20 Adorable Christmas Elf Craft Ideas, Activities & Treats

We have so many Elf ideas! We have Elf crafts, and Elf sweets, just so many Elf activities your kids will love.

Christmas elf crafts and elf food for kids - 4 elf crafts shown including elf puppet and two elf treats
Let’s make a Christmas elf craft!

Easy Elf Ideas

My kids and I love crafting around the holidays and one thing we love making are elf crafts!

Of course, our favorite idea is the Elf On The Shelf, but there are lots of other fun things to do than just Elf on the shelf ideas. (This post contains affiliate link.)

We found a bunch of new things to make this year including some delicious Christmas elf treats!

Elf on the shelf tradition move over! We have some crafts and treats that making a new spot in our traditions.

What Is An Elf?

First, what is an elf? And why do we see them everywhere through the holiday season?

Modern Christmas tradition holds that a horde of elves works throughout the year in Santa’s workshop at the North Pole making toys and helping him prepare for his whirlwind, worldwide sleigh ride to homes on Christmas Eve.


Awesome Elf Crafts for Kids

1. Elf Coloring Pages

Print these free elf hat coloring pages and let your kids color and design their own! Or if you are a fan of the moving elf, check out our free printable elf on the shelf coloring pages!

paper plate Christmas elf craft from glued to my crafts with big googly eyes
Let’s make an elf from a paper plate!

2. Paper Plate Elf

Make your own elf from a paper plate! This little guy is so fun to make. via Glued To My Crafts

printable elf craft - mix and match puzzles from Itsy Bitsy Fun
Let’s make our own elf puzzle!

3. Make Your Own Elf Puzzle

Print these elf pieces for your kids to mix and match and glue together. via Itsy Bitsy Fun

Elf paper bag puppet craft from I heart crafty things - finished elf puppet shown
Let’s make an elf puppet!

4. Elf Puppet

Make an elf puppet from construction paper and a brown paper bag. Love this! What a funny little elf with his big eyes, such a cute idea. via I Heart Crafty Things

make a tiny elf hat headband to wear during the holiday season from Club Chica Circle
Let’s make a tiny elf hat headband for the holidays!

5. Elf Hat Headband

Dress like an elf by making your own elf hat headband!

You can also use the DIY hat for toppers on gifts as well.

We’ve seen people wear antlers and dress like a Christmas tree, but now it’s time for the Elf to shine! via Chica Circle

homemade pinecone elf craft Christmas ornaments hanging in a window from Memories on Clover Lane
Let’s make elf ornaments for our Christmas tree!

6. Adorable Elf Ornament

Use a pine cone to make an adorable elf ornament. This is one of the more fun ideas because your kids can customize these elves. via Memories on Clover Lane

paper plate santa and his Christmas elf craft from Crafty Morning
Let’s make Santa & a Christmas elf out of paper plates!

7. Paper Plate Christmas Elves & Santa

These paper plate elves made with tissue paper are super cute! It is a simple, but fun craft your kids will love. 

This is such an easy elf to make. Perfect for the holiday season. via Crafty Morning

popsicle stick ornaments including a popsicle stick elf craft for kids hanging on a Christmas tree

8. Popsicle Stick Elf

Make an elf popsicle stick ornaments from a craft stick! This is the perfect size to decorate your Christmas tree or to use as puppets.

As you can see there are a lot of Christmas characters you can make to keep your Christmas elf from being lonely.

You can make all the North Pole friends!

Easy Elf Crafts For Preschoolers

egg carton elf crafts for preschoolers from crafty morning 2 shown with child holding them
Let’s make elves out of egg cartons!

9. Egg Carton Elves

Recycle an empty egg carton into an elf! These are adorable. You could hide these around different places on Christmas Eve! Elf antics are always fun.  I didn’t have a permanent marker, so I just used a dry erase marker. via Crafty Morning

paper plate elf from Crafts by Amanda has a mischievous look on his face
This paper plate elf craft looks so mischievous!

10. Paper Plate Elf

This paper plate elf is really fun to make and is so adorable. via Crafts by Amanda

make and wear your own elf hat made from felt with the pattern from So Sew Easy
Let’s make elf hats to wear!

11. Wearable Elf Hat

Creative elf hats? Yes! This will bring each family members much joy! I mean after you make a wearable elf hat of your own out of felt with this easy pattern, how could you not be jolly? via So Sew Easy

Craft stick elf craft for kids from Happy Hooligans
Let’s make an elf with a cotton ball beard!

12. Christmas Elf Ornament

Use craft sticks to make an elf Christmas tree ornament! Make this a fun Christmas tradition! via Happy Hooligans

13. Elf Treat Container

Store your goodies in  a festive elf treat container made from a baby food jar. via Chica Circle

Delicious Elf Treats 

Elf treats your kids will love!

14. Elf Donuts

Everyone on the nice list is getting some of these!  Make these tiny “elf donuts” out of cheerios with sprinkles and frosting! via Just A Pinch

15. Elf Hat Cupcakes

Make elf hat cupcakes with all your favorite candy! These are the cutest! via Betty Crocker

16. Free Printable Elf Candy Wrapper

Use these free printables to wrap a candy bar to look like an elf! What a fun gift and great way to spread fun elf festivities. via Maxabella Loves

17. Elf Breakfast Pastries

Make elf breakfast pastries your kids will love. So fun! Perfect for Christmas morning and one of the more easy ideas. via Hungry Happenings

18. Elf Cupcakes

These elf cupcakes look like he’s been struck by a snowball – so funny! What a great idea, and one of the more new ideas. I haven’t seen this type of cupcake before. via 365is Pins

19. Elf On The Shelf Sugar Cookies

Make these gorgeous Elf On The Shelf sugar cookies to welcome your elf! You’re gonna wanna fill your cookie jar up with these little elves. via Living Locurto

20. Tiny Edible Elf Hats

Try making these tiny edible elf hats made from Bugle chips! via Design Dazzle

elf crafts for preschoolers

Looking For More Elf Activities?

We have so many different elf activities for you to try this Christmas season! All of them are a good idea especially for those who’ve been on their best behavior!

Which elf craft are you going to start with this holiday season?