Make These DIY Valentine’s Day Yarn Heart Cards

Let’s make DIY Valentine cards with a scrap yarn heart!

Don’t throw away your yarn scraps, let the kids use them to make these bright and colorful DIY yarn heart cards that are perfect for any occasion.

diy valentine cards for kids to make with yarn scraps
DIY Valentine cards made with scraps of yarn.

These yarn heart cards are perfect for Valentine’s Day, but who wouldn’t love to receive them on their birthday or any other day too? This is a very inexpensive craft to make if you have yarn scraps at home. It’s also a fun craft project for all ages from kids through to adults.


This is a fun project for kids and adults to make together. For kids, this is a wonderful way to work on their fine motor skills as they attach the yarn onto the card spiraling around the heart. Younger kids who cannot spiral the yarn can attach small pieces of yarn inside the heart with glue. We even have free printable gift tags and cards to get you started.

supplies needed to make yarn heart cards for valentine's day
Make heart cards using scraps of yarn.

Supplies needed to make yarn heart cards

Instructions for making yarn heart cards

printable heart cards that can be decorated with yarn scraps for valentines day
Print and cut out our heart cards to decorate with yarn.

Step 1

Download and print our heart cards onto cardstock. There are two options to choose from. The small gift tags are perfect for older kids and adults. The larger cards will be easier for little fingers to work with, but they are great for all ages too.

how to make valentine cards for kids
Attach small pieces of yarn to the heart using glue.

Step 2

Put glue all over the heart using the glue stick.

Using one piece of yarn at a time start with the bottom point of the heart and spiral the yarn around the edge of the heart and then inwards toward the center.

Make sure to press the yarn down occasionally to ensure it’s sticking properly on the glue.

Continue this process changing colors as each piece of scrap yarn ends.

Craft tip: Make all of your hearts one color, or make them bright and colorful like we did.

Craft tip 2: Use a hole punch to add a hole into the top left corner of the small gift tags. Put yarn through the hole to attach the gift tag to a gift.

bright and colorful heart cards made with yarn scraps
Kids can make these fun and colorful Valentine cards using yarn scraps.
Yield: 1

DIY Yarn Heart Cards

diy valentine card for kids made with yarn scraps

Make bright and colorful heart cards that are decorated with yarn scraps. These are perfect for any occasion.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $0


  • Yarn scraps
  • Cardstock
  • Our free printable card templates
  • Glue


  • Scissors
  • Printer


  1. Download and print the heart cards, you have two options available.
  2. Put glue all over the heart using a glue stick.
  3. Swirl the yarn around the heart beginning from the outside and working into the center.

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