Easy Pipe Cleaner & Bead Snake Craft

Making a pipe cleaner craft is a great way to practice hand-eye coordination with little ones, and these beaded snakes are a fun way to do just that!

My toddler loves to thread beads onto  pipe cleaners. You can even use pieces of drinking straws, like we did to create toddler friendship bracelets. For our snakes, though, we stuck with colorful beads.

Pipe Cleaner Craft: Beaded Snakes

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Pipe Cleaner Craft: Make a bead snake

Watch this short video to see how easy it is!

Supplies Needed for pipe cleaner craft snakes

Pipe Cleaner Craft: Beaded Snakes


Step 1

Bend the end of a pipe cleaner to prevent the beads from slipping off.

Step 2

Let your child thread the beads onto the pipe cleaner. We had fun making patterns and creating random designs.

We even had races to see who could finish putting beads on first!

Pipe Cleaner Craft: Beaded Snakes

Step 3

The last six beads on each pipe cleaner should be the same color. Fold the pipe cleaner back on itself to create a triangular-shape — this is your snake’s head!

Step 4

Cut the red pipe cleaner into small pieces, then fold the end to create a thick tongue. Use the hot glue to attach this piece to the bottom of your snake’s head.

Step 5

Glue on the eyes, then bend the body into an “s” shape.

Pipe Cleaner Craft: Beaded Snakes

Now your snake is done!

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