135+ Kids Handprint Art Projects & Crafts for All Seasons

Kids love making handprint art. What is more fun than dipping your hands in paint?

It’s incredible just how many ways you can turn a simple handprint into a work of art. All you need is a little creativity and a few fun ideas.

150+ Kids Handprint Art Projects for kids - fun things to make with paint and hands
Kids love getting their hands all painty to create art!

Today we have much more than a few; we started with over 75 and just keep adding fun handprint art projects that were all created with kids’ hands.

Now we’ve grown to over 130 kids’ handprint art ideas that work for children of all ages including adults!

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Making Handprint Art at Home & in the Classroom

So many of our favorite handprint crafts are holiday-related. I think it is one of the easiest art projects to do as a classroom or family. And what is so fun about handprint art is it becomes a memory of a moment in time when little hands were exactly that size.

Oh, and it is a great gift idea!

  • Handprint art is one of the earliest art forms.  Even babies can do it!
  • Handprint art gives a time capsule of information if you repeat the same project.
  • More than one hand can get in on the project.
  • A perfect handprint is not required!  
  • Getting our hands all painty is fun.
  • Giving the gift of handprint art is something that is appreciated by the receiver.
Making handprint art with kids at home or classroom - child's hand shown painted with pink paint and stamped on white paper
Use a non-toxic, washable paint on hands for the best results.

Best Paint for Handprints Crafts & Art Projects

Non-toxic, washable paint is a must for any type of kid art project, but even MORE important when it comes to handprint art. 

All three of these types of paints are water-based which is essential when it comes to clean up!

Ink used for handprint and footprint instead of paint
Our very first footprint was made with ink…

Using Ink for Handprints Vs. Paint

Using ink for handprints (and footprints) can be a nostalgic journey back to our very first print in the hospital.  Traditional ink may be safe, but it is not easy to remove!  There are now non-toxic and washable ink pad varieties that create the definition without the mess. Our favorite washable ink pads that works great with kids.


So many of our favorite handprint crafts are holiday-related. I think it is one of the easiest art projects to do as a classroom or family. And what is so fun about handprint art is it becomes a memory of a moment in time when little hands were exactly that size…

Kids Christmas Handprint Art Projects

1. Handprint Christmas Tree and Wreath

Make a handprint Christmas tree that is super cute as a holiday decoration or homemade Christmas cards.

Handprint santa ornament where the fingers are Santa's beard hanging on a tree.
What a cute Santa made out of a handprint from Meaningful Mama!

2. Salt Dough Santa Handprint Ornament

This homemade handprint salt dough ornament is the perfect keepsake. I can see making a new one every year to add to the tree!

3. Santa and his Beard Handprint Craft

If you don’t want to go to the lengths of making salt dough, a similar process can be used on paper to make Santa and his beard.

4. Baby Jesus in a Manger

DIY handprint Jesus in a manger for a festive Christmas celebration. This is the perfect Christmas preschool craft project for children’s churches or homes.

5. Paper Plate Holiday Wreath

This homemade paper holiday wreath is decked out with handprint bows!

6. Handprint Christmas Keepsake Cards

This cute Christmas keepsake would be the perfect homemade Christmas card idea that incorporates the kids’ hands and footprints. Let’s not forget about the footprint art ideas!

Santa sleigh made out of a footprint and handprint reindeer create this Christmas keepsake
I will never look at a sleigh without thinking of a footprint…from Glued to My Crafts Blog

7. Handprint Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph handprint craft for kids that uses a red pom-pom for his very shiny nose and a great way to celebrate our favorite reindeer.

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer has handprint antlers and a pom pom nose
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a popular handprint art subject

8. Reindeer Footprint and Photo Gift

Footprint reindeer alongside a cherished family photo makes a cute gift or keepsake.

9. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Cards

DIY Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer cards that double as homemade kid-made gifts.

10. Rudolph’s Antlers Handprint Roll

Hands become Rudolph’s antlers in this toilet paper roll craft that is just adorable.

11. Rudolph Christmas Card Handprint

Here is a version that is a cute Christmas card featuring Rudolph himself.

12. Winter Handprint Tree

This cute winter tree consists of a black-painted hand and a bunch of snowy white paint. This could work for both Christmas and winter fun.

winter tree made out of black paint and a handprint surrounded by white paint snow
Bleak winter scene that makes me shiver in the cold from Fun a Day!

13. Rudolph Antler Hat Handprint Crafts

Make a Rudolph antler hat using your handprints!

14. Easy Christmas Handprint Wreath Craft

Make a handprint Christmas wreath on paper. What a cute project!

15. Snowman Family Christmas Ball Handprint

What a cute snowman family on this homemade ornament. Do you see where the handprint is?

handprint snowman family ornament hanging in a Christmas tree
What a cute family! A handprint snowman family from Dowdey Family Blog

16. Salt Dough Snowman Family Handprint

Check out the salt dough snowman family ornament too. It is adorable!

17. Santa Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments

Make Santa salt dough ornaments using little hands…and big hands too!

18. Nativity Handprint Ornament

DIY Nativity salt dough handprint ornament the entire family can get involved in making and hanging on the tree.

nativity Christmas handprint ornament hanging in a Christmas tree
Mary, Joseph, Wisemen, and Shepherd around the Baby Jesus

19. Handprint Christmas Tree Ornaments

Another fun salt dough handprint ornament is a Christmas tree and kids can do it all!

20. Handprint Holly Chalkboard Sign

Check out the DIY Holly Jolly chalkboard decorated with handprint holly.

21. Christmas Handprint Crafts

More Christmas handprint crafts!

Kids Thanksgiving Handprint Art Projects

22. Handprint Turkey Art

Make a handprint turkey for Thanksgiving this year.   This could make for a fun kids’ craft while the kids are waiting on dinner.

23. Turkey Handprint Canvas

Here is another version of a handprint turkey that also includes feet. I love how it is displayed on a canvas.

24. Thanksgiving Foot and Handprint Turkey Craft

And this version of a handprint turkey craft is one of my favorites.

handprint turkey - black paint body with colorful feathers on pink background
Thanksgiving Handprint Turkeys are a tradition from Mindfull Meanderings

25. Family Handprint Turkey Idea

Get the entire family involved with this family handprint turkey idea.

26. Handprint Turkey Paper Plates Craft

Super easy toddler handprint turkey craft made with paper plates.

27. Candy Corn Handprint Turkey Art

This handprint turkey craft includes my favorite candy, Candy Corn (don’t judge me!). It is a festive and adorable craft project.

28. Salt Dough Handprint Pumpkin

Make a salt dough handprint pumpkin (unavailable) as a keepsake from the holidays.

handprint in a salt dough pumpkin which is orange with a brown stem and green leaf
Create a new handprint tradition each year with these pumpkins

29. Turkey Headbands

Make Turkey headbands out of colorfully cut out fingers and hands.

30. Handprint Sponge Pumpkins

Handprint pumpkins are the perfect thing to make with super little hands. The texture of little fingers can be shaped with the help of a little paint and a sponge.

31. Handprint Cornucopia

Create this thanks handprint cornucopia which includes every member of the family’s handprint.

Paper plate cornucopia is filled with handprints.  What a way to give thanks!
What a way to show we are thankful for each other!

32. Pilgrim Ship Handprint Craft

Use your hands to create this ocean scene with ships sailing in the water. Celebrate the pilgrims’ voyage across the ocean with this handprint ship.

33. Silly Thanksgiving Handprint Craft Ideas

Here is a collection of Thanksgiving handprint ideas that you won’t want to miss. You can modify or create your own with this inspiration.

34. Handprint Turkey Wooden Frame

What a cute turkey frame whose feathers are made from handprints.

turkey frame craft made of construction paper and handprints with feathers
Super cute turkey frame from Glued to My Crafts Blog

35. Handprint Acorns

This is a fun fall craft that fits in with the whole spirit of thanksgiving. Make acorns with little fingers!

36. Fall Handprint Tree

Here is a fun fall tree handprint craft for even the littlest crafters. Toddlers can make this!

Kids Halloween Handprint Art Projects

37. Footprint and HandFrankenstein Print Art

Since Halloween is almost here, this Frankenstein handprint art is the perfect craft.   There is a second version to make one with your footprint, too!

handprint halloween witch with a black witch hat and green handprint face
Halloween is scary cute with Crafty Morning

38. Witch on a Broomstick Handprint Craft

Another great Halloween craft is this witch on a broomstick.   So fun!

39. Spooky Ghost Footprints

We snuck in a fun footprint ghost you can make with kids of any age because…well they are just scary cute. I am pretty sure you could modify this to make handprint ghosts as well.

40. Frankenstein Handprint

Frankenstein comes to life {giggle} two ways – one with handprints and one with a footprint.

41. Handprint Ghosts for Halloween

Looooove these cute handprint ghosts. They are scary cute.

42. Spookily-Adorable Handprint Decorations

Here are a whole bunch of toddler Halloween craft ideas that use hands and feet to create decorations for the spooky holiday.

43. Halloween Handprint Cat Art

Make a Halloween handprint cat. It is really cute.

44. Paper Plate Halloween Handprint Wreath

Oh, the Halloween cuteness continues with this bright and festive tissue paper wreath that is home to a handprint spider with very large Googly eyes.

tissue paper wreath for Halloween with a handprint spider decor with big eyes
Proving spiders who live in tissue paper wreaths are adorable from I Heart Arts n Crafts

45. Handprint Skeleton Hand

I feel like this adorable Halloween skeleton hand could also be listed under “learning activities” (see below) because you could strategically use the q-tips where they are more anatomically correct!

white handprint on black paper with q-tips where bones would be
One of the cutest handprints ever from Crafty Morning

Kids St. Patricks Day Handprint Craft

46. Handprint Leprechaun Craft

Make at St. Patrick’s day leprechaun using your handprint as his beard.

47. Simple Leprechaun Handprint

Here is another version of a leprechaun as well.

48. St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Handprint Art

Use your handprint as the rainbow peeking out of this pot of gold. This is one of the cutest projects…ever.

Happy St. Patricks Day with a pot of gold and a handprint rainbow
LOVE the idea of a handprint rainbow from B-Inspired Mama

49. Shamrock Handprint Canvas Craft

Make this handprint shamrock for a little extra luck. I love how it is displayed on a canvas so it can be wall art as well.

Kids Easter Handprint Art

50. Easter Bunny Handprint Craft

These Easter bunny handprint crafts for kids are really cute and the perfect Easter day activity.

handprint bunny rabbits with pink ears on red and purple paper
Oh the cuteness of handprint bunnies from Sassy Dealz

51. Spring Flower Handprints

These spring flowers are super cute made of painted hands cut out and added to green stems for a bouquet.

52. Easter Egg Handprints

Make Easter eggs out of hands! No joke. This is super cute and an easy art project for almost any age child.

53. Easter Chick and Bunny Handprint Puppets

These chick and bunny hand puppets are so cute because they are hand puppets made out of handprints.

Easter handprint chicks and bunnies on clothes pins so they can be used as puppets for kids!
Let’s play with our handprint hand puppets!

54. Handprint Tulips

Another spring-inspired activity is the handprint tulip garden. These are so bright and cheerful!

55. He is Risen Handprint Easter Craft

He is Risen handprint art project that would be a great Easter children’s church activity or fun at home.

4th of July Handprint Art Project

56. Handprint Flag Craft

Paint your hand red with and blue for the perfect patriotic flag craft.

little girls hand painted with red white and blue like american flag for kids!
This looks like a very good place to start from B-Inspired Mama

57. Handprint Eagle Art

E is for Eagle and you can definitely make it a bald eagle to celebrate the Fourth of July.

58. Washi Tape Handprint Heart

Check out the red, white, and blue washi tape handprint art that could be very patriotic!

Animal Handprint Art Projects for Kids

59. Handprint Art Owls

Your kid’s handprint is the perfect shape for owls perched on a tree branch. This craft is perfect for even toddlers.

60. Newspaper Handprint Owl Art

Here is another version of an owl that uses handprints for the wings. Super cute craft for preschoolers and Kindergarteners.

61. Foot and Handprint Lobsters

Make this lobster’s big claws with your handprints and its body with your foot!

62. Cute Bunny Handprint Craft

Is this not the cutest bunny craft? (unavailable) Make it with your kids with their handprints.

handprint bunny with a green plaid bow tie
What a dashing rabbit made of handprint from Artsy Craftsy Mom

63. DIY Frog Handprints

Let’s make our own handprint frogs. Grab the green paint and get those little fingers making imprints.

64. Preschool Easter Chick Handprint Art

Use your hands to give this adorable yellow chick his wings!

steps to make a handprint chick including supplies, paint scissors and ending produt
Let’s make a super cute handprint chick with wings

65. Spring Chick Handprint Craft

Or use some yellow paint…or a lot of paint to make these cute spring handprint chicks.

yellow handprints decorated to look like baby chicks
Could these baby chick handprints be any cuter?

66. Watercolor Flamingo Handprint

This watercolor flamingo (unavailable) is beautiful and your kids will adore it.

67. Painted Handprint Flamingo Canvas

Another flamingo idea created out of hands is something that could be done on canvas and saved for wall art.

68. Handprint Octopus

No handprint zoo would be complete without an octopus craft! I love that purple paint was used in this art project and it turned out so cute.

69. Colorful Octopus Handprint

Here is another version of a cute octopus that lives at the bottom of the sea with some fish friends.

70. Rainbow Foot and Handprint Butterfly

Butterflies were never cuter than when created with hands and feet.

71. B is for Butterfly Handprints

Here is another way to make a butterfly…as in B is for butterfly!

72. Watercolor Butterfly Handprints

What about a watercolor butterfly? It is so pretty it looks like it could fly.

73. Fingerprint Fishes

Fingerprint fish swimming happily in an aquarium is a really fun and simple art project to do with kids of all ages.

thumbprint fish swimming underwater in an aquarium with rocks at the bottom
Thumbprints gone underwater with Artsy Craftsy Mom

74. Blue Handprint Elephant

Make blue elephants with your handprint! It is surprising how just a small line with a sharpie and an eye makes this cool kid’s art project look like elephants!

75. Bees and Hive Handprints

Fingerprint bees buzz around a hive in this cute handprint art project.

76. Bumble Bee Minibeast Handprints

Check out the way to make a bumblebee with black and yellow paint on the child’s hands.

77. Birds Sitting on a Branch Handprints

The cutest two blue birds sitting on a branch made entirely of handprints!

two handprint blue birds sitting on a branch
I love these birds from Glued to My Crafts Blog

78. Mallard Duck Handprint Art

Let’s make a Mallard duck! He is so cute and has some fancy feathers.

79. Yellow Duck Handprint

And here is a cute yellow duck you can make with a handprint.

80. Handprint Shark Art

Make a handprint shark (unavailable) with big scary teeth and a little bit of a smile.

81. The Handprint Chicken Art

Your handprint can easily be transformed into a chicken. And that chicken is super cute.

82. Black Spider Handprints

Kids can stamp their hands covered with black paint and make spiders!

two black handprints make a spider hanging from a web with a pink mouth
I feel like spiders can’t be this cute from Learning and Exploring Through Play

83. Alligator Handprint

A is for Alligator in this cute handprint alligator in a puddle.

84. Adorable Dog Handprint

D is for Dog and this dog is made of a handprint…and so is the grass!

85. Handprint Animal Canvas Gifts

And the cutest ever collection of handprint animals painted on canvas could be an adorable room decoration or gift.

Handprint Art that Celebrates Family

86. Family Handprint Wall Art

This adorable handprint embroidery hoop (unavailable) art is perfect for hanging in the family room. It will freeze a point in time when everyone in the family was “just this big”.

87. Baking Soda Clay Handprint Keepsakes

This is a really cute baking soda clay handprint craft that works well as a gift or wall art at home.

Love how articulate the lines in that hand by Mama Papa Bubba crafts for kids!
Love how articulate the lines in that hand by Mama Papa Bubba

88. Pear Head Handprint Canvas Set

Create this canvas set to show the entire family’s hands at a certain time or to help remember one child’s handprint size over time.

89. Photo Frame Handprint Craft

This is the cutest gift that the kids can make (unavailable) for mom with their own handprints. Frame a picture plus craft paper hands.

90. Yearly Tradition Handprint Art Piece

Mark the years in style with this cute idea to do a yearly handprint art piece. This would be so cute later with a bunch all hung on the wall. This is the 3-year-old hand version.

Yearly Tradition Handprint Art Piece craft for kids!
Collect memories and hang them on your walls by Mama Papa Bubba

91. Handprint Hearts for Valentine’s Day

Heart and handprint art that works for Valentine’s Day or any day where love and family are involved!

92. Paper Strip Handprint Art

The cutest handprint art which could be modified for different types of decor and color combinations is the paper strip handprint keepsake.

93. DIY Handprint Leaf Napkins

This homemade fabric pattern is oh so cute! It is autumn leaves made out of the family’s handprints. You could make cute hand towels to give as family gifts or I think this would be really cute as wall art stretched over a frame.

DIY Handprint Leaf Napkins craft for kids!
Hands are good in keeping in good leaf shape by Mama Papa Bubba

94. Homemade Handprint Wrapping Paper

For your gift-giving, check out this homemade handprint wrapping paper.

95. Family Handprints

Check out the lockdown handprint art that we found all over the internet…so sweet!

96. Valentine’s Day Handprint Art

Family stacked handprint art that is perfect for Valentine’s day…or any day!

Perfect Handprint Gifts

97. Handprint Baseball

This is the cutest idea for a Father’s Day gift. Use the baby/child handprint on a baseball. Check out Sunny Day Family for the printable poem that accompanies the gift.

Handprint Baseball craft for kids!
I heard it comes with a sweet poem too by Sunny Day Family

98. Handprint Flower Pot

Create the perfect kid-made homemade gift with this fingerprint flower pot idea.

99. Handprinted Spring Jars

DIY fingerprint art decorates some spring jars that would be a really cute gift.

Handprinted Spring Jars crafts for kids!
Lovely jars to use for the whole gang from Meatloaf and Melodrama

100. Homemade Handprint Magnets

Thumb body loves you homemade magnets make adorable gifts.

101. Handprint Greeting Cards

Thumbprint flowers make really beautiful homemade cards for kids to send.

102. Handprint Flower Bouquet

Make grandma a handprint bouquet. This could be a cute canvas idea as well.

103. Mason Jar Handprint Craft

Make a handprint gift jar at home with kids. This could be a great idea for almost any homemade gift-giving situation.

104. Say I Love You Handprint Art

The “I love you” handprint craft that doubles as a thoughtful gift made by kids.

105. Valentine’s Day Handprint Pop-Up Cards

This adorable pop-up card is homemade and would be the cutest thing to send featuring a child’s hand.

 Valentine’s Day Handprint Pop Up Cards for kids!
Everyone’s going’s to have a big smile when they see these lovely flowers by Little Fingers Big Art.

106. Father’s Day Handprint Heart Card

Hands together form a heart in this cute card idea that is created specifically for Father’s Day but could be used for other occasions.

107. Handprint Tea Towels

Hand towel takes on a whole new meaning with this cute gift idea (unavailable) for handprint tea towels that say “Hand me a towel”.

108. Painted Handprint Flowerpot

Make a handprint flower pot. With this craft, the painted hand makes the stems of the flowers.

109. High-Five Handprint Pop-Up Card

A high-five pop-up card that kids can make themselves!

110. You Are My Superhero Handprint card

You are my superhero kid-made card idea.

111. Fingerprint Heart Keyring Craft

DIY Fingerprint keyring makes a super cute gift or a cool holiday ornament.

 Fingerprint Heart Keyring Craft for kids!
Such a nice thing to give for keeps by Messy Little Monster.

112. Preschool Valentine’s Handprint Heart

Laugh Out Loud. Live in Wonder. Love with your whole heart. These are the sentiments of this cute handprint heart that works as a lovely gift. It is easy enough that preschool-age kids can make this to give.

113. Handprint Book Bag

Make a handprint bag for a relative. These are super cute…you may want to have the kids make an extra for you!

114. DIY Keepsake Handprint Boxes

DIY handprint keepsake boxes that work well for keeping special memory items at home for each kid or would make a really awesome gift for someone you love.

115. Hand-Shaped Handprint Ring Dish

{Squeal} I love this gift so much! Make a custom hand from your child’s hand to give or keep as a ring dish.

Hand-Shaped Handprint Ring Dish craft for kids!
Beautifully designed ring dish by Mama Papa Bubba.

116. Handprint Flower Apron

Make a handprint apron to wear or give as a gift.

117. DIY Handprint T-Shirts

Handprint t-shirts are cute for family shirts or to give as gifts.

Handprint Crafts that are Beautiful Art

118. Handprint Art Techniques Perfect for Little Fingers

The negative space in your child’s hand and arm creates a lovely fall tree wall art project. I am thinking this would be awesome as a four-seasons group of wall art as well!

119. Handprint Heart Bookmarks

These heart bookmarks are adorable and would make a really cute gift or Valentine handout. The hearts are shaped with thumbprints.

120. Daffodil Handprint Art

Homemade 3D Daffodil art made out of handprints and some other fun things you already have around the house. Kindergartners are going to go crazy for this project.

121. Kids Handprint Fall Tree Craft

Fall tree art is made with multi-color handprints signifying the colors of autumn.

 Kids Handprint Fall Tree Craft!
What a lovely handprint tree art by Crafty Morning!

122. Creative Handprint Art Project

Creative hand art – let kids use their own hands to create drawings and pictures full of creative fun.

123. Hand and Hearts – Andy Warhol Handprint Art

This Andy Warhol art project is just plain awesome. Featuring different handprints and colors, I need this at my house!

Hand and Hearts - Andy Warhol Handprint Art for kids!
Can you guess whose hands are used on this project?

124. Flower Handprint Art

Toddlers can make serious art with these fun fingerprint techniques for making flowers and more…

125. Paper Plate Handprint Sun

Paper plates are transformed into a bright sun with the help of some orange and yellow handprints.

126. Lady Bug Handprint Carton Craft

Love this 3D ladybug sitting on a handprint leaf.

Fun Handprint Art Projects for Older Kids

127. Super Hero Handprint Coasters

This superhero set of handprint art ideas is perfect for older kids. There are Batman, Hulk, and Spiderman versions of handprint awesomeness.

Super Hero Handprint Coasters craft for kids!
Mornings will be easy and fun when you see mug coasters like this one!

128. Handprint Yoda Art

May the force be with you as you create your own handprint Yoda.

129. Handprint Pirate Craft for Kids

Ahoy Matey! Let’s be handprint pirates for the day.

Learning Activities with Easy Handprint Crafts

130. Preschoolers Learning Handprint Activities

I love this idea! Use your paintbrush, paint, paper, and handprint to learn left hand from right hand.

131. Animal Track Hand Prints

Make animal tracks with your hands. Each new print can be tied into a favorite animal or learning module.

132. Apple Bulletin Handprint Board

Teachers will love this idea for a child’s handprint apple bulletin board. I think it would make a really cute at-home craft too.

133. Alphabet Handprint Cards

A handprint craft for every letter of the alphabet (unavailable)!

Alphabet Handprint Cards for kids!
Good thing it really looks like a unicorn!

134. “Duck On A Bike” Handprint Story Art

Create a really fun way to re-tell a story with handprints. This example uses the book Duck on a Bike and the resulting handprint story craft is adorable.

135. The Grouchy Lady Bug Book Handprint Craft

Here is a cute craft to go along with Eric Carle’s The Grouchy Ladybug book.

136. Handprint Pattern Pictures

Explore patterns by creating a hand pattern with markers or crayons and then trying to repeat it.

137. Handprint Apple Tree Kids Craft

Apple for the teacher…or apple TREE for the teacher. This is a cute apple tree art made out of hands.

138. Handprint Cherry Blossom Tree

How about a cherry blossom tree? This is another cute handmade art project.

139. Handprint Painted Mango Tree Project

Also, if you are looking for a mango tree art project, we have you covered there too!

Whew!  That should keep you busy for a little while making the most amazing handprint art…ever! 

So, which handprint art project or handprint craft are you going to do with the kids today? Excited to see what you decided to make!

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