We found the best middle school art projects online! Whether you are an art teacher teaching middle school students or have kids in middle school that you want to introduce to the world of art, today we are sharing tons of fun middle school art projects for you to do with your young artists at home or in the classroom.

Middle School Art Projects We Love - Kids Activities Blog - examples of 9 different art ideas for middle schoolers including portraits, cubism, rock art, twig art, painting, sculpture, geometrics and painting ideas
Let’s do some fun art projects!

Free & Fun Art Projects For Middle Schoolers

Art teachers and artsy parents this blog post is for you! If you are looking for art class ideas for your middle school students, you are in the right place. Art plays an important role since it helps with the development of motor skills, language and social skills, creativity, decision-making… plus, art lessons are known to improve students’ self-esteem and social skills.

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You’ll find a bit of everything in these lesson plans: color theory, art history, elements of art, art class ideas, easy art projects made with tissue paper, oil pastels, acrylic paint, tempera paint, and so many other fun things.

Kids Art Projects We Love

1. Start with Easy How to Draw Lessons for Kids

How to Draw Tutorials for kids - Kids Activities Blog - 4 printable drawing lessons for kids shown: unicorn, dragon, snowflake and spider web
Let’s learn how to draw!

Kids Activities Blog has over 50 different easy drawing lessons for kids that you can print and use at home or in the classroom. Here are a few of our favorites that might give inspiration or you can see them all –> How to Draw for Kids:

2. Picasso Inspired Tree Ornaments Kids Can Make

Middle School Art Projects - picasso clay sculptures kids can make
It’s time to get creative with these crafts.

Toddlers, preschoolers, and even elementary aged children will have so much fun making these Picasso inspired clay tree ornaments. Especially if they enjoy getting really creative with their art projects and following famous artists’ steps.

3. Fun Watercolor Resist Art Idea Using Crayons

Middle School Art Projects -crayon resist art idea
You can make so many different shapes with resist art.

This Kids Crayon Resist Art using watercolor paints is so cool, and works great for kids of all ages, even toddlers, preschoolers and high school students. It’s a timeless art & craft project for kids that they’ll have fun doing over and over again!

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4. Fun Art Project Activity to Explore Paint Brushes

Middle School Art Projects - rainbow painting ideas with different paint shown here with paintbrushes
Take a look at these painting techniques.

Want more painting projects for kids? Here’s a kids art idea that is part observation, part exploration and part art project that works for kids of all ages especially those just being introduced to art. This is one of our favorite middle school art lessons to do

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5. Make a Handmade Gratitude Journal with Your Kids this Thanksgiving

Middle School Art Projects -gratitude journal art cover made by kids
Make this journal and write down what you feel grateful for!

We love artworks that double up as useful crafts, such as this gratitude journal. With a gratitude journal, kids can record all the things they are thankful for. The best thing is that it’s so much fun to make and only requires a few basic supplies. This is also the perfect way to start the new school year.

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6. Paper Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Middle School Art Projects - simple paper craft that can be adapted for many things - shown here in two orange pumpkins
You could use the finished pumpkins to create a garland, too.

We love this paper pumpkin craft because, besides being super cute and simple for kids, it is great practice for fine motor skills – and makes the cutest fall and Halloween decor. They’ll have a great time making them and the result is a beautiful work of art.

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7. Butterfly String Art Patterns Using Coloring Pages

Middle School Art Projects - string art using coloring pages - butterfly string art
This butterfly craft is easy enough for kids of all ages.

What kid doesn’t love butterfly crafts? Let’s use coloring pages as string art patterns to make a butterfly. This craft is perfect for beginners and even younger kids. Simply download and print the free pattern and get your supplies.

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8. Your Kids Can Create A Paper City And Learn About Architecture

Middle School Art Projects - paper city creation through hands on 3d art
Why not build a small replica of your own city?

If your kids love to build and are looking for a new challenge, they’re going to love building a paper city! This art craft combines art and STEM activities so it’s not only fun, but also educational. They won’t even know they are learning.

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9. How to Draw an Alien’s Point of View Perspective Drawing with FREE worksheet

This is a very fun way to learn about linear perspective! Follow the step by step directions, download the free worksheet, and have fun making a drawing of an alien’s point of view perspective. You can also follow the YouTube video – from Make a Mark Studios.

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Middle School Art Projects - painted flowers from KinderArt
This is a really interesting

If you are looking for a fun way to create art with watercolor paintings, you’ll love these line painting flowers from Kinder Art. This tutorial will teach middle schoolers to paint like Geoff Slater, using one single line.

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11. How to make a sugar skull mask

Sugar skull masks are a great way to express your creativity! This tutorial from Make a Mark Studios features all you need to know to make your own mask including a video tutorial, a free printable mask template and some completed photo examples to get inspiration from.

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12. How to draw a glowing light bulb with colored pencils

No matter your skill level, this tutorial from Make a Mark is a great way to learn about creating light in art work. You will find all you need to know to create glowing light bulb with colored pencils on black paper including steps to create, a video tutorial, gridded reference image, materials list, key art terms, and finished examples to inspire the process!

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13. Every Single Student Paints One Rock For The Coolest Elementary Art Project, Ever

Middle School Art Projects - painted rock ideas for middle schoolers
Each rock is unique, just like you!

This colorful schoolwide art project has a powerful message from Scary Mommy combines creativity and literature to create a beautiful piece of art. The goal is to encourage students to be true to themselves. You’ll love that the only supplies needed are rocks and glossy acrylic paint.

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14. My Paper Heart Chain

Middle School Art Projects - paper hearts decorated with art and hung on large wall at school from Art with Mrs Nguyen
This craft doesn’t take a lot of skill and the finished result is so beautiful.

Art With Mrs. Nguyen shared a fun art craft that is also perfect for Valentine’s Day. It’s an art project where everyone can participate regardless of grade and skill level, but older kids such as those in middle school might enjoy it more than little ones.

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15. In The Art Room: A Chalked Ceiling Event

Middle School Art Projects - Chalk drawings for middle schoolers from ARt Teacherin 101
Just imagine how beautiful the ceiling will look now!

Try this art project from Art Teacherin’ 101 that will be part of a permanent display at your school instead of the typical chalk street art. Kids can use their creativity to make beautiful works of art that will be proudly displayed for years!

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16. Cube Mural Inspired by Street Artist Thank YouX

Middle School Art Projects - cube mural from Art is Basic with colorful blocks
Look at how cool this mural came out.

Let’s make a cube mural together, inspired by street artist Thank YouX! Each student will paint one cube in their own style and the end result will be a collaborative mural that everyone helped created. Take some inspiration from Art Is Basic.

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17. Diwali Rangoli Art From India: Chalk + Colored Sand

Middle School Art Projects - Chalk art for kids - large circular pattern from Kid World Citizen
We are in love with chalk art.

Here’s another collaborative art project to do with all of your students. Have you ever seen the decorative floor art called rangoli? In this tutorial from Kid World Citizen, kids will learn about rangoli art from India and then try out this colorful project.

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18. A Painted Branch – Collaborative Art With Kids

Middle School Art Projects - painted branch art from Art Bar Blog
Collaborative art is a great way to connect with children.

You’ll love how easy this art project is to set up. Simply take some branches inside, mixed some tempera paint, get paintbrushes, and let the students have fun painting it. From Art Bar Blog.

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19. Painted Paper Trees Mural

Middle School Art Projects - painted paper art from Painted Paper Art
Both projects are equally fun.

Looking to decorate your classroom or home with an adorable winter project? Painted Paper Art shared 2 projects that are very easy, low cost and make a big impact. For the first one, you’ll need craft paper and oil pastels, while the second one needs thin cardboard sheets and tempera paint.

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20. Colorful plastic bottle caps mosaic

Get some inspiration from this colorful plastic bottle art in Bulgaria, and take it to your classroom. Get all the detailed information and the supplies needed in Krokotak.

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21. In The Art Room: Fourth Grade Pizza Pillows

Middle School Art Projects - pizza pillow project from Art Teacherin 101
Let’s make art pillows!

Looking for a fun sewing project? Try huge pizza pillows and add funny faces, different felt toppings, and anything they can come up with. They will love this craft. From Art Teacherin’ 101.

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22. How to Make String Art with 100+ Kids

Middle School Art Projects - classroom size string art project from Creating Really Awesome Fun Things
String art is amazing!

Here at Kids Activities Blog, we love string art – String art is so fun and fairly simple to make. Here’s a tutorial to make string art with many, many kids. From Creating Really Awesome Fun Things.

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23. Tissue Paper Art

Middle School Art Projects - tissue paper crafts from Creating Really Awesome Fun Things
Another art project everyone can help create.

If you haven’t tried bleeding tissue paper crafts yet, this tutorial is for you. This craft is also perfect to do with many students, and you only need basic art supplies (bleeding tissue paper, a white canvas, scissors, etc). From Creating Really Awesome Fun Things.

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24. A Simple & Unique Painting Technique Your Teen Will Love

Middle School Art Projects - Easy painted technique shown here as a handmade card with a flower art piece
Give this tutorial a try!

Make a lovely handmade card with a simple and unique painting technique with paint made with the juice from frozen blueberries – Yes, it’s true! From Education Possible.

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25. Easy How to Draw Baby Yoda Tutorial and Baby Yoda Coloring Page

Middle School Art Projects - Baby Yoda Art Project from Art Projects for Kids
A fun Baby Yoda art project!

Every teen and kid we know is basically obsessed with Baby Yoda – that’s why we’re sharing an easy step-by-step tutorial for how to draw Baby Yoda and a Baby Yoda Coloring Page. An easy tutorial will show you how to draw all his cute features. From Art Projects For Kids.

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26. Easy How to Draw a Laurel Burch Cat Tutorial and Laurel Burch Cat Coloring Page

Middle School Art Projects - colorful cat art from Laurel Burch
Let’s get creative!

Laurel Burch has inspired many people across the globe. Today we are learning how to draw a Laurel Burch cat- You can fill it with all kinds of fun patterns and colors, just like Laurel Burch did. From Art Projects For Kids.

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27. How to Draw a Cake

Middle School Art Projects - cake art created by kids from Art Projects for Kids
A delicious-looking cake without all the sugar high.

This option shows how students can make a rainbow cake, by dividing the inside into seven layers, but it would be fun making more filling patterns inside too. Maybe a fantasy cake with all their favorite fillings? From Art Projects For Kids.

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28. American Flag Op Art Drawing Tutorial for Beginners

Middle School Art Projects - abstract American Flag art idea from Art By Ro
We love optical art projects like this one.

Let’s look at how to make an American flag opticalillusion drawing. This makes them the perfect drawings for beginners of all ages. They are fun to make and drawing anything should be fun. From Art By Ro.

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29. Rose Art Watercolor Painting Project

Middle School Art Projects - Rose art shown on white canvas from Rhythms of Play
Watercolor painting is always so much fun.

Here’s a fun and easy watercolor rose painting idea for kids, teens, and adults. Learn how to paint a rose with watercolors and black paint to create gorgeous faux stained glass art! From Rhythms of Play.

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30. Rainbow Shaded Silhouettes

Middle School Art Projects - Rainbow shaded silhouette painting idea from Highhill Education
Isn’t this piece of art so cool?

Let’s create rainbow-shaded silhouette paintings on this two-day art project. You’ll need one day to paint, and the second day to cut and assemble the pictures. Grab your acrylic paints, a sheet of paper, and paint brushes. Let’s get out of our comfort zone! From Highhill Homeschool.

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31. Cactus Acrylic Painting Lesson

Middle School Art Projects - 9 ideas for painting a cactus from That Art Teacher
Let’s make a cute cactus painting.

Try out this simple cactus acrylic painting lesson! It focuses on blending colors directly on the surface and painting a simple object from direct observation. It only takes 3 steps to make. From That Art Teacher.

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32. Easy Art Projects: Art At The Beach

Middle School Art Projects - sand and ocean art for kids from Education Possible
What will you create with this chalk art tutorial?

Bring the beach to your house! To make this fun art project you’ll need chalk pastels, paper, and wipes. That’s it! Enjoy your chalk art. From Education Possible.

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33. Process Art Scrape Painting With Bunny Silhouettes

Middle School Art Projects - Colorful shaped paintings from Projects with Kids
This is a creative way to make an Easter craft.

Angela from Projects with Kids shared this super fun art scrape painting. She took scrape painting process art and turned it into a super fun (and messy!) bunny art project that is perfect for spring or Easter.

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34. Rainbow Shamrock Salt Painting Art Project

Middle School Art Projects - rainbow painted shamrock from Rhythms of Play
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Kids will love making this rainbow shamrock salt painting art project idea for Saint Patrick’s Day at home or in the classroom. They can draw their own Shamrock or use the free printable from Rhythms of Play.

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35. Earth Melted Crayon Rocks Craft

Middle School Art Projects - melted crayon art
We can’t believe how fun these were to make.

Here’s another exciting art method for kids and teens. Let’s make Earth melted crayon rocks – they’re a great craft for Earth Day or any other day of the year that you’re celebrating Mother Earth. From Left Brain Craft Brain.

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36. Blind Contour Drawings With Kids

Middle School Art Projects - contour drawings with kids from Art Bar
Isn’t this portrait a super cool art craft?

Blind contour drawings are the most fun you can have drawing with another person. The rule is that you can’t look down at your paper and you can’t lift your pen. The result? Super fun and unique abstract portraits or even self portraits. Give it a try and then color them with watercolor paints! From Art Bar.

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37. Egg Carton Flowers

Middle School Art Projects - recycled art - egg carton flowers from I Heart Arts n Crafts
These flowers are so easy to make.

If you have egg cartons left over from your Easter activities, then why not make some fun Spring themed crafts with them? In this tutorial from I Heart Arts n Crafts, we’ll learn how to make egg carton flowers.

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38. Recycled Plastic Flowers Art and Science Project

Middle School Art Projects - water bottle flowers from Left Brain Craft Brain
These flowers will last much longer than real ones.

Here’s a beautiful science project! Through the magical chemistry of polymers, you can turn recycled plastic into a beautiful flower garden or bouquet. So save your plastic cups and plates and make some pretty flowers. From Left Brain Craft Brain.

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39. Geometric Art With Circles

Middle School Art Projects -Geometric art from Teach Beside Me
We love mixing up art and science together.

Combining math with art can be so much fun! Teach Beside Me shared a way to combine geometric math art with circles. Let’s make flowers using math! You’ll need lots of colorful markers, a pencil and eraser, a compass and graph paper.

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40. Metal Art STEAM Project – Science + Metal = Art!

Middle School Art Projects - STEAM project for kids shown on two discs from STEAM Powered Family
The best projects are the ones you can learn from.

For this STEAM project, we’ll be combining science, metal, and art together. There’s a lot to learn from it and the end result is also very unique and beautiful. Get ready to make some steel art! From Steam Powered Family.

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Want more art projects to do with older kids?

What was your favorite art project for middle schoolers?

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