I love making Halloween crafts with my kids–especially these easy Halloween Crafts! 

Halloween Crafts

Halloween Crafts for Kids 

Get your nails ready for Halloween with a spooky mani–like these slime nails! via Totally the Bomb If slime isn’t your thing, try these adorable candy corn nails! via Totally the Bomb Nothing is cozier than watching fun Halloween movies for kids, while making spooky crafts! via Spaceships and Laser Beams    This pencil eraser ghost craft is fun and super relaxing! via Crafty Morning It’s a quilt… no, it’s a patchwork spider! via In the Playroom Use items you already have at home to make Halloween play dough! via Our Little House in the Country Sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider with this cute spider finger puppet! via Lalymom  Make your own Halloween play dough set with: glittery black play dough, white pony beads, cut up Halloween straws, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners! via Buggy and Buddy Go on a nature walk and collect items to make this Halloween Pumpkin Art Project! via Mosswood Connections  Use an empty water bottle or soda bottle to paint pumpkins! This would make such cute fall wrapping paper, or even a table cloth, if you use fabric paint! via Crafty Morning  Halloween-themed glue crafts are a quick and easy Halloween activity! via Schooltime Snippets Make a footprint black cat, and add a fun Halloween poem! via Fun Handprint Art Get a little abstract with this Picasso pumpkin kid’s fall art collage. via Mini Monets and Mommies This cardboard tube spinning bat craft is so fun and creative! via i heart arts n crafts Do you have pony beads? Make a beaded spider craft! via Moms & Crafters  Yarn wrap mummies are a quick and easy Halloween craft that kids will love! via Lalymom   Does your kiddo have a bunch of old Barbies they don’t use anymore? Turn them into Barbie zombies! via Crafts by Amanda Spiders don’t have to be scary, especially when they are glittery spiders! via Mini Monets and Mommies  How adorable are these mummy mason jars? They are super easy to make, too! via While He Was Napping Momma Gets Stuff Done Use Legos to make Halloween Lego mosaics! via Brainpower Family  Celebrate Halloween with a monster kid’s peg doll craft! via Mini Monets and Mommies Work on fine motor skills with this Halloween threading activity! via Stir the Wonder  These paper plate spiders aren’t creepy–they’re cute! via i heart crafty things  Make a silly witch out of popsicle sticks! via Crafty Morning    Create your own patch of clay pumpkins! via Joyfully Weary  Kids will love making this paper plate ghost craft! via Crafty Morning You will get the coolest results from this monster blow painting project! via Picklebums  Teach your kiddos the difference between Halloween and Day of the Dead. via Toddling in the Fast Lane Looking for a simple Halloween craft? Here are 15 easy monster crafts for kids! via Inspiration Laboratories How pretty is this Halloween watercolor silhouette with pasta bats?! via i heart arts n crafts  Use pool noodles to make Jack-o-Lanterns! via Crafty Journal  Capture the creepy Halloween night sky with this bat craft painting project! via Mini Monets and Mommies Get creative with your little monster and make cardboard box monsters! via Our Little House in the Country You can make these monster crafts with things you find around the house, like toilet paper rolls, paper bags, and empty tissue boxes! via Inspiration Laboratories  Looking for a unique way to celebrate Halloween with your kiddos? Check out these ideas! We especially love the spider bun hair idea! via Powerful Mothering  This scarecrow picture frame makes the best gift! via Artsy Craftsy Mom  Do you have a seashell collection from summer vacation? Use the shells to make these Halloween mummy, pumpkin, and spider sea shell crafts! via Mini Monets and Mommies  Use an old CD or DVD to make a mummy craft. via Crafts by Amanda  Use shaving cream to make a mummy! via Crafty Morning  Toilet and paper towel cardboard rolls make for awesome crafting supplies! Use them to make monsters, bats, ghosts, spiders, and more! via Spaceships & Laser Beams  Make your own mini Halloween bag for trick-or-treating! via Teen Entertainment Guide Looking for some not-so scary Halloween activities for kids? Check these out! We especially love the Mummy Hotdogs! Yum! via Our Little House in the Country Motivate kids to wash their hands more frequently with these DIY Halloween soaps. They also make amazing gifts! via Blue Bear Wood Save your paint chips to make a paint chip pumpkin patch! via School Time Snippets Bath pouf spiders make the cutest Halloween party favors! via Crafty Journal  Kids will have so much fun with this Halloween glow paint sensory activity via Mini Monets and Mommies Use Q-tips to make dancing skeletons with this silly Halloween craft idea. via Our Little House in the Country This sandy spider craft links Halloween to summer! via There’s Just One Mommy  The next time you make macaroni and cheese save the box to make a cheesecloth mummy craft! via Crafty Morning  Pom pom monsters are a quick and easy craft–they also make cute fridge and locker magnets! via Inspiration Laboratories If you aren’t trick-or-treating this year, here are 10 alternatives for Halloween night! via The Realistic Mama      

DIY Halloween Decoration Crafts

If you can’t go trick or treating, make a pumpkin pinata! via House Beautiful  Create a garland of paper plate monsters! via There’s Just One Mommy  Upcycle old CDs into CD Ghosts that you can hang on the trees in your yard! via Danya Banya This “trick or treat smell my feet” craft makes a cute decoration and is a great DIY gift idea! via Mommy’s Bundle String up a garland of these fun toilet paper roll pumpkin lanterns! via Crafty Morning  Set the fall mood with these mid-autumn festival lanterns! via Wugs and Dooey Even your plates can dress up with this spider web Halloween plates craft! via Emma Owl Pumpkin crafts aren’t just good for Halloween, they are perfect for fall, too! via Crafts on Sea Paint your empty egg cartons (after cleaning them) to make this egg carton bat craft! via Fantastic Fun & Learning Light up the night with DIY Halloween lanterns! via Practical Mom  DIY Halloween decorations and party ideas are the best! There’s Just One Mommy Do you like spiders? make yourself an arachnophobia wreath! via Crafty Journal You only need four supplies to make a milk jug ghost, and chances are you already have all the materials needed! via Crafty Journal  These sugar skull dolls are so vibrant and gorgeous! via Blue Bear Wood Glitter foam monsters are so pretty and easy to make! You could totally make this into a garland or fridge magnets, too! via Crafts by Amanda  Brighten your windows in a spooky way with DIY Halloween stained glass! via Mosswood Connections  These low-cost Halloween decorations are quick and easy to make! via Caseperlatesta Decorate your home with this scary eyes garland! via Doodles ands Jot These glow-in-the-dark window gel clings are are so fun to make! via The Science Kiddo This big, hairy tarantula craft is actually super cute, and makes a wonderful Halloween centerpiece! via Crafty Journal  Make a DIY scarecrow banner to decorate your home throughout fall this year! via Off the Shelf  Does your little one have a fall/ Halloween birthday? Celebrate with a DIY monster wooden prop number! via Simplistically Living This felt Halloween garland is so awesome, and will last year after year, unlike paper garlands! via Mosswood Connections  Decorate your window with a pumpkin suncatcher. via Mini Monets and Mommies  Your window will looks so spooky with these DIY footprint window clings! via i heart crafty things It’s so easy to make your own Halloween gel window clings! via Diva of DIY   If you have extra popsicle sticks or craft sticks, you can make craft stick mummies and ninjas! These double as fun bookmarks that can be passed out as as a candy substitute. via Crafts by Amanda This Halloween centerpiece lights up! via Sunshine & Hurricanes Turn small pumpkins into spiders with a few easy steps! via Buggy and Buddy  A Halloween footprint bunting is a fun way to track how much your kids grow over the years! via Mama. Papa. Bubba. If you’re looking for a slightly creepy Halloween craft, this scary doll bunting is it! via Let’s Do Something Crafty Do you have some leftover felt from another craft? Whip up a batch of Halloween felt ghouls! via Crafts by Amanda    Set the Halloween atmosphere in your home with this cute and creepy mummy garland! via Edventures with Kids This precious salt dough Halloween garland will become a treasured keepsake! via Edventures with Kids  Textured Halloween pumpkin and monster jars are so fun to make, and make the prettiest Halloween decorations! via Fantastic Fun & Learning  Make floating cheesecloth ghosts with a few cheap supplies from the Dollar Store! via While He was Napping Momma Gets Stuff Done  Decorate your Halloween tree with DIY Halloween salt dough decorations. via Play & Learn Every Day  This cute little bat just wants to hang around with you! via Buggy and Buddy These fuzzy wuzzy pom pom monsters aren’t even a little bit scary! via Our Little House in the Country Homemade model magic pumpkin creations are a fun way to get ready for Halloween! via Off the Shelf A 3D paper pumpkin is the perfect fall and Halloween decoration! via Crafts by Amanda  Halloween night won’t be so spooky with a DIY baby jar night light! via While He Was Napping Momma Gets Stuff Done  Fill a clear vase or bowl with these DIY spooky bloodshot eyeballs for a quick and easy Halloween decoration! via Danya Banya Decorate your windows with contact paper ghosts. via Lalymom Not only is this craft stick pumpkin fun to make, it makes a beautiful fall decoration! via Moms & Crafters These DIY Halloween lights are way more fun than the store-bought version, because your ids can help make them! via For What It’s Worth This Halloween handprint ghoul banner is the cutest! via Crafts by Amanda  Dress your door up with this spooky eye Halloween wreath. via Craftulate Here are tons of Halloween crafts to choose from–like monster bookmarks! via Artsy Craftsy Mom  This Halloween paper plate wreath craft is so cute and easy! via i heart arts n crafts  Display pictures of your kids in all of their costumes over the years with these monster eye picture frames! They also make fun DIY Halloween gifts! via Simplistically Living  When you decorate for Halloween, don’t forget the ceiling! This bat mobile is perfect! via Mini Monets and Mommies This needle felt spider decoration isn’t scary! via Blue Bear Wood  Upcycle a basketball into an eyeball! via Crafts by Amanda  Decorate your mantle for fall with toilet paper roll scarecrows! via Crafty Morning  These bleeding place cards are so cool! via Crafts by Amanda  Decorate your windows with flying bats silhouettes! via Mommy Evolution  Brighten your yard with these cool DIY monster lights! via Crafts by Amanda Looking for some unique pumpkin decorating ideas this year? Check these out! via Spaceships and Laser Beams  Give your windows a spooky new look with contact paper Halloween window decorations! via Craftulate This easy pumpkin garland is such a sweet DIY decoration that you can leave out for the entire season! via Doodles and Jots Make a pipe cleaner spider craft using materials you already have at home! via Pre+K Sharing  Perler beads are so fun! You can make amazing Perler bead Halloween creations! via Brainpower Family  This batty lamp is such a good idea! via While He Was Napping Mama Gets Stuff Done  Dress up your toilet paper and paper towel for Halloween with these easy toilet paper roll pumpkins! via The Joys of Boys It’s so fun to make a pumpkin toilet paper roll craft–and the best part is that it doubles as an amazing decoration! via Crafty Morning  Make a raven wreath for your front door out of a paper bag! via Crafty Journal  Make your own wooden monster blocks to play with all year long! via Adventure in a Box Check out these pumpkin carving stencils for fun ideas for your pumpkin! via Spaceships and Laser Beams 


Candy Alternatives for Halloween

If you don’t want to give out candy this year try these 5 non-food Halloween treat ideas! via East Coast Mommy  These free Halloween printable doggie bag tags are perfect for goodie bags, whether they contain candy, or a candy alternative! via Mom Dot  Here are some home remedies to try if your little one has had too much candy. via Mama Rosemary This glow-in-the-dark slime is so good that it would even impress Slimer! Store it in little containers, and it is perfect to pass out for Halloween!  via Lalymom  Double, double toil and trouble–bubbling slime eye of toad witches brew slime looks great in a tiny cauldron container! via Steamsational Use your Cricut to make glittery pumpkin t-shirts! via Blue Bear Wood Package up this borax-free Halloween slime with googly eyes for a fun treat without all the sugar! via Mom Dot Kids will love wearing this glow-in-the-dark monster shirt! via Inspiration Laboratories Dress up a small surprise with this fun cardboard tube pumpkin craft! via Buggy and Buddy Franken-Slime makes a great candy substitute! via Mama.Papa. Bubba.This monster slime is monstrously fun! via Mini Monets and Mommies “Orange” you glad this silly putty recipe only requires two ingredients?! via Living Well Mom  Your kids can “creep it real” with this Halloween slime with water beads. via Craftulate Package up little containers of Halloween brain dough! via Mini Monets and Mommies If you have paper bags you can make trick-or-treat paper bag monster bookmarks! via Artsy Craftsy Mom  DIY spider rings are a fun candy alternative for trick-or-treaters or school parties! via Crafts by Amanda Halloween clothespin clips make cute bookmarks, and are a great candy alternative for trick-or-treaters or classroom parties! via i heart crafty things These Halloween bubble wands are so cool and unique! via Fireflies and Mud Pies Whichever candy alternative you choose, you can store them in this spooky eyeball treat bag! via Crafts by Amanda


No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween

Create a family of pumpkin mummies before you carve your pumpkins this year! via Hands On As We Grow Switch up your pumpkin decorating routine with sensory pumpkin decorating! via A Little Pinch of Perfect Turn your pumpkin into Thomas the Train! via Craftulate Who wouldn’t love a minion pumpkin?! via Simply Today Life  Does your kiddo love playing with Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head? Meet their cousins– Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkin Head! via Hands on As We Grow  Keep it simple with glow-in-the-dark polka dot painted pumpkins! via Inspiration Laboratories You don’t have to carve a pumpkin when there is fun knife-free pumpkin fun! via Joyfully Weary Make a pumpkin geoboard this year (with just a couple of items you already have at home)! via Danya Banya  Turn your mini pumpkins into spiders. via Buggy and Buddy  I can’t wait to make this pumpkin Yoda! via Practical Mom  Making a wax crayon pumpkin is a fun way to decorate your pumpkins without carving! via Emma Owl If you’re not in the mood to carve or decorate a real pumpkin, you can decorate a paper pumpkin! via Play & Learn Every Day      

Halloween Printables

Fill these printable candy corn treat boxes with your favorite Halloween treats! via Moms & Crafters Count down to Halloween in style with this free printable. via Edventures with Kids DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids  These free monster puppet printables will be a monstrously good time! via Pickle Bums If your kids loved Rio 2, they will love this Rio 2 mask! via Teen Entertainment Guide Check out these Montessori-inspired spider activities printables! via PreK + K Sharing  Here’s another fun Halloween countdown printable for your family! via While He Was Napping Momma Gets Stuff Done  Work on fine motor skills with googly eyes printables! via Tot Schooling    


Easy Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

These Halloween crafts for toddlers are quick and easy! We especially love the footprint ghosts! via Craftulate Use a toilet paper roll to make a DIY pumpkin stamp! via Crafty Morning  Make Frankenstein footprint and handprint art as a cute way to remember how small your little monsters once were! via Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails  Simple household items, like yarn and paper plates, can be used to make this adorable spider web paper plates with handprint spider craft! via Emma Owl Making a salt ghost craft is easy for toddlers! via Crafty Morning Practice your little ones name with this fun pumpkin craft that spells your child’s name in seeds! Fantastic Fun and Learning  Bubble wrap stamping is a unique way to make spooky Halloween decorations! via Crafts by Amanda  This footprint ghost craft for kids makes the sweetest addition to a memory box! via Crafty Morning Switch up your kiddo’s painting and stampers routine with this spooky Halloween potato printing activity! via Messy Little Monster Make a classic craft– easy Halloween popsicle stick puppets! via Crafty Morning Toddlers will love to make (and play with!) a peek-a-boo Frankie! via Crafty Journal  Use craft sticks to make a craft stick Frankenstein and bride! via Crafts by Amanda  This glitter ghost hand puppet will win best-dressed “hands-down”! via Mini Monets and Mommies Use a loofah to paint a paper plate pumpkin! via Artsy Momma Upcycle empty jugs into milk jug ghosts! via My Mini Adventurer Looking for another upcycled Halloween craft? Make a repurposed toilet paper roll mummy! via Teen Entertainment Guide Baby can participate in this fun Halloween pumpkin painting craft! via Playing to Learn This mummy tot tray is such a fun craft for toddlers! via My Mini Adventurer Even your windows can dress up for Halloween with this Jack-o-lantern windows idea for toddlers. via How Wee Learn How cute is this three little ghosties craft?! via i heart crafty things  If you have a bunch of felt scraps leftover from sewing or other crafts, use them to make felt scrap monster finger puppets! via Mini Monets and Mommies Use styrofoam balls to make spiders! via  Turn your little one’s thumbprint into art with this thumbprint black cat art project! via Mom Dot  Talk about emotions with this funny face pumpkins craft! via There’s Just One Mommy  Toddlers adore Halloween finger painting with clay and googly eyes! via Mini Monets and Mommies Little ones will love to help make and then play with these Jack O’Lantern blocks (make sure to supervise so that they don’t pop these blocks in their mouth!) via Crafts by Amanda Little ones will love this silly spider craft for toddlers! via Craftulate  Teach your littles to upcycle with these juice box jack-o-lanterns! via Crafts by Amanda Clothesline ghosts are a fun and easy Halloween craft for toddlers. via Off the Shelf  This bat craft is quick and easy! Plus, it teachers kids the importance of upcycling! via Fantastic Fun and Learning Halloween dropper art is a great way to work on kids’ fine motor skills! via Stir the Wonder  This sticky spider web activity for kids is so fun and will definitely get your little ones excited about Halloween! via Hands On As We Grow Toddlers love fingerpainting, so this fingerprint bat silhouette is sure to be a hit! via Crafty Morning  Check out this amazing list of Halloween books and crafts for three-year-olds. via Practical Mom  Decorating pumpkins with toddlers? Give this a try! via Danya Banya  Hand wing bats are the sweetest Halloween keepsake! via Off the Shelf  Little ones will have so much fun making witch’s brew! via Play & Learn Every Day  If your kiddos love the book Five Little Pumpkins, then they will love this Five Little Pumpkins craft! via Lalymom  Kids will get a kick out of this Halloween handprint painting! via Play and Learn Every Day  Toddlers will love this five little pumpkins counting game! via A Little Pinch of Perfect Do you decorate rocks with your kids to hide for others> Check out these cute pumpkin rocks! via Inspiration Laboratories  Use the tape-resist painting method to create easy spider web art! via Craftulate  These pumpkin crafts and educational activities are a fun way to get your toddler excited about Halloween! via A Little Pinch of Perfect Make this paper plate witch for a classic Halloween craft! via Crafty Morning  These hand-painted Halloween luminaries, made from mason jars, are such a fun way to set a spooky atmosphere! via Crafts by Amanda  Use pom poms to paint candy corn… and then reward your little artist with some actual candy corn! via Crafty Morning  Have fun with this spooky slime sensory craft! via While He Was Napping Momma Gets Stuff Done  Make handprint and toilet paper roll bats for a cute Halloween keepsake! via Our Little House in the Country I never would have thought to make puffy paint pumpkins! Can’t wait to try these! via Emma Owl This is just for the little ones– tons of pumpkin crafts for toddlers! via Crafty Journal I remember making a construction paper witch when I was a kid! via i heart crafty things 


Halloween Recipes for Kids 

Halloween pumpkin muffins are the sweetest way to start your day! via Play & Learn Every Day This hair spider sandwich is a lot cuter than it sounds! via Emma Owl Draw spooky faces on oranges for a healthy Halloween treat for kids. via Danya Banya  Creep everyone out with zombie eyeball cupcakes! via Simplistically Living  Use hot dogs and ketchup to make chopped off finger food for kids! via Emma Owl It can be hard to motivate kids to eat dinner on Halloween when they are super excited. Jack-o-lantern pizza will do the trick! via Spaceships and Laser Beams  Edible petri dish bacteria will either gross everyone out, or intrigue them! via Steamsational  You can do so many things with these gross and jiggly Halloween Jell-O worms! From cupcake toppings, to spooky Halloween drinks, these little gummies are the best! via Steamsational Five minute Halloween lollies are my go-to for fun Halloween treats for school or trick-or-treaters. via In the Playroom Give them lunchtime laughs with this jack-o-lantern cheese sandwich! via Kids Cooking Activities  Whooooo else wants to try these Oreo Owls?! via Artsy Craftsy Mom  Candy corn frosted brownie bites are a yummy spin on a traditional Halloween snack! via Practical Mommy  Use a pantry staple to make cupcake liner bats as you wait for Halloween cupcakes to bake! via i heart crafty things  Brownie Bite spider treats are the perfect solution for a last minute Halloween treat! via Brainpower Family  Use your Silhouette machine to make zombie finger treat boxes! via Simplistically Living     

Educational Halloween Activities 

Read all about Halloween with this list of 10 Halloween picture books. via Our Little House in the Country Teach kids how to make their own optical illusion for a fun Halloween STEM activity! via Edventures with Kids  Chestnut spider web weaving is a great way to practice fine motor skills, while having fun! via Emma Owl If it’s warm out, or you are working on a water unit for a lesson, trying this Halloween ice play! via Pink Oatmeal Read the book Humbug Witch, and then make this fun Halloween costume collage with your little one! via Off the Shelf You can’t go wrong with a fun and classic craft like Halloween paper bag puppets! via Crafts by Amanda Read the book Moonlight, the Halloween Cat, and then make a pipe cleaner black cat! via Off the Shelf  Work on fine motor skills with free Halloween mummy lacing cards! via Tot Schooling  Kiddos will have so much fun exploring a Halloween sensory bin! via What Can We Do with Paper and Glue  It isn’t Halloween without a spooky sensory bin! via Suzy Homeschooler  Halloween math games are so much fun… like counting with ghosts! via Where Imagination Grows Make silly monster puppets, write out a spooky story, and then perform a puppet show! via A Little Pinch of Perfect How cool is this haunted house puppet theater?! After you make it, you can make puppets, and then act out your kiddo’s own scary stories! via Mini Monets and Mommies This fun, interactive lesson is the perfect companion activity to the book Stellaluna! via Joyfully Weary Glow-in-the-dark oobleck is a fun Halloween STEM activity! via Steamsational  Learn about carbon dioxide with an expanding ghost balloon experiment! via Bitz & Giggles Read about bats and then make this storytime flying bat. via Off the Shelf  Combine Halloween and science by excavating an apple mummy! via Going Green in Indy Whip up a batch of bubbling spider leg potion with this fun STEM Halloween activity! via Steamsational  Celebrate Halloween with pattern blocks! via Doodles and Jots  Work on fine motor skills with these googly eye printables. via Tot Schooling  Skeleton Hiccups was one of my daughter’s favorite Halloween books when she was little! If your kids love this story, they will have so much fun making a paper chain skeleton! via Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes If your kiddos love reading about Spookley the Square Pumpkin, then they will enjoy making these Spookley the Square magnets! via Artsy Momma  Turn Halloween into a science lesson with creepy monster STEM activities! via Steamsational Collect fallen conkers during your next nature walk and make pumpkin conkers! via Play & Learn Every Day  Work on fine motor skills with this pumpkin face lacing practice! via i heart crafty things Halloween is the perfect time to talk about fire safety and teach kids how to safely handle fire. via Creatiful Kids  This Halloween craft promotes learning! via Rockabye Parents Study different herbs and textures that have to do with Halloween with a fun herbal Halloween sensory bin! via Mama Rosemary Study the life cycle of a pumpkin as you get ready for Halloween! via i heart crafty things  Practice patterns and learn about colors with these adorable Halloween clothespins and pattern sticks! via Artsy Craftsy Mom  Kids will love to help you make (and then play with!) this Halloween sensory box. via Play & Learn Every Day  Teach kids about positive and negative space with this positive negative space paper jack-o-lantern craft. via Buggy and Buddy  Pumpkin spice play dough isn’t just fun (and educational!) to make and play with, it smells like fall! via While He Was napping Momma Gets Stuff Done  Celebrate Halloween safely at home with these amazing Halloween sensory play ideas for kids. via A Little Pinch of Perfect Make a Picasso pumpkin collage for a fun Halloween art lesson! via Mini Monets and Mommies If your kids love the book, Pippa the Pumpkin Fairy, they will love this pumpkin wand craft! via Artsy Momma Make Halloween story stones with clear gems, a black marker, and a light table, and then sit back and let your kiddos regale you with their spooky tales! via Where Imagination Grows Nothing says Halloween like glow-in-the-dark painted cornstarch clay! via Inspiration Laboratories I still remember the textured pumpkin patch I made when I was in kindergarten! This is such a classic sensory craft! via Edventures with Kids  Pumpkins aren’t just for carving! Check out these 15 ways to play and learn with a pumpkin. via Suzy Homeschooler  

DIY Halloween Costumes

Make your own spooky Halloween mask! via Little Fingers Big Art If your kiddos loved the movie Inside Out, try making DIY Inside Out Halloween costumes! via Practical Mom  It’s so easy to make a DIY dragon costume! via Play & Learn Every Day  Dress up your pony tail with this DIY Halloween bat hairbow. via Totally the Bomb These 5-minute DIY monster glasses are a great idea when you need a quick costume! via In the Playroom It’s so easy to make this DIY race car driver costume! You can also make a cardboard race car with suspenders to go with it! via Life is Poppin’ Make an animal print costume from paper! via Little Fingers Big Art Going with a masquerade ball theme this year? Make some rose-colored masquerade glasses! via Little Fingers Big Art These DIY Yoda ears are so easy to make! via Joyfully Weary We yabba dabba doooo love these DIY Fred and Wilma Flintstone costumes! via The Frugal Navy Wife     

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