15 Easy & Fun Crafts for 2 Year Olds

Let’s make toddler crafts! Crafts for 2 year olds are so much fun because two-year-olds love creating, doing, being endlessly curious and getting into everything. These creative activities for 2 year olds will keep little hands busy and making some simple first crafts.

Best toddler crafts for 2 year olds - Kids Activities Blog - 6 different easy crafts for kids pictured with toddler hands
Let’s make 2 year old crafts together!

Toddler Crafts for 2 Year Olds??

If you’d like some tried and kid-tested 2 year old crafts ideas to keep toddlers busy and engaged (and out of the saucepan cupboard), you are in the right place. All of these toddler crafts are easy creative activities for 2 year olds using stuff you already have in the house and require little set up.

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mess free 2 year old art project with paint from Pink Stripey Socks - toddler on floor squishing paint in ziplock bag
Let’s do art projects for 2 year olds!

1. Two Year Old Art Project Made Simple & Mess-Free

MESS FREE TODDLER PAINT (using Ziploc bags) – Let your child squish to his heart’s delight – a great mess free activity for the smalls. via PinkStripeySocks

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edible play dough recipe for 2 year olds - Kids Activities blog - toddler hands holding a ball of homemade playdough
Let’s make a simple edible play dough recipe!

2. Make Sculptures with Edible Playdough

EDIBLE PLAY DOUGH – Dairy and gluten-nut-free, easy to make with just three ingredients. Toddlers won’t be able to help themselves from creating the most unique and unusual art sculptures with the homemade playdough clay.

toddler craft from Buggy and Buddy - two construction paper and craft supply bird nest crafts shown on white background
Let’s help toddler hands make a birds nest!

3. Easy Bird Nest Craft Perfect for Toddlers

NEST & BIRD CRAFT – The sweetest paper nest craft is a cutting and gluing activity – so so cute!! via buggyandbuddy

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alphabet playdough craft for toddlers preschoolers - Kids activities Blog - colorful playdough flattened balls with letters made 3 ways - drawing, stencils and using something to stick in the play dough
Let’s form letters out of playdough several ways!

4. Let’s Craft Letters with Playdough!

MAKING LETTERS WITH PLAY DOUGH – Prewriting fun with play dough and straws!! via Kids Activities Blog

easy butterfly collage craft for kids
This butterfly collage craft is easy enough for toddlers to make!

5. Butterfly Crafts Toddlers Can Make

We love the colorful butterfly wings for art projects. Here are several ways your 2 year old can make beautiful butterfly arts & crafts:

homemade shaving cream paint for kids

6. Make Homemade Shaving Cream Paint

This fun shaving cream paint can be easily made at home and it is a great messy sensory activity, looks cool, and paints awesomely.

baking soda and vinegar reaction for kids make colorful art

7. Colorful Science Artwork

With this colorful vinegar and baking soda reaction for kids, art appears in the most magical way!

scented rainbow beans for sensory play

8. Make Rainbow Beans Together

Have toddlers help you make rainbow sensory beans and then supervise as they create their own sensory artwork through play.

butterfly craft with toddler making it from Plain Vanilla mom
Another fun butterfly craft for toddlers!

9. Easy Popsicle Stick Butterfly Craft

DOT MARKER BUTTERFLIES – A captivating art activity for the littles, inspired by everyone’s favorite… the butterfly. via plainvanillamom

easy giraffe craft for kids - circle giraffe made with clothespins shown on white background - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make a giraffe craft!

10. Easy Construction Paper & Clothespin Giraffe Craft

Make this cute giraffe craft made out of circles and clothes pins.

yougurt-cup-wind-chimes from Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails - windchimes hanging from tree
Let’s make homemade windchimes

11. Toddler Made Windchimes

YOGURT CUP WIND CHIMES – Kids love to see their bright and fun art pots hanging up in their tree. via frogsandsnailsandpuppydogtail

make a lego rainbow craft
Let’s make a rainbow out of LEGO bricks!

12. LEGO craft for kids

CREATE A LEGO RAINBOW – Make a little paint rainbow to help your child have a visual organizer as they create their rainbow. via Kids Activities Blog

5 minute paper plate snail craft for kids on black background
Let’s make a snail from a paper plate!

13. Paper Plate Craft for Toddlers

This snail art starts with a paper plate! 2 year olds can get really creative with the snail art decoration! Help them cut the spiral snail shape.

egg carton caterpillar craft for kids - 2 caterpillars made from egg cartons
Let’s make a caterpillar craft.

14. Caterpillars Made from Egg Cartons

This simple and adorable caterpillar craft starts with egg cartons. It is a traditional craft for younger kids that never fails to deliver creative fun.

toilet paper roll monster craft for kids
Let’s make monsters from toilet paper rolls!

15. Toilet Paper Roll Monster Craft

These toilet paper roll monsters are just plain adorably frightening! Toddlers will love sticking on the googly eyes to create their own version of a monster craft.

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Which of these crafts for 2 year olds are you going to make first?


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