Paper plate crafts are awesome kids crafts because they use household items and simple craft supplies plus a lot of kid creativity. Here is a big list of our favorite things to make out of a paper plate for kids of all ages. Each of these craft ideas for kids starts with an ordinary paper plate and they work well at home or in the classroom.

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Let’s make a paper plate craft today!

Favorite Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Paper plates are so versatile and can be used for so many different crafting projects. We have paper plate craft projects for smaller kids like: toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kids. Older kids love expanding on these easy paper plate crafts and making them their own.

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This list of paper plate crafts for kids is long so if you are looking for a particular type of craft project, simply click below and you will go directly to that section of the list:

Easy Paper Plate Art

1. Paper Plate Snowman Craft

Paper plate crafts - child holding a finished paper plate snowman craft
Let’s make art with a paper plate!

How cute is this snowman craft! He has a big orange carrot nose, a yellow scarf, and purple boots and mittens. You can always change the colors if you aren’t a fan of yellow and purple.

2. Pop Up Snowman

You don’t see too many “pop up” or 3D crafts. This pop up snowman is adorable and so easy to make!

3. Paper Plate Princesses

Paper plate craft - paper plate princesses - a set of 5 paper plate princess finished crafts shown with colorful dresses and crowns
Let’s make princesses from paper plates!

Have a little one that loves princess? Great! Metallic paint, beads, ribbon, paper plates, and a couple other items is all you need to make these paper plate princesses. They are so pretty!

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4. Stained Glass Wreath

wreath made from craft materials and filled with red, yellow, and green tissue paper to make stained glass
We love these decorations

Decorate your house with pretty colors! Stickers, paper plates, and tissue papers creates a beautiful stained glass wreath!

5. Paper Plate Drum

Make music with this paper plate drum! All you need is paper plates, bells, paint, and paper chains! How fun!

6. Paper Plate Watermelons

Paper plate crafts - child painting with finger on a paper plate watermelon craft
Making paper plate crafts is super hands-on!

Watermelon may be tricky to grow, but these paper plate watermelons are easy to make. Paint the paper plate edges green, the middle red, add sparkles, and use a hole punch to make seeds.

7. Paper Plate Sun

Shine bright with this paper plate sun! Use your hand to trace and make the sun rays. Don’t forget to give the sun a great big smile!

8. Paper Plate Banjo

Paper plate crafts - paper plate banjo craft shown with child holding and playing the banjo
Let’s make a musical instrument out of a paper plate!

Put together a band with a paper plate drum and now a paper plate banjo! Instruments are easy to make and even more fun to play with!

9. Paper Plate Snowman Garland

Garland is such a great way to decorate! This snowman garland is perfect to get everyone excited for winter!

10. Spiral Plates

Paper plate crafts -Spiral Paper Plates shown blowing in the wind
These super cool spiral wind spinners started as paper plates!

Decorate your porch with these spiral plates! Watch as they twirl and dance in the wind!

11. Fall Craft For Kids

Fall themed wreath made from brown, orange, yellow, and red construction paper hung by a yellow string
Fun with wreaths!

Work on your child’s fine motor skills with this tear art fall wreath. This fall craft for kids makes such a cute fall decoration to hang on your door! Use fall colors like: red, orange, brown, yellow, and green.

12. Fish Rock Mosaics

paper plate with a pink flower mosaic made from fish rocks - flower is surrounded by a blue sky
Let’s make mosaics!

Have older kids? Then this craft is for them as it will take some steady hands! All you need is fish rocks, glue, and paper plates to make these beautiful fish rock mosaics.

13. Paper Plate Apple Pie

Apple pie is the perfect dessert which is why I love this super cute paper plate apple pie craft so much! Paint your own crust and then stamp the filling inside using real apples! 

14. Paper Plate Snowman

Paper plate crafts - paper plate snowman craft christmas
Let’s make a paper plate snowman craft!

A black hat with a sparkly strip of red ribbon is just what a paper plate snowman needs. Don’t forget is satin ribbon scarf and sparkly sticker buttons!

15. Paper Plate Cake Stand

paper cups colored with cupcake designs - used as a paper plate stand
Baking Fun!

Having company over? Need something to hold your goodies? Then make this paper plate cake stand complete with decorated Styrofoam cup holders.

16. Watermelon Craft

paper plate cut in half and colored to look like a watermelon
Watermelon fun!

Black beans can be used as watermelon seeds for this super sweet watermelon craft. All you need is some glue, red and green paint, and paint brushes.

17. Shredded Paper Snowman

Snowman art made from shredded paper and construction paper cut outs
Make use of shredded paper!

Give your snowman texture with shredded paper! It really gives him character. His body is made of paper plates and you can’t forget his carrot nose!

18. Snow Globe Craft

A snow globe can definitely be a keepsake and this one is. Using a paper plate, make a sparkly winter snow globe with a snow man inside and glue a photo of your child to the work of art.

Paper Plate Characters

19. Inside Out Inspired Craft

Paper plate crafts - Inside Out Paper Plate Craft For Kids
What fun with Inside Out & Paper plates!

Emotions are important and hard to understand and the movie Inside Out was a cute way to teach kids about them. Reinforce these emotions and enjoy the movie a little more with this Inside Out inspired craft.

20. Paper Plate Snowflake

Pink paper plate with snowflake art on it made from strips of paper and glitter
Look at these cute snowflakes!

Use a light colored paper plate to make these snowflakes! Paper plate snowflakes are easy to make, even for the smallest hands!

21. Frosty The Snowman Paper Plate Craft

Frosty the Snowman is another beloved character! Make Frosty the Snowman using a paper plate and don’t forget his corn cob pipe!

22. Clifford Craft

Red dog face made from painted pieces of a paper plate and a black paper cut out for the nose
Who doesn’t love Clifford!

Clifford the Big Red Dog has been around for years and beloved by children. Which is why we are excited about this paper plate Clifford Craft!

23. Paper Plate Vampire

Paper plate crafts -paper plate vampire craft on blue background
Scary cute paper plate craft!

Spooky! He kind of looks like Dracula honest with his little bat ears, red bowtie, and bloody fangs! May not be the best craft for sensitive children or small children. It’s a cute paper plate vampire, but a little on the spooky side.

24. Paper Plate Scarecrow

Are you a fan of the Wizard of Oz? Are you a fan of Fall? If you answered yes to either of those than this paper plate scarecrow craft is for you.

25. Paper Plate Baymax

Big Hero 6 is such a good movie. It is a little sad, but still so good. Now you can make your own Baymax using paper plates.

26. Noah’s Ark Craft

Paper plate crafts -1-#noah's ark #craft #teaching #submissiveness
Paper plate Noah’s ark craft with a rainbow.

Noah built a great ark and saved many animals during the great flood. Now you can recreate the ark with a rainbow using a paper plate.

27. Paper Plate Noah’s Ark

paper plate craft of noah's ark with foam animal cut out stickers on the boat and a rainbow background
Cure boredom with this craft!

Fill the ark with foam animals and don’t forget to add 2 of every kind! A rainbow fills the background of this paper plate Noah’s ark.

28. Johnny Appleseed Craft

Johnny Appleseed was a nurseryman who introduced apple trees to different parts of the country. Celebrate Johnny Appleseed day on March 11 and September 26 with this Johnny Appleseed craft.

29. Paper Plate Olympic Rings

I guess this isn’t really a character, but it is still iconic and a great way to get your kids into the Olympics. Paint the paper plate Olympic rings blue, gold, black, green, and red.

Paper Plate Craft Costumes Kids Can Make

30. Paper Plate Mask

Paper plate crafts - paper plate masks from Kids Activities Blog
What a fun & easy disguise!

Make a sparkly fairy paper plate mask for dress-up using a paper plate. You can change the colors and make this mask into any of your favorite characters.

31. Animal Masks

Promote pretend play with these DIY animal masks. They’re cute and easy to make! You can be an elephant or a bird!

32. Captain America Shield

Be super with this Captain America shield! Whether you’re playing pretend or dressing up for Halloween this Captain America paper plate shield is so much fun to make.

33. Paper Plate Crown Craft

Be royal and fabulous with this paper plate crown craft. Paint it your favorite color and then add sequins and gems!

34. Paper Plate Crown

Paper plate crafts -1-#paper plate crown
Let’s make a crown with a paper plate!

Not a fan of the first crown? No problem! We have another! This one is colored with crayons, has buttons on it and a Bible verse! What a wholesome paper plate crown craft!

35. Paper Plate Thor Helmet

Thor, the Avengers, superheroes in general are super popular right now! So, if your little one likes superheroes then they will be excited to make this paper plate Thor helmet.

36. Paper Plate Cow Mask

Cows are just field puppies and my opinion will not be changed! Promote pretend play with this cow mask that is based on the Book Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin.

37. Finding Nemo Visor

Finding Nemo is such a cute movie! It’s very popular and for good reason. So, if your little one loves Finding Nemo, than this paper plate Finding Nemo Visor is for them!

38. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mask

Paper plate crafts - Ninja Turtles Craft for Kids: Make Your Own Cool Ninja Turtles Mask

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are super awesome! I remember loving them as a kid and now your kid can make a super easy Ninja Turtle mask using a paper plate!

39. Paper Plate Hulk Mask

Hulk smash with this paper plate hulk mask! Inspire pretend play with this super awesome and heroic mask.

Paper Plate Animal Crafts

40. Paper Plate Bird

Paper plate crafts - Paper Plate Bird Craft
Cutest ever paper plate bird craft!

Use a paper plate to make this adorable yellow bird. This is the perfect craft to welcome Spring.

41. Paper Plate Panda

These Paper Plate Pandas are so cute! Give yours a bow, big eyes, and a cute snout!

42. Paper Plate Snake

This flying snake is colorful and fun to play with.

43. Paper Plate Sea Turtle Craft

Love sea turtles? Then you’ll love this sea turtle craft. It’s shell is made with a paper plate and it is so colorful! Add as many colors as you want!

44. Spring Lamb Craft

Need a craft for toddlers or preschoolers? Look no further, this spring lamb craft is perfect! Add cotton balls to make your little lamb all soft and fluffy.

45. Paper Plate Crab

Paper plate crafts - crab paper plate craft on a fence
Paper plate animals are so fun to make!

Paper plate crabs would make the perfect summer craft! Or would be great for anyone who loves the ocean and the animals that live in the ocean!

46. Paper Plate Snowy Owl Craft

Glitter! I love any craft that includes a ton of glitter so this is right up my alley! Add wings, googly eyes, feathers, and glitter to make this paper plate snowy owl craft.

47. Hedgehog Paper Plate Craft

Have a child that loves Sonic? Then they’ll definitely want to make this hedgehog paper plate craft.

48. Paper Plate Crab Craft

I love crafts that are budget friendly and this is one of them! Glue, water colors, markers, and paper plates are all you need for this paper plate crab craft.

49. Paper Plate Puffin

Puffins I think are often overlooked and that’s a shame because they are so stinkin’ cute! This paper plate puffin craft not only has a black and white face, but a super colorful beak too!

50. How To Make A Paper Plate Octopus

Paper plate crafts - paper plate octopus craft
Let’s make an octopus craft!

Have any extra bubble wrap? Cut the bubble wrap in strips and paint them to give your Octopus craft long dangly legs!

51. Paper Plate Duck Craft

Adorable is the only work I can come up to describe this paper plate duck craft! It’s yellow with a long neck and even has feathers.

52. Paper Plate Tropical Fish

What is a tropical fish? It is a super colorful fish! This paper plate tropical fish is made with different colored tissue paper and looks beautifully rainbow!

53. Paper Plate Bat Crafts

Bats are another overlooked animal. We really only think about them around Halloween, but this paper plate bat craft is perfect for year round! 

54. Paper Plate Lion

Bright and fierce! The paper plate lion‘s mane is yellow and orange and he has really big cute eyes. This would be such a fun craft for kindergarteners and preschoolers.

55. Paper Plate Spring Chick

Paper plate crafts - Paper plate hand Print chick, a fab, simple spring or easter craft for kids of all ages. An easy spring craft for kids
What a cute paper plate chick!

Spring chicks are a staple around Easter time, so why not make your own spring chick? Trace your hands to make your paper plate spring chick wings!

56. Penguin Craft

January 20th is penguin awareness day. Did you know that? So, grab some potatoes, paint, cotton balls, and paper plates to make this penguin craft complete with an igloo for them!

57. Polar Bear Craft

Speaking of the cold, while you’re busy making cold themed crafts you’ll definitely wanna make this paper plate polar bear craft.

58. Paper Plate Whale

Whales are huge and so cool! Give it a big fin and a blowhole with water splashing out. This paper plate whale is easy to make and perfect for kindergarten kids and 1st graders.

59. Paper Plate Penguin Craft

Give the penguin a shiny painted head, flippers, feet, a beak and big cute eyes. Don’t forget to give it big googly eyes. This paper plate penguin craft is super cute.

60. Colorful Jellyfish Craft

Paper plate crafts - colorful jellyfish
So pretty!

Sparkly ribbons are what the jellyfish’s legs are made of and I’m loving it. However, this isn’t just a colorful jellyfish craft, it is also a color matching game. Creative and educational!

61. Polar Bear Artic Craft

Glitter! I love crafts with glitter. Make a super cute polar bear craft with round ears, googly eyes, a smile, and sparkles!

62. Paper Plate Turtle Puppets

Puppets are so much fun! Believe it or not they’re easy to make. Turtle puppets are perfect for preschoolers and Kindergarten kids and it helps promote pretend play.

63. Paper Plate Fish Bowl

Sharpies and mom and dad’s help will be needed for this fish bowl craft. All you will have to do is draw the outline for the fish bowl and then using paint and Q-Tips to paint the picture in.

64. Paper Plate Bird Craft

Crepe paper is usually used for parties, but you can use them for this paper plate bird craft! Tear the crepe paper to give the bird colorful feathers and cut it in strips to give it long tail feathers.

65. Jellyfish Kids Craft

Paper plate crafts - Easy Paper Plate Jelly Fish Kids Craft Summer
Flowy and colorful jellyfish.

Long legs are what really make these types of crafts so cute and so much fun I think. This jellyfish kids craft is no different!

66. Super Soft Paper Plate Sheep Craft

Sensory play is important for smaller kids and I think this soft fluffy sheep craft would be perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

67. Crab Craft For Kids

Looking for a simple craft for your little ones? Then this crab craft for kids is perfect! All you need is a folded paper plate, googly eyes, and strips of red construction paper. Oh, and red paint!

68. Paper Plate Aquarium

Toddlers and Preschoolers alike will love this! Paints, stickers, ribbon, and rice is what you will need to create this amazing paper plate aquarium.

69. DIY Swan Paper Plate Craft

Swans are graceful and beautiful and now you can make your own with this DIY swan paper plate craft.

70. Paper Plate Snake Craft

Paper plate crafts - bubble-wrap-paper-plate-snake-craft-
bubble wrap painting on plates!

Bubble wrap is such a versatile crafting tool. The paper plate snake craft is fairly basic, but with paint and bubble wrap makes the snake look like he has scales.

71. Giraffe Paper Plates

Giraffes are tall, and this giraffe paper plate craft is also tall! Use 4 paper plates to give it its long neck! It is so cool and accurate.

72. Black Sheep Craft

Remember that nursey rhyme, “Baa Baa Black Sheep Have You Any Wool?” That’s what this paper plate sheep craft makes me think of.

73. Paper Plate Lobster

We’ve made crabs, now it is time to make lobsters with paper plate hands! They’re actually super cute and unique, you don’t see too many lobster crafts.

74. Paper Plate Peacock

Peacocks are fun because they’re so colorful, plus they make neat sounds. Make the peacocks feathers super colorful and don’t forget to add glitter! Your little one will love going wild with this paper plate peacock craft.

75. Orca Paper Plate Craft

Paper plate crafts - orca killer whale paper plate
Orca paper plate craft…so cute!

Orcas can grow to 23-32 feet in length. That’s huge! Fortunately this orca paper plate craft isn’t that big, but the fun is!

76. Fuzzy Paper Plate Sheep

Sheep have wool and it’s generally fuzzy. While you won’t be using cotton this this paper plate sheep, you will be using shredded paper still giving it that fuzzy look.

77. Crab Kids Craft

How silly is this crab kids craft? It has big eyes that bulge out, a big grin, and clothes pin claws! Wait, why is it missing a leg?!

78. Pelican Paper Craft

This pelican is made from almost nothing but paper plates and the best part is, this pelican paper craft is beyond easy to make.

79. Paper Plate Racoon

The Racoon is so cute! Black and gray are the main colors for his face, little nose, ears, and mouth. Seriously, this paper plate racoon is adorable.

80. Starfish Craft For Kids

Paper plate crafts - Starfish Craft for Kids using Pasta
This starfish is made from a paper plate.

Cut out a star from a paper plate for this starfish craft for kids. Make sure to paint it and then give it texture using Pastina which are super tiny star shaped pasta.

81. Brown Bear Craft For Kids

Bears are my favorite animals. Doesn’t matter what kind, I love them all. Just like I love this super cute brown bear craft for kids using paper plates.

82. Paper Plate Beaver Craft

Lots of brown paint is what you will need for this super cute beaver craft. Give it big teeth and a large black nose too!

83. Paper Plate Parrot Craft

Use all the colors on this paper plate parrot craft. Oranges, yellows, greens, reds, and blues. Don’t forget the giant googly eyes!

Paper Plate Crafts Inspired by Nature

84. Paper Plate Roses

Paper plate crafts -paper plate flowers craft

Make a beautiful bouquet of paper plate flowers. This would be so much fun for a pretend flower shop!

85. Paper Plate Bugs

Bugs don’t always have to be creepy and crawly! Make super cute paper plate bugs like: butterflies, bees, snails, and ladybugs!

86. Paper Plate Flower Craft

Feathers, foam, paper plates, and glue are all you need to make this super cute paper plate flower craft

87. Paper Plate Ladybug

The ladybug has super long legs! I think using yard for the antennas and legs make this paper plate ladybug so special!

88. Ladybug Craft

Paper plate crafts - Paper Plate Ladybug Craft Inspired by Eric Carle's The Grouch Ladybug (with FREE printable)~ Buggy and Buddy
Cute ladybug!

Another paper plate ladybug? Yes! But this one is based on Eric Carle’s book, The Grouchy Ladybug.

89. Paper Plate Flower Craft For Kids

Mix yellow, red, and orange to make the middle of the flower and create a pattern with red petals and painted tulips. This flower craft for kids is so much fun!

90. Rainbow Craft

Strips of construction paper make the beautiful rainbow! A paper plate and cotton balls is what makes the cloud. This rainbow craft is colorful, fluffy, and fun.

91. Spider Web Paper Plate Craft

Spiders tend to be icky, at least to me, but this spider web paper plate craft makes it cute! Make a big spider using your child’s hand and thread yarn through a paper plate to make a web.

92. Paper Plate Nests

Give little pom pom birds a home with these paper plate nests. All you need is packing material like paper or fake grass.

93. Paper Plate Apple Tree

Paper plate crafts - Apple Tree Craft Craft For Fall
Let’s make a paper plate tree!

The base of the paper plate apple tree is green and brown. Then make sure you glue on red pom poms and sparkly red pom poms as apples.

94. Handprint Spider Craft

Make a big purple spider with your hands and a web using a paper plate. The coolest part of this handprint spider craft is that it is a watercolor resist craft.

95. Paper Plate Flower Garden

Gardens are amazing and usually full of fun colors and smells. Make your own flower garden using paper plates, seeds, and cupcake liners.

96. Paper Plate Four Seasons Craft

Get busy learning about all 4 seasons with this four seasons crafts. Using paper plates you will make a craft representing each season like: winter, summer, fall, and spring.

97. Rainbow Paper Plate Craft For Kids

Make a beautiful rainbow representing God’s promise with this Awana’s Rainbow paper plate craft for kids.

98. Paper Plate Rose

Roses are the most beautiful flowers. Each color symbolizes something different and now you can make your own paper plate roses!

99. Paper Plate Sunflowers

Sunflowers are such beautiful flowers and are actually really big. So are these paper plate sunflowers! To make them even more special you could add real sunflowers or black beans to the middle.

100. Paper Plate Carrot

Carrots go hand in hand with Easter because of the Easter Bunny, but carrots can represent Spring too. This paper plate carrot is a fun spring craft perfect for little hands.

Holiday Paper Plate Crafts

101. Paper Plate Piñata 

Paper plate crafts - Celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Make a Paper Plate Piñata!

Did you realize you can make a pinata out of paper plates? You can! Try this out for your next birthday party or celebration.

102. Paper Plate Easter Craft

Fun for Easter or any season, make an adorable paper plate bunny.

103. Paper Plate Halloween Craft

This paper plate spider would be a fun DIY for a child preparing for a Halloween party!

104. Pumpkin Paper Plate Craft

Celebrate fall and Halloween with these super cute pumpkin paper plate crafts! This is a perfect craft for toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergarten kids.

105. Paper Plate Christmas Ornament

Either cut paper plates smaller or use the small ones, tissue paper, glue, and paintbrushes to make beautiful and colorful ornaments for the Christmas tree. These paper plate Christmas ornaments are great for toddlers and preschoolers!

106. Easy Paper Plate Pumpkins

Paper plate crafts - pumpkin craft made with paper plate
What a great preschool craft!

Grab your orange construction paper and green construction paper! Glue all the pieces of construction paper to the paper plate to make a super cute pumpkin. This easy paper plate pumpkin is great for smaller kids.

107. Paper Plate Wreath

Let your kids get festive with this super cute paper plate wreath. Not only can they help decorate for the holidays, but it works on your child’s fine motor skills as they have to cut out squares for the leaves and berries for your wreath.

108. Color Mixing Paper Plate Pumpkins

I love this! It’s a fun paper plate pumpkin craft, but it is also educational! How? You little one will get to mix colors! They’ll be learning orange and red makes yellow.

109. Paper Plate Santa

Santa’s belt buckle I think is my favorite because, well, I love holo sparkles. But overall this paper plate Santa is super cute, especially with his scraggly beard. 

110. Anzac Poppy Craft

April 25th is Anzac Day. It is a day of national remembrance for Australia and New Zealand’s involvement during the first World War. Paint, construction paper, and paper plates are all you need for this Anzac Poppy craft.

111. Valentine’s Craft

Paper plate crafts - Dotty hearts valentine craft
Paper plate hearts.

Spread the love with these Valentine’s craft! Flowers with polka dots, in the shape of hearts, with googly eyes are perfect for Valentine’s day.

112. Paper Plate Elves

Christmas can’t happen without Santa’s helpers! Give these paper plate elves cute little outfits that look like Santa’s, pointy hats, and smiley faces with silly eyes. The only thing I think is missing glitter! Definitely needs some sparkles.

113. Collage Turkey Craft

Recycle magazines with this collage turkey craft. It is a perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving and recycle at the same time!

114. Paper Plate Thanksgiving Craft

Thanksgiving is all about the turkey, so why not make a turkey! It’s really the perfect Thanksgiving craft. It has such colorful feathers and I’m loving it.

115. Chinese New Year Craft

The Chinese new year is also festive, so celebrate with this Chinese new year craft by making a plate drum.

116. Paper Plate Turkey

Paper plate crafts - Turkey Feather Paper Plate Craft for Kids
Let’s make turkeys!

Colorful feathers really pull this paper plate turkey craft together and is what makes it so much fun. That and the paint. Who doesn’t like painting?

117. Earth Day Craft

April 22 is Earth day! Celebrate Earth day with this super fun Earth day craft that lets you to literally make the Earth using paint and a paper plate.

118. Thanksgiving Craft

I love this so much! It is the cutest Thanksgiving craft. Let your child cherry pie with this fun craft, don’t forget the cotton balls that look like whipped cream!

119. Paper Plate Pot O’ Gold

St. Patrick’s day is another holiday worth celebrating! What better way to celebrate than this paper plate pot’ o gold. The gems and sequins make it sparkly and lovely!

120. Paper Plate Halloween Wreath

Cute and spooky! Love this! Use orange, black, and green tissue paper to make a Halloween wreath. Add a cute little spider using the cutout of your little one’s hands.

121. Paper Plate Easter Basket

Paper plate crafts - Easter eggs in a basket made out of paper plates
What a cute Easter basket!

A 3D paper plate Easter basket is fun to make! Add a big bow and paper grass and paper eggs.

122. Ramadan Moon and Star Craft

Use a paper plate to make this lovely moon and star Ramadan craft. This craft is toddler approved and easy to make.

123. Paper Plate Reindeer

More glitter! Rudolph has a sparkly red nose and his antlers are made from traced hand cut outs. Super cute paper plate reindeer craft!

124. Paper Plate Heart

Valentine’s day is all about heart and love and this paper plate heart would be perfect. The awesome part is, it looks like the heart has a little halo.

125. Mummy Craft For Halloween

Mummies are creepy, but this one is cute. Even cuter, this craft has a pun! I love puns. You make a mummy and write out “I love my mummy!” Love this mummy craft for Halloween.

126. Paper Plate Pop Up Christmas Tree

Paper plate crafts - pop up craft made from paper plates

Pop up crafts are so cool, you just don’t see too many of them. This paper plate pop up Christmas tree is perfect for the holidays because your little one will be able to decorate their own Christmas tree.

127. Happy Birthday Banner

Looking for different paper plate crafts? If your child’s birthday is in the winter then you have to make this paper plate Happy Birthday banner!

128. Easter Wreath

Leftover paper plates? Use them to make this frilly Easter wreath complete with bunnies, bows, and eggs!

129. Paper Plate Witch

Witches scream Halloween! Trace your hands to give her bright orange hair, paint her face green, and give her a big black hat! This paper plate witch is great.

130. Paper Plate Leprechaun

Leprechauns are cute magical creatures and now you can celebrate St. Patty’s day by making your own! This paper plate Leprechaun has a big bushy orange beard and a big green hat!

131. Christmas Angel

Paper plate crafts - Angel Paper Plate Christmas Craft for Kids
What a pretty angel made from paper plates!

Angels and Christmas go hand in hand. These Christmas angels are the perfect decoration. They have big sparkly wings, sparkly dresses, little halos, and are singing Christmas songs.

132. Paper Plate Ghost Craft

Don’t worry, this isn’t a scary ghost. In fact, it is kinda cute with its glittery mouth and tissue paper body. This paper plate ghost craft is perfect for Halloween. I love simple craft supplies.

133. Pop Up Turkey

Thanksgiving pop up turkey will be the talk of the table! They’re cute and colorful, the perfect centerpiece. Love these cool ways to use paper plates.

STEM Projects Made with Paper Plates

134. Build A Boat

Paper plate crafts - Paper Boat Thanksgiving Craft
Paper plate boats are easy to make.

Make a boat! Use paper plates for a boat craft that would go great with a lesson on the Mayflower and pilgrims. Practice scissor skills doing this craft as well.

135. Build A Barn

You can make this fun red barn with some paint and a paper plate. What a great paper plate craft for younger children.

136. Milk Science Experiment

Love science? Then you’ll love this milk science experiment! All you need is milk, a paper plate, dish soap, and food coloring! What a cute craft!

137. Sydney Opera House

Learn about the world and build a real building! This paper plate craft is all about the Sydney Opera House. This is not only a fun craft, but can double as a STEM activity, and geography lesson.

138. Lifecycle Of A Butterfly

Paper plate crafts - life cycle of a caterpillar on a paper plate

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a beloved children’s book and the perfect time to teach your child about the lifecycle of a butterfly using noodles, leaves, and a paper plate. It is easy peasy to make!

139. Paper Plate Puzzles

Acrylic paints, paper plates, and scissors is all you need to make these paper plate puzzles. It’s a fun craft and fun activity. What a great craft!

140. Paper Plate Weaving

Paper plate crafts - make a yarn coaster with this paper plate weaving activity for kids shown here with small hands weaving colorful yarn through a paper plate
Let’s weave something awesome with a paper plate!

I remember learning how to weave in school with a very similar activity. Weaving is a skill so many people don’t know and that’s unfortunate. Which is why I think this paper plate weaving activity is so neat. This would be great for elementary students.

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Recommended Supplies For Paper Plate Crafting

You probably have quite a bit of crafting supplies on hand and the good news is that with paper plate crafts, you will be able to substitute items you do have before buying something new. Here are the basic craft supplies we find are helpful when tackling paper plate crafting:

More Paper Plate Crafts from Kids Activities Blog

Paper plate crafts - captain america shield

Which paper plate craft are you going to make first? Did we miss one of your favorite kids craft ideas?

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