from an egg carton.

We love preschool egg carton crafts and this egg carton snowman craft from Papelisimo is super cute and stands on its own. Change out the colors of the scarf and snowman details for extra holiday craft fun.

3. Simple Pom Pom Christmas Garland Craft

christmas craft for kindergarteners- pom pom tree garland Christmas craft for preschoolers shown here hanging on a tree from Our Worldwide Classroom
Let’s make this festive holiday garland craft!

Who needs to buy garland when you can make your own homemade Christmas garland using pom poms? This pom pom Christmas garland is festive, fun, colorful, and sparkly! Who doesn’t love sparkles?!

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4. Spin Art Christmas Tree Craft

christmas craft for kindergarteners- Spin art Christmas tree paper craft for preschool shown with 4 layers of spin art in green and blue paint with gold glitter from The Chocolate Muffin Tree
Look at this sparkly Christmas tree craft that works for any age!

Spin art is so cool and mess free! Make spin art Christmas trees to allow your preschooler to make a masterpiece, but without the splattered paint outside anywhere but the salad spinner!

5. Super Simple Straw Christmas Tree Craft

christmas craft for kindergarteners- paper straw Christmas tree craft by Crafts by Courtney shown on white background with colorful straws
Paper drinking straws make the cutest Christmas tree crafts!

This one is my favorite! This straw Christmas tree is so easy to make, yet so unique and cool to look at. I think it makes one of the best preschool Christmas crafts because they can build and decorate it all themselves and that to me makes it a little more satisfying in the end.

6. Easy Pipe Cleaner Candy Cane Craft

christmas craft for kindergarteners- pipe cleaner ornament craft for preschool shown with red white and green pipe cleaners twisted together on white background
It is easy to make pipe cleaner candy canes for ornaments!

You can make these easy and cute pipe cleaner candy canes. They’re so easy to do you and you can make all sorts of different colored ones.

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7.Christmas Card Making Station Idea for Preschoolers

christmas craft for kindergarteners- Christmas card making station from living montessori Now includes a tray and glue with sparkles and glitter and construction paper ready to be made into Christmas cards by kids
Let’s make Christmas cards together!

Create festive Christmas tree Christmas cards to hand out or mail to friends and family this year.

8. Stacked Felt Christmas Tree Ornament Craft

christmas craft for kindergarteners- Felt stacked Christmas tree ornament craft for kids - pink and purple stacked felt pieces with star on top hanging on a Christmas tree from Sew a Softie
I love this simple Christmas tree ornament!

I love this Christmas tree ornament. Honestly, I may may a bigger version to use as a centerpiece as it is super simple to make.

9. Handmade Christmas Gifts

Check out these best homemade gifts Turn a plain picture frame into something personalized with foam letters, pom poms, and stickers.

10. DIY Lollipop Christmas Ornament Craft

christmas craft for kindergarteners- homemade clay lollipop Christmas ornament craft for kids from While he was napping
Make your own swirly lollipop ornament for the Christmas tree!

You can use clay to create a large colorful swirly lollipop ornaments.

11. Popsicle Stick Snowflake Craft

christmas craft for kids- popsicle stick snowflake Christmas ornament craft for kids - one 6 pointed snowflake made of craft sticks and glitter hanging on a blue background - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make popsicle stick snowflake ornaments!

Try making this super cute popsicle stick snowflake. These cute snowflake crafts are great for hanging on the Christmas tree or from the ceiling to make the whole room look like winter no matter the weather outside.

12. Salt Dough Christmas Tree Craft

christmas craft for kids- salt dough christmas tree craft from Mommys bundle - green tree with star and several colorful ornaments made out of salt dough and painted with glitter
We can make Christmas trees out of salt dough!

This salt dough ornament craft will make a great keepsake! Parents, grandparents, and other friends and family will love getting one of these.

13. Cardboard Christmas Tree Craft

christmas craft for kids- cardboard Christmas tree craft for kids shown with green triangle trees sitting on cardboard square tree trunks - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make cardboard Christmas trees!

Let’s make colorful cardboard Christmas trees! This simple recycled paper craft is really easy and you can make a whole Christmas forrest!

14. Santa Claus Craft with Construction Paper & Popcorn!

christmas craft for kids- popcorn beard Santa craft from Crafty Morning shown on black paper with red Santa hat
Santa’s beard looks so good in popcorn!

Santa has a fluffy white beard and cotton on his hat. Instead of using cotton for this craft uses popcorn! 

15. Gingerbread Playdough Ornaments

christmas craft for kids- gingerbread playdough gingerbread men craft for preschool - Kids Activities Blog - shown in progress with homemade playdough and one gingerbread man with cookie cutter and accessories
Let’s make homemade playdough gingerbread men!

Move over salt dough, this gingerbread playdough recipe is a fun twist on traditional dough ornaments.

16. Christmas Bunting Decorations to Make

christmas craft for kids- Red and green and silver Christmas bunting craft
Let’s decorate with this Christmas bunting kids can make.

Make your own Christmas bunting to decorate inside or outside! You can use festive colors like red or green or your favorite colors.

17. Fingerprint Elf Craft

christmas craft for kids- bottle cap and pipe cleaner fingerprint elf craft on red and green background
Make your own little elf ornament.

Help your little one make a fingerprint Elf ornament. You can add any name you want to your Elf craft.

18. Homemade Christmas Tree Craft

christmas craft for kids- accordion tree ornaments for kids with green paper, popsicle stick and paper stars
What fun Christmas craft for kids!

Use beautifully colored paper to create these cute Christmas trees. It’s similar to making a “fan”.

19. Printable Reindeer Antlers Craft

christmas craft for kids- free printable reindeer antler hat
Download and print your own reindeer antler hat!

Use this free printable to create a reindeer crown for your little one! This is not only festive, but promotes pretend play.

20. Homemade Christmas Ornaments

christmas crafts for kids- 2 red and green picture ornament
What a cute Christmas craft for preschoolers and kindergarten kids.

Create photo wreath ornaments using wooden ornaments you can paint and glue pom poms too or colorful buttons.

21. Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer Craft

christmas crafts for kids- Toilet paper roll reindeer craft with construction paper antlers in red wrapping background from Crafty Morning
Transform a toilet paper roll into a reindeer craft!

Create this toilet paper roll reindeer using handprint cutouts as antlers! 

22. Holiday Coloring Pages Make Great Craft Starters

christmas crafts for kids- paper plate snowglobe craft - finished Christmas scene snowglobe craft made from paper plates with craft supplies - Kids Activities Blog
This snowglobe craft starts with paper plates & free coloring pages

This paper plate snowglobe craft starts with a favorite holiday coloring page. Use the coloring page we did or choose another one for your paper plate craft. Here’s a fun collection of traditional holiday coloring pages for kids. There are a lot of Christmas Free Printable template available.

23. Pipe Cleaner Snowflake Craft

christmas crafts for kids- snowflake craft from pipe cleaners and pom poms from Meaningful Mama
This snowflake is made from pipe cleaners!

This snowflake craft is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten kids.

24. Handprint Wreath Craft

christmas crafts for kids- paint wreath, red buttons, and red ribbon
Kids of all ages will love making this Christmas craft.

Use your hand and finger paint to make a green wreath with a big red bow. It is so cute!

25. Gingerbread Man Craft

Help your preschooler make a life-sized gingerbread man cut out so they can decorate it! 

26. Reindeer Handprint Craft

christmas crafts for kids- Handprint reindeer craft with construction paper and paint finished shown on white paper - Kids Activities Blog
Use your handprints to make Rudolphs antlers!

This easy handprint reindeer craft is one of our favorites. It is easy to make Rudolph with basic craft supplies. Another version of this craft is from Crafty Morning!

27. Paper Plate Christmas Wreath Craft

Simple Christmas Wreath craft for kids - paper plate ring decorated with colorful paper and jewels with red bow shown on white background
Let’s make a paper plate wreath craft!

Your child can make a paper plate Christmas wreath craft! All they need is a paper plate with the middle cut out, sparkly pom poms, glue, and green yarn.

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What is your favorite Christmas preschool craft? Let us know in the comments!

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