How to Draw a Cupcake Coloring Pages

If your kids have ever wanted to learn how to draw a cupcake, then this pdf file is for you. Kids of all ages will enjoy an afternoon filled with drawing fun with this 2-page easy how to draw a cupcake tutorial that is so easy to follow.

Drawing activities are great fun for kids, especially when the result is as delicious and adorable as the cupcake drawings!

How To Draw a cupcake Feature Image
Let’s draw a cupcake!

How to draw a cupcake easy steps

Cupcakes are so delicious! Cherry cupcakes, strawberry cupcakes, lemon cupcakes, they are all yummy cupcakes! This how-to draw a cupcake tutorial cannot be eaten, but luckily, they are just as fun to draw. Our tutorial hopefully will serve as great art inspiration so you and your little one can draw their own cupcake with ease every single time.

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This is just the first part of our how to draw a cupcake tutorial…

Easy steps to draw a cupcake for kids 

Follow this easy how to draw a cartoon cupcake step-by-step tutorial and you will be drawing a fun cupcake in no time. 

  1. Let’s start by drawing a trapezoid with the upper part being longer than the bottom part.
  2. Add two circles at the corners.
  3. Now, add two more circles at the center and erase extra lines.
How To Draw a cupcake Screenshot 2
We are almost done with this cupcake drawing!

3. Now add a bigger circle on top of the four circles.

4. Draw three lines – one straight and two diagonal at the sides.

5. Good job! Your cupcake is done. You can add sprinkles, cherries, chocolate chips, or whatever you prefer!

How To Draw a cupcake Square
Simple and easy cupcake drawing steps!

How did your Cupcake drawing turn out?

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