We have put together a list with the easiest and fun heart art projects for kids of all ages. Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or you’re looking for a fun afternoon craft project, these ideas for heart art will keep your kids busy for hours at home or in the classroom.

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Let’s make heart art!

Favorite Heart Art Projects For Kids

Hearts are one of the first things toddlers paint with their fingers on a large piece of paper, while kindergarteners learn how to draw hearts as soon as they pick up their first crayon.

But really, kids of all ages – toddlers, preschoolers, elementary school kids, and older, all love making all kinds of heart art projects – especially when they will be given to show friends and family how much they are loved.

Enjoy these hands-on heart art projects with your little ones!

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1. Valentine Shaving Cream Heart Art For Kids

Get your can of shaving cream and let’s make pretty marbled hearts. It’s a fun art project that leads to sensory fun and the result can be used to make Valentine cards. From Hello Wonderful.

This heart art project is so easy to make, and oh, so pretty.

2. DIY Sewing Cards

This beginning heart sewing project is a great way to help your preschooler get started with sewing crafts. In 6 simple steps, your little one will have a cute heart sewing card.

This cute sewing art project is perfect for beginners.

3. Spin Art Heart Painting

If you haven’t tried spin painting yet, you definitely should start with this craft today. The best thing is that kids get to learn a bit about the science behind how spin painting works. From Left Brain Craft Brain.

Each heart is unique!

4. Chalk Pastel Heart Art

Making chalk pastel heart project is a perfect way to get your little ones interested in art – pastels are easy to use and don’t require a lot of extra supplies. From Red Ted Art.

Kids of all ages will enjoy making beautiful chalk art.

5. Easy Chalk Pastel Heart Art with Template

Here’s another take on the chalk pastel heart art from Projects With Kids! This uses a simple technique to make the hearts look like they are glowing.

Making glowing heart art is easier than it seems!

6. Simple Woven Heart

An easy and fun Valentine’s Day craft perfect from Fireflies & Mudpies for elementary school kids to do on their own – although preschoolers can join in the fun as well with some adult assistance.

An adorable craft to give away on Valentine’s!

7. Heart Caterpillar

A super ADORABLE caterpillar made out of hearts! You can easily turn it into a nice card and write some cutesy words, too. From Learn Create Love.

This is the cutest caterpillar I’ve ever seen.

8. Easy Heart Spin Painting

Another take on the spin painting activity from Projects with Kids! This one is a fun and easy craft for preschoolers and elementary school kids. Each pattern will be unique!

Try this craft with your kids & learn a bit of science at the same time.

9. Cardboard Heart String Art

This is an easy way to introduce kids to string art in a simple but fun way. Just get a piece of cardboard and some string or fine yarn. From Happy Hooligans.

String art without the trouble!

10. Stained Glass Heart Suncatcher

These colorful stained glass heart suncatchers from Adventure in a Box are so easy to create and they will brighten up any room.

A fun craft for young artists that like to color.

11. Heart Wreath

This fun Heart Wreath from Krokotak is made from supplies you have around your house! It’s a really simple and nice way to decorate the house. Just print the template and decorate.

Easy craft for kids – just follow the instructions.

12. Clay Footprint Bowl Keepsake

This heart-shaped clay footprint from Messy Little Monster is the perfect present from toddlers to give to their grandparents! And older kids can use this technique to design a bowl of their own.

A real treasure to keep forever!

13. Salt Dough Heart Footprint Keepsake

Another lovely baby or toddler keepsake to treasure forever! Plus, this craft is super easy to make as you only need flour, salt, water, and acrylic paints! From Red Ted Art.

Grandparents will love this Valentine’s Day present!

14. Patchwork Heart Puppets

A heart craft project that will keep children busy for hours as they have fun making their unique patchwork heart puppets! From Red Ted Art.

Let’s get creative!

15. Heart Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are cute, but these heart dream catchers are even more special because they are handmade! Get some paint, beads, string, gems, and anything you can think of! From Meri Cherry.

Fun and easy heart project for your little ones.

16. Q-tip Painted Heart Art

An easy heart project from Projects With Kids, great for younger kids to practice making patterns – and older kids can enjoy learning a new fun painting technique.

A very simple activity for your children’s little hands!

17. Wire Bead Heart Valentine Cards

Children love wire bead art, and this is a fun way to use them to create some cute Valentine’s day crafts. From Hello Wonderful.

“You’re the bead of my heart”, aww, so adorable!

18. Tissue Paper Heart Craft

There’s not a better way to wish someone a happy Valentine’s Day than with an original heart project. Fill it with pom-poms, feathers, foam shapes, or tissue paper! From Hello Wonderful.

Definitely, one of the most adorable heart art projects for kids.

19. Fingerprint Heart Gifts

A craft for toddlers that is fun and will also enhance their fine motor skills. Plus, they make for great gifts! From Fun-A-Day.

Kids will have so much fun making these Valentine’s Day crafts.

20. Reversible Sequin Heart Nature Craft

Who doesn’t love sequin craft projects? Especially when they look so pretty too! We love making these for teachers on Valentine’s. From Little Pine Learners.

A perfect craft for kids that love collecting rocks.

21. Simple Nature Valentine Keepsake

This gorgeous nature Valentine keepsake from Little Pine Learners is easy enough for preschoolers but older kids will love making these heart ornaments.

A creative way to use clay with kids of all ages

22. Melted Bead Heart Suncatcher Craft

Another fun idea to make some heart suncatchers, this time with melted beads. This one is really easy to create, and will make any room even prettier. From Sunshine Whispers.

Aren’t these suncatchers so pretty!

23. Heart Paper Marbling Craft

Let’s learn how to do paper marbling with acrylic paint and liquid starch to create a beautiful heart project, from The Artful Parent! Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or a random crafty morning.

This is a great activity for younger kids!

24. Fizzing Heart Art Eruption

Who said art and science couldn’t go hand in hand? These fizzing heart eruptions are a fun way to combine both! From The Pinterested Parent.

Heart-art-projects-for-kids-KAB-Science-Experiments-for-Kids- Melting-Hearts-Art
A fun way to learn about science!

25. Recycled Craft – Mexican Tin Heart Folk Art

Try making these lovely heart ornaments made from recycled materials. They are so colorful, fun to create, and make for great presents. Kids will love trying this Mexican folklore art style, too! From MyPoppet.

These recycled heart art projects are so gorgeous!

26. Melting Hearts Art Science Experiment

We have more science experiments involving heart crafts! This melting hearts art is a colorful and vibrant art activity that promotes fine motor skills too. From Fun Littles.

Heart-art-projects-for-kids-KAB-Science-Experiments-for-Kids- Melting-Hearts-Art
We love science experiments that double as Valentine crafts!

27. Heart Art Projects -Abstract Painted Hearts

Kids and abstract art go so well together! These abstract painted heart art projects make for great homemade Valentine’s Day gifts. Just gather your painting supplies and you’ll be ready to make your own beautiful heart art. From Color Made Happy.

These beautiful abstract heart art projects are very quick and easy for kids of all ages.

28. Heart Symmetry Painting

This heart symmetry painting art project will have children (especially toddlers and kindergarteners) having fun for hours creating valentine’s day art. From The Artful Parent.

Enjoy making many of these heart art projects for all of your friends and family.

29. Tissue Paper Heart Doilies

This heart craft from A Little Pinch of Perfect is very easy to put together and doesn’t require any fancy craft supplies. So fun!

An easy Valentine’s Day craft for kids.

30. Heart Shape Bird Seed Ornaments

Kids of all ages will enjoy making this heart craft that also doubles as birdseed feeders. Then enjoy bird-watching once you put it outside! From Made With Happy.

Whoever came up with a heart-shaped birdseed feeder is a genius!

31. Heart Necklace – Kids Felt Craft

A kids felt craft is a great way for children of all ages and experience level to make DIY jewellery for themselves or as cute gifts for friends on Valentine’s Day. From Kids Craft Room.

Felt heart crafts are very fun to create!

32. Glitter Hearts

These glitter heart crafts from Buggy and Buddy require simple materials, such as toilet paper roll and thick paper. And the end result is a very fun and easy Valentine’s Day craft.

You can reuse these homemade stamps as many times as you want to.

33. Watercolor and Salt Valentine’s Day Hearts

Looking for a perfect heart art project for toddlers and preschoolers? Then these unique watercolor and salt Valentine’s Day hearts are the perfect craft for you. From Fueling Mamahood.

These hearts make for wonderful decorations!

34. DIY Cardboard Hearts

These DIY cardboard heart crafts for kids are so easy to make – and kids of all ages will love painting and decorating them. From The Artful Parent.

We love that each heart is unique!

35. Valentine Science Activity

This activity is perfect for preschool as it’s a great way (and fun) to introduce little ones to science… On Valentine’s Day, too! You’ll just need some straws and cookie cutters (and some soap) for this activity. From Pre-K Pages.

A fun activity for preschoolers that also doubles as a science experiment.

36. Dry Rainbow Paper Heart Pom Pom Wreath

For this heart craft from Hello Wonderful, you’ll only need colored cardstock, a mini stapler, ribbon, and a paper cutter. The result? A gorgeous heart pom wreath you can hang anywhere!

A beautiful heart craft you can display anywhere.

37. Handprint Valentine Heart Tree

Let’s make this pretty handprint heart tree from Arty Crafty Kids! Children will be able to practice cutting skills, enhancing their fine motor skills. We recommend this activity for kindergarteners and older kids!

This heart tree would make for such a unique Valentine’s day gift.

38. Heart Peacock Craft For Kids

Kids of all ages will love creating a simple animal craft made from hearts! Toddlers and preschoolers might need help cutting out the hearts, but older children can do it themselves. From I Heart Arts n Crafts.

Isn’t this peacock so beautiful?

39. No Mess Valentines Craft For Preschoolers

Paint shakers are so much fun and easy to make! Today we are making hearts with them, but you can use them for any other crafts you can think about. From Sunny Day Family.

We love mess-free crafts for kids.

40. Melted Crayon Dot Heart

An art project great for toddlers and preschoolers, these simple melted crayon dot heart crafts make for great gifts & decoration – and you probably already have all the items at home! From Meaningful Mama.

fingerprint heart art from meaningful mama
A perfect activity for toddlers and preschoolers!

41. Crayon Heart Suncatchers For Valentines

This stained glass heart suncatcher craft from Red Ted Art uses an old but gold technique with melted crayons. It looks so pretty!

making a heart art suncatcher from Red Ted Art
A gorgeous heart suncatcher!

42. Valentine Heart Button Craft for Kids

This heart button craft from Hands On As We Grow is a great activity for toddlers learning colors, and looks so gorgeous once it’s done. It’s one of our favorite Valentine crafts!

A simple heart craft that also looks beautiful.

43. Tin Foil Heart Valentine’s Day Craft

Tinfoil crafts are a great way to help your child create their own unique and colorful designs – this is an especially fun way for toddlers and preschoolers to work on their pre-writing skills. From I Heart Crafty Things.

Who knew tin foil could make such pretty art?

44. Valentine’s Day Salt Dough Conversation Hearts

This craft uses salt dough which is super simple to make – you probably already have all the ingredients in your house! From Pint-sized Treasures.

Conversation hearts are always a good idea.

45. Watercolor Marker Heart Doilies

Kids love watercolor art – that’s a fact! If you have some heart doilies, you should definitely try making these easy watercolor marker heart doilies. From Bounceback Parenting.

Kids and watercolors are always a good match.

46. Tissue Paper Valentine Heart Craft

This tissue paper Valentine heart craft not only is fun, but it also adds some fine motor practice. The main supplies are inexpensive and easy to find. From The Kindergarten Connection.

This is one of our favorite heart crafts!

47. Yarn Wrapped Hearts Craft

You’ll love that you can use these yarn-wrapped hearts as decoration or ornaments too. From Easy Peasy and Fun.

A super cute hands-on heart art project.

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Which of the heart crafts for kids are you going to try first?

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