If you are as Halloween-obsessed as we are here at Kids Activities Blog, you are going to love these DIY Halloween decorations and ideas. Halloween decor can be expensive and time-consuming, but these DIY ideas are scary easy!

We have a long history of finding cheap Halloween decorations. Our Halloween door decorations article has been re-pinned a ridiculous number of times on Pinterest!

Halloween DIY Ideas that are Super Easy to Make at Home

Easy Halloween Decorations DIY

Nothing is better than home sweet home…especially when transformed with these scary sweet, scary surprising or scary scary DIY Halloween decor ideas. Homemade do-it-yourself is not only a much cheaper alternative, but can be a fun Halloween craft activity for the entire family.

We truly believe that it isn’t just about the decoration result, but about the haunting fun it will be to create it. So let your ghoulish creativity express its devilish self and make something cool this year. These ideas are cheap, affordable, inexpensive, don’t have to be bought, homemade, quick and easy Halloween fun.

Quick and Easy Homemade Halloween Decorations

Make, build and craft these super adorable homemade Halloween decoration ideas. Some will become heirlooms for future years and some will just be a fun afternoon spent with the family.

Halloween Decorations Ideas for Kids

One of the things we have always stressed at Kids Activities Blog is it is more about the process and family time together than the result. What is fun with these Halloween projects is that many of them don’t need to be perfectly executed to have a decorative result!

Make simple DIY part of your family holiday traditions. Which project will be the first one you try?

More DIY Halloween Decorations


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