How To Draw a Pumpkin

It doesn’t have to be Halloween for us to have some fun learning how to draw a pumpkin! This tutorial on how to draw a pumpkin step by step will make learning easy peasy for you and your little ones.

When you download this free how to draw a cute pumpkin tutorial, you’ll get 2 pages with detailed instructions on how to draw your own pumpkin sketch. Now all you need to do is grab a pencil and follow the instructions! 

Our unique printable collection here at Kids Activities Blog has been downloaded over 100k times in the past 1-2 years!

How To Draw a pumpkin coloring pages
Let’s learn how to draw a pumpkin!

How to draw a pumpkin for kids

Let’s learn how to learn a pumpkin! Learning how to draw a simple pumpkin is a fun, creative, and colorful art experience for kids of all ages. And whether you’re looking for a scary pumpkin or just want to learn how to draw a cartoon pumpkin, you’re in the right place!

These instructions will teach how to draw a simple pumpkin. Erasable pens or pens are best for learning to draw. There are erasable coloring pencils and pens, but you can also draw with a black pen or pencil and then color it in. Don’t forget lots of paper for practicing!

How To Draw a pumpkin coloring pages
Follow these instructions and you’ll be drawing a pumpkin faster than you can say “pumpkin”!

Easy steps to draw a pumpkin

Follow this easy how to draw a pumpkin for kids tutorial and you will be drawing your own in no time!

Step 1: Let’s start by drawing a circle!

Step 2: Now, add an oval inside the circle – notice how it’s sticking out at the bottom.

Step 3: Draw another circle at each side. They will connect in the middle!

Step 4: Now erase extra lines. Your pumpkin is almost done!

Step 5: Great! Let’s add details. You can draw a stem and a little curl at the top.

Step 6: Wow, amazing job! Your pumpkin looks amazing!

Now you can add as many funny details as you want! Well done!

Your pumpkin is done! Well done!

how to draw a pumpkin easy
Let kids (or adults!) follow the simple steps to drawing a pumpkin… it is easier than you can imagine!

Download here:

How did your pumpkin drawing turn out?

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